Just out of curiosity, when you sell a raw book, how much time and effort do you spend on it checking for restoration, trimming and grade?
"Time wounds all heels." ~ Jane Sherwood Ace

"When in a room full of people and no one has your back; it's time to move your back." ~ Anonymous

I think that life's too short for this. I want back my ignorance and bliss. I think I've had enough of this. Blow me... one last kiss.

You can tell the truth or you can lie. You can say I left you or I died. Say I'm in the Himalayas on some spiritual quest and could spend years lookin' for the light. Say I'm in the witness program with the F.B.I. Say a U.F.O. abducted me from home. Well, you can say what you chose, but I tell you the truth. You can say for sure I'm gone.

July 25, 2009.