Selling my ASM#1 CGC 3.0 White Pages key issue! This book was indergraded in my opinion maybe a resubmit could raise it!? Who knows maybe!? lol
Selling for $4,000 +shipping
Cover tight with staples intact with no rust, great color still, clean edges, WHITE PAGES, no huge torn off missing chunks!
To me this should have been a solid 4-4.5
Even tho cgc says they don't deduct on grading for tape on covers, I believe they did to me. They included a tape reference in the title and in the grader notes. The tape was put there by the original owner over 25 years ago as a precautionary as a kid to make sure the cover never weakened.
This is a beautiful book, especially at such a low issued grade. I've yet to see one of these under a 5 that has white pages besides mine.
Email me for better pics because my camera phone pics are too big to post on here. Spawn@rochester.rr.com for higher rez pics!