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While this is all well and good, it boils down to two things: I can either buy a raw book or I can buy slabbed book.

All things considered, I still prefer to purchase the slabbed book. At least I have some semblance of an opinion other than my own and the person selling it to me.

Watson, my good doctor!

I would generally agree with you here except in the case of original owner collections. \(thumbs u

I would also be willing to pay a reasonable premium for a slabbed book over a raw book, but most definitely not the kinds of mutiples that uber HG books are getting right now. Now, that's total insanity IMO considering what could have been done to the book.

So, original owners don't owner paper cutters or presses? If we are going to be paranoid, we might as well go all out. The term "original owner" really doesn't mean anything anymore. It is nothing more than a sales tool. I have seen sellers here flipping books they bought on eBay as being from an OO collection.

Ah, the word "reasonable." You see, reasonable can be different things to different people. If I have five million dollars sitting in the bank, then $8,000 for a common as dirt Silver Age book may very well seem reasonable to me.

Ultra high grade books aren't the only ones you should be concerned about. I have seen 7.5s, 8.5s, 9.0s and 9.4s that have been pressed as well. To assume that only ultra high grade books are the only ones pressed would be incorrect.

If someone is truly opposed to pressing, then it really shouldn't matter what grade we are talking about or the price it sells for on the market. It amuses me when someone wants to buy a pressed book at a discount because it has been pressed. If they are against pressing, then they shouldn't be buying the book at all. That's like saying, "I am against wearing fur, but if you sell me that fox fur coat cheap enough, I'll still buy it."

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