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You already nailed the point Kenny. The volume is going to be CGC's biggest hold back. As you stated anything that doesnt jump out, may be overlooked. But in the case of Matt or Susan your chances increase by time that can be spent on one book. That time may be the difference in spotting a good trim job, vs. not. And no, I dont submit anything but moderns. I am working with realistic points. Time being the point.

I dont doubt cgc being able to catch a good portion of tear seals, glue, CT, replaced staples. But things like micro-trimming. That would take a little more time to come up with a solid conclusion.

I hear ya, but there is a difference in handing someone a specific book and asking them to specifically look for any trimming. Then again that's what people are doing when they submit books to CGC!

Micro Trimming, a reason for Excedrin!