Hi all,

I thought I would take a moment to tell everyone a bit about how the moderation system will work on the new boards. For most of you, of course, it's academic. You don't have much contact with the moderation process because your posts are amazing works of communication and collaboration that engender friendship and mutual love of your hobby.

However, some of you may be curious anyway!


The new system works like this:

1. There are a series of pre-made moderation actions that can be selected to correct posting styles that are outside of this board's guidelines.

2. Each action is defined by:

NAME: Severity and transgression, e.g. "Warning - politics"

POINTS: How many points you get for the violation - e.g. 1

POINTS EXPIRATION: How long will these points stay on your account, e.g. 6 months

NOTE: What the user will see about why they got this warning, e.g.

"You made posts that either directly referenced politics, transparently implied politics, or baited people deliberately into political discussions. This is a warning because your post was either not very blatant, or you just haven't done this very often or had moderator action because of this."

3. When a post gets flagged by another member for review, a ticket goes into a queue and moderation reviews it. The outcomes will be a combination of:

----a. How to treat the post - leave it up or take it down.
----b. How to treat the member - should there be a communication and/or restriction of their posting permissions in response.

Sometimes we will remove posts without restricting posting permissions. However, this moderation system gives us some better options for communicating that a post was removed without necessarily requiring an open-ended conversation. This is great because it allows front-line moderators to communicate in standard language rather than having to escalate it to an admin who can have an open conversation.

4. When moderators choose to issue a warning to a member, then points are accumulated on the member's account, and that current point total will determine the restrictions on their account - e.g.:

1 point - no action
3 points - 2 days restricted posting
5 points - 7 day restricted posting
10 points - 14 day ban
15 points - 21 day ban
18 points - permanent ban

5. The following general categories will be actions that can be applied.

Notices - 0 points (Just a communication of the reasons for removing a post)
Warnings - 1 point that expires in 3 months (like the old private warning)
Minor violations - 3 points that expire in 6 months (like the old wrist slap)
Major violations - 5 points that expire in 1 year (like the old strike)
Last chance - 15 points that expire in 1 year (multiple strikes for a single event that includes egregious violations)
Unacceptable behavior - 18 points, no expiration (instant ban)

6. Front-line moderators will be able to issue notices and warnings themselves. They will also have the ability to flag a complaint as "under review" so that admins will be prompted to review a situation for more serious action.


As we gain some experience with how the above is working out we will definitely make some tweaks to all of the above - point level restrictions, point expiration, available moderator actions, etc.

When moderator actions occur it should be really clear to the person who was warned because they will get a pop up that they have to acknowledge before they can continue posting. This will cut down on the situation on the old boards where a user got warned in a PM, did not see the warning, and continued a negative posting pattern.
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