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#8630109 - Today at 05:25 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: comix4fun]
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Branget: This is all fine and good but I'm at almost 18k posts and still no custom title. How do you explain that?

Arch: I guess I can't.


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Well, then apparently I am a peckernut who came a little too late to the barbecue. - Seanfingh

Forum only selling notice


Note that the members of this board are encouraged to POLITELY point out posts that violate the marketplace posting guidelines, and to notify the moderators.

Thread starters: If you disagree that the guidelines have been violated and have reasons, then take it to the discussion thread and hash it out there. But please take the time to read the guidelines.

A probation list for bad transactions is maintained by the community. You are still responsible for your own transactions.

#8630295 - Today at 07:16 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: comix4fun]
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 Originally Posted By: comix4fun
 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanet
Is coke zero the beverage of choice for most comic book collectors

All the flavor of Coke with none of the pesky calories our sedentary lifestyles would struggle to burn off.

Only if you're born without taste buds or really like the taste of Monkey urine.

Don't ask...

#8630344 - Today at 07:31 PM Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD [Re: Red84]
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 Originally Posted By: Red84
 Originally Posted By: comix4fun
 Originally Posted By: Red84
 Originally Posted By: PovertyRow
 Originally Posted By: thehumantorch
 Originally Posted By: CAHokie
I dont think I would feel comfortable dealing with someone with a shill account unless I knew why they had it or what they are trying to hide.

Exactly. Creating a shill account is against board policy and suspicious. What are they hiding or avoiding?

I confess to creating a shill account (I confessed to Arch way back when). His name was SkewerOnAStick. It was for a comic book forum invasion of the "Coinee" forum.

Here is a taste. I confess to being a bit inebriated during some of those posts.

I'm more concerned with the redundancy of the name SkewerOnAStick. \:\)

It's a wonderful infinity paradox, an embarrassment of tautological riches.

Do you know why tautologies are the best arguments?
Because they're the best arguments. \:\)

Tautologies say they're true, so they must be true..
"All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree." - James Madison, 4th President, United States of America, architect of the Constitution.

"Frankly, I'm amazed at who these people think they are, that they think they can tell others...others who have been here years more than and where to post. It is arrogance tenfold of the very type they complain about."

"DESSLOK, desslok desslok,...."

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