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It will definitely see print. Steve and I are constantly discussing it, but we just have not had the time to finish it. Business and personal lives suck up every available minute right now.

What is left to do is write the last stories listed on the pedigree site. Easier said than done, because each one requires several phone calls, data crunching, drafts, picture layout, etc. After the stories are done, then I can write the front and back part of the book, which is basically the overview, compare and contrast of all the pedigrees.

I scheduled work to resume on my end right after the NY show in October, but here we are two months later, and work has not slowed down at all. December may as well be July. Which I'm thankful for, but it's preventing me from putting time in to get the book done.

I'm now pinning my hopes on January to March to devote to the book. One of my biggest pet peeves is not finishing something I start, so this will be done, come hell or high water. I had no idea writing this kind of book would be such a massive undertaking.

Hang in there everyone, it will see print.

YAY!!!! Thanks for the update Matty!!! I've been looking forward to this book from the very first mention of it. I will buy several copies!!!

Everyone here knows how busy you are and nobody expects you to put your life or work on hold to finish this time and money consuming labor of love. Of COURSE we all want to see it done, but most of us understand how much work is going into it and the fact that you will likely NEVER recover all of the time and money you put into this project. Therefore, I personally will wait patiently for the day of it's release \(thumbs u