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#6293 - 09/24/02 08:12 PM Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread
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There's a new method of requesting score corrections detailed in this post!



Ok, with the various observations about specific coins scores needing attention getting scattered into many different places, I think that it will be hard to follow what's what. So to help this process along, I'd like to do the following:

1) Place all requests for score reviews here as a reply to this thread

2) Try not to let the thread get cluttered up with replies to replies. It will make it hard to pick out the coin info from more general discussion. By all means, though, if you have an opinion specifically about someone's request to change a score that requires discussion, start a new thread on it.

3) Please ALWAYS provide the following:
---a) Whether this relates to a TYPE SET score or a DATE SET score
---b) The specific SET, SLOT and COIN where you noted the issue
---c) a LINK/URL to the score details for that slot
---d) The relevant scores and market values (to your knowledge) of the coins
---e) Any general comments you have about why you think this scoring needs to be changed and to WHAT it needs to be changed. This can take the form of either merely a comment on the underlying market values, OR a specific suggestion for the final score


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#6294 - 09/24/02 08:27 PM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Architecht]
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As far as market value on all these coins... you have GOT to be kidding, it is like 100 scores

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#6295 - 09/25/02 06:31 AM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Architecht]
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Great idea for a thread. I'm about to bug out for a few days, but I'll try to analyze some of the scores on vacation.

#6296 - 09/25/02 08:16 AM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: keithdagen]
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All date set Washington Quarters in MS65-MS66 are very low, and many MS67's and 68's are too.

An example is 1962-D MS66. It gets 8 points. Combined pop is less than 250 and there are only about 20 graded higher. And the pop: 20, MS67 only gets 320 points.

Another example is 1957 MS66. It gets 5 points. MS67 gets 19 points, but there are only a few graded higher. You essentially can't do any better than 67 and it's only 19 points. Also, MS68 is only 420, but an MS68 coin would cost thousands of dollars.

Jefferson nickles. Some examples are:

1960 Finest known is MS66. It gets 28 points. A nonexistent MS67 gets 182 points.

1966 Finest is MS66. It gets 76 points. It's combined population is about 11.

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#6297 - 09/25/02 08:18 AM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Architecht]
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Most MS64FBL Franklin halves should be worth more than 3 points. 1949-D, 1950-D are examples.
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#6298 - 09/25/02 05:28 PM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Architecht]
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The list is extensive just in the Mercury Dime Series. To give you suggestions without the knowledge of what NGC uses for the Market Value of a coin would be impossible. Truley I believe that a Comprehensive review needs to be done useing Population figures and Market value. Its just a plain fact that many MS 64 and 65 coins within some series have a lower population and a higher market value than some MS 66 and 67 coins and the Registry does not reflect this correctly.

I suppose a Collector could give you a list but its not a Collectors personal Registry, its NGC's and for the General Public so NGC should review and make the changes if they deem them necessary. Thru the last few months collectors have pointed out examples to NGC so now IMO the Ball is in NGC's hand.

A review would probably be very time consuming and with some cost also. As long as NGC came out and said they were going to review the Registries I believe most collectors would be quite willing to wait untill time permitted NGC to do the Reviews. For me there is no rush as my coins are going to be in my possesion for some time.

You made Me break my word as I said a few weeks ago that I would not Post about Weighting again.


#6299 - 09/26/02 03:47 PM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Architecht]

Hello Arch My point review question concerns date set mint state jeffersons. Started collecting these when ngc graded the roll hoard from texas a decade ago. So its safe to assume i have been watching the market. I will debate two dates for now. The 45-P in 67 no steps has a pop at ngc of 208 and earns 450 points, quite a lofty amount for a non fs coin i might add! Now take the 49-P in 67 no steps, with a pop of 2 it earns 335 points. Makes me wonder if ngc is lowering the points because of the price difference, how can that be because how does one price a pop two coin. Is it because the the 45-P is considered the pricey stopper to the war nickel set? Or is it a move by powers unknown to let the market run up the price for retail complete silver nickel sets? I have been offered many 45-P nickels in 67 for under 75 dollars. And who knows how many i purchased. As for the 49 is ngc keeping the points lower anticapating a new hoard of low value coins being submitted? Ponder this for awhile............. VAMAN8

#6300 - 09/28/02 05:39 AM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Fairlaneman]
Fairlaneman Offline
The Collectinator

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OK.... here is one you might check. 1930S Merc in MS65FB. NGC Pop is 18 with 16 higher and the Total MS Population is 60. Points allowed 989.

Now you might compare the 30S to a 1942P in MS67FB that has a Population of 190 in just 67FB and a Total MS Population of a KaZillion. Points allowed for the 42P in 67FB is 989. Now there is 1 MS68FB coin that deserves its Points but these 67 Coins ????

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#6301 - 10/02/02 11:46 AM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: Fairlaneman]
keithdagen Offline
I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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OK, here is a long one.

This analysis refers to the the post 1964 coins of the USA Type Set, found here.

All opinions will relate to the BASE SCORE, which will be the 1922-1935 Peace Dollar (Low Relief) , specifically the fact that this coin gets 341 points in MS-65. A nice example sold on E-Bay yesterday for $65.


Proofs, scores OK, but non-CAM and CAM scores a little high.
MS, scores OK.


1938-present weights

The Proofs are high relative to the MS coins. A PR-69UC can be had for under $15 , yet gets more points that a MS-67FS. A MS-67FS is still bringing slightly over $100 in the market.

For this slot, relative to the Peace Dollar, MS should be raised slightly, and PR lowered.

1942-1945 Silver Jefferson Weights

Proofs look good. I see an E-Bay sale of a PR-66 Jefferson (1942) for $130 and the PR-66 score is almost 2x the MS-65 Peace Dollar in points and dollar value.

MS with no Full Steps might be slightly high, with a MS-67 recently selling for $30. This coin has almost 2/3 of the points of the Peace Dollar at $65.

MS with Full Steps needs to be tweaked up a little. MS-67FS recently sold for $90, but gets about the same as the lower Peace Dollar.


Clads, 1965-present

First, the 1992-present Silver proof should not be used in this slot. It is a 90% silver coin, same composition as the 1946-1964 coins, and is a different metal than the 1965-present coins. The rest of the proofs look OK. MS scores are OK as well.


Clad 1965-1998

First, the 1992-present Silver proof should not be allowed for this slot. Same reasoning as the dime. MS scores are slightly high, as a MS-67 (304 points) was recently sold for $40.

1976 Bicentennial Clad Scores

Proof scores look good as well as the MS scores.

1976 Bicentennial Silver

MS scores are too high, a MS-68 recently went for $143 and the points should be in the low 700's instead of 856. PR-69UC scores are also too high, with a recent example selling for $45. The points are 502, 160 higher than the base Peace Dollar which costs $20 more.

1999-2008 Statehood Quarters

MS quarters are too high, as MS-67 examples can be had for under $20 , but are still scored at 271 points. The 68 scores are a tad high as well, as more of these are certified daily and the prices are coming down rapidly on all but the 1999 issues. By default, the PL scores are probably a tad high too, but examples of them at auction are hard to find.

Next up when I get more energy, the Kennedy halfs and Ike dollars. Home sick today, so have time to look at the stuff.

#6302 - 10/02/02 01:31 PM Re: Official "Hey please check these scores" Thread [Re: keithdagen]
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Thanks to all for this valuable input. We will be studying it to see where changes can be made. It may seem that it's taking too long, but we're dividing our time between updates to existing sets and the demand for new sets.
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