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Gator, wandering around a neighborhood con, I overheard a guy asking around for a copy of All-Star 8. I don't know if it was his young age, or the bored girlfriend in tow, but I wondered if he understood what he was asking for.

I understand that every request is an opportunity, but when someone asks you for a big book, how often are they serious and ready to buy, as opposed to someone who balks when you produce it?

Can't always judge a book by it's cover. I saw a kid about 14 with his mom at a recent show who was checking out a TOS #39. It was pretty rough and priced at $1400. in Terry O'Neil's booth. Nice kid and seemed very knowledgeable. Kid had a few nice early slabbed Spideys. Terry gave him a bit of a break and the kid gave up the two Spidey's and about $600. of his own money. Nice to see the younger crowd into comics. Terry and I both agreed that we would both give a kid like that a real good deal. You want him to have a positive experience.

I wish I'd met you when I was 14. Instead, I met a bad man who basically charged me double guide for early Spidey's. Needless to say, I found out later he's got a terrible reputation - still does. Sad that these guys are out there - glad we've got folks like you and GATor to restore my faith.