I think this is great! I used to have only one collection, but now I can have two. Two equally mediocre collections containing distinctly different coins. I can display my PCGS coins on the PCGS site and my NGC coins on the NGC site and never have to concern myself with trying to create an award winning set on either one. What a relief. I had been trying to create a great collection of the best coins I could afford. Now I know what's really important. All the value's in the holder, not the coin! I feel like such a fool. PCGS and NGC now agree on this, so it must be true.


Seriously, if anyone is truly in favor of this change, I'd love to hear their point of view. This just seems like a great way to decimate the registry and alienate a lot of otherwise loyal collectors.

On the other hand, this could be a new business opportunity. If NGC goes through with this change, I hope that someone (who is independent of all grading services), has the wherewithal to create a new collector's site that will include both PCGS and NGC coins. Maybe they could even include ANACS and ICG while they're at it. Let me know when it's ready and I'll become a charter member.