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So many great stories exist that would make great movies from that time period. WW/Moulton definitely would qualify. I did not know that after Moulton died, his wife and mistress spent their lives together. Could make for quite the salty movie.

I think a story about the birth of comics and the artists in the lower east side of Manhattan (Delancey street became Yancy street for The King) would work. Immigrants, many of them Jewish, trying to find their way in America, fighting in WW II, and developing the themes and symbols that continue to resonate today.

And of course the EC story is so interesting, where the company is holding on by a thread, and fortunately that thread was Mad which led to success for the company and defined popular culture for years.

At least I think they would make great movies- I would go see 'em!

It's already a book! Kavalier and Clay! Not to mention Men of Tomorrow. Great stuff but probably a niche market for this stuff.

I loved Kavalier and Clay (not so much the ending, but the first half.) Reading that brought me back to my childhood hobbies of comics and magic. After reading the book, I got back into magic/sleight of hand after around 20 years, and soon after back into comics. That book really struck a chord with me.
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