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Seriously, if anyone is truly in favor of this change, I'd love to hear their point of view. This just seems like a great way to decimate the registry and alienate a lot of otherwise loyal collectors.

The only people I've heard in favor of this change is the NGC marketing team. I don't know why, since we are telling them exactly the opposite of what they want to hear.

NGC has made their decision loud and clear. Their branding and plastic holder (i.e., money $$$$$$$) are more important than collectors, NGC members, the hobby, numismatics, etc.

PCGS has always had that mentality. Now NGC adopts a horribly flawed philosophy. This in no way benefits the hobby.

NGC has had so many positives lately, including but not limited to the NGC Coin Explorer and the NGC World Coin Price Guide and partnership with Krause. Now they take a HUGE step backwards based on obviously flawed logic and the assumption that their members are so dense as to not see the dollar signs in their eyes. I don't believe one iota of the listed reasons of this being a "feasibility" issue or that it in some way benefits World collectors. It is backwards and flawed, and NGC still has the chance to remove their foots from their mouths, and STOP this horrible idea from going forward.