Don't get me wrong: I absolutely admire you for trying to complete your Hulk run.
Iíd do the same with the Fantastic Four.
But loving Hulk, but not all the series with the same intensity of the FFs, it did not cost me much to sell my #181 to a board friend. \:\)
And I would not buy a #271 for more than $5Ö

On the other topic, i.e. buying for reselling: I am not sure itís a bad thing on your part. Itís like entering a tunnel, as you start to think you have always to support your purchases with sales. And dealing with comics suddenly takes an enormous amount of time in your daily life. Not necessarily a thoroughly good thingÖ \:p

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BTW, I am slowly working on a sales thread of non-american wartime comics.
It will take some time but hopefully will contain some unique items. \(thumbs u

That will be cool to see.

It will take a bit, but thanks for the interest. If you want, I can add you when I make a list of the boardies interested in the wartime in general (in periodicals, books, papers, etc.) as I will probably start some thread in the GA section as well.

Please add me, as well. Thanks.

You were automatically in without saying. \:D
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