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#8065855 - 09/29/14 03:04 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: comix4fun]
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 Originally Posted By: comix4fun
 Originally Posted By: Logan510
 Originally Posted By: seanfingh
 Originally Posted By: KPR Comics
Should it be "read" not "heard"?

No. "Heard" can mean "to be told of or informed," with no requirement of anything auditory. But, thank you for playing.

If I heard condescension in your remark, would I be wrong?

Not as long as it sounded like Ethel Merman.


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#8065944 - 09/29/14 03:56 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: jsilverjanet]
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FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanet
I predict today we will have something to talk about

#8065949 - 09/29/14 03:57 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: bababooey]
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 Originally Posted By: bababooey
 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanet
I predict today we will have something to talk about

You still seem to make confusion Ė letís make it clear once for all: Hector is a MAN. lol
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#8066134 - 09/29/14 05:43 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: comix4fun]
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I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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 Originally Posted By: comix4fun
 Originally Posted By: CAHokie
Is that the new standard? As long as someone doesn't rip people off, they can act however they want? Perhaps I am a dreamer, but it seems that a seller could be honest and treat people well at the same time. \(shrug\)

If someone gives me an offer, and I tell them I will get back to them on it, I get back to them before selling it.

I'm not sure exactly what happened in that sales thread, or between the members involved, but to this point about offers and responses I think it is more complicated.

If you had promised someone specifically that you would not sell before responding to their offer, than yes, one is always bound by their word, I agree.

However, if one is fielding multiple offers, of varying merits, I do not think one is specifically obliged to respond to every person before accepting the offer that suits the seller. As a courtesy, yes, losing bidders should be informed afterwards that you have accepted a better offer.

I am unsure in this case if the issue is the perceived rudeness or lack of courtesy in the follow up, or a feeling that something unfair was done to a bidder? \(shrug\)

#8066205 - 09/29/14 06:16 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: Columbia Comics]
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I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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 Originally Posted By: Columbia Comics
I truly enjoy the judgment and comments that you guys are making when you have no idea what transpired or what you're talking about.
you sure do come back to this "you guys have no idea what really happened" argument a lot.
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#8066207 - 09/29/14 06:17 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: Gsims718]
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I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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Next post "good thing I don't care what any of you think"
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#8066303 - 09/29/14 06:59 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: Gsims718]
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 Originally Posted By: Gsims718
Next post "good thing I don't care what any of you think"

Nah; you did it for me
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#8066347 - 09/29/14 07:10 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: jsilverjanet]
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Speaking as myself, I don't deserve anything.


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 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanet

I forgot how goofy that video is. Was Keith Richards born looking like a corpse?
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#8066885 - 09/29/14 10:32 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: nik]
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so last night I cancelled a transaction because board member 'hcaworker' was using someone else's paypal address (sslim66) as his. He claimed this was his brother however after speaking to another board member and then doing research on the posts of both members I can say that hcaworker is sslim66

hcaworker claims he is 'Jeff'
sslim66 first name is 'Matt'

here is my evidence

first of all he's using sslim66 paypal account and photobucket account

the invoice I received from hcaworker was sslim66 current paypal account. the photobucket were the pictures were posted for the sale last night were from sslim66

the board member who provided me additional information was 'strummer2'

it appears that 'strummer2' sold 'sslim66' a DD1 which 'sslim66' has not paid for. He has received the book but has failed to make payments since August which is around the time that sslim66 has stopped posting.

Sslim66 last post is 7/23/14

Hcaworkers first post was in a sslim66 sales thread

 Originally Posted By: hcaworker
Nice book it looks better than most 5.0 ive seen if its still around when I get paid ill hit you up!!! Baron is going to get big after his cameo at the end of the new captain America movie

hcaworker next post (purchases a asm194 book)

I confirmed with the seller that hcaworker paid with the same 'sslim66' paypal account and the item was shipped to "Matt"

When Strummer sees that hcaworker posts a DD1 in the PGM thread that looks like the one he sent Matt (sslim66) he asks if this is the same person

hcaworker removes himself from the topic

here is the PGM thread (scans of book have been removed but are still on his photobucket)

here is his pic of the DD1

Warning, Spoiler:

and the book strummer2 sold him - was a different company slab so I cropped it

Warning, Spoiler:

it is the same book

strummer2 has shared with me PMs/Emails where sslim66 says he's going to create a new account after the PL list fiasco

furthermore whenever strummer2 contacts him he claims he doesn't know Matt unlike the message he gave me that he said Matt was his brother.

Strummer2 has opened a PL case against slim66 but I believe as he does that sslim66 and hcaworker are the same board member.

link to probation nomination

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