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#5695525 - 05/19/12 01:26 AM Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection!
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I am gonna miss that car.

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Have you ever seen several KEY issues of various comic titles and just go bananas and say, "I have to have these books," when you know you already have sets you started working on, but never completed? Well if you are like most hard-core CGC Comic Collectors, such as myself, you probably have!

What I have learned is that this behavior is strictly impulsive, and can sometimes impair our good judgement!

I grew up collecting primarily Wolverine (1988) comics and secondly Amazing Spider-Man comics. Although Wolverine has always been and always will remain my favorite character, I couldn't help but to get into buying Amazing Spider-Man comics - especially because I personally feel that they contain the BEST VILLAINS in the entire Marvel Universe!

Just look at all the silver age ASM gems that depict Spider-Man VS a Villain on the front cover! They made Spider-Man look like the champion superhero as they advertised & promoted those early issues like a prized boxing match!!

Anyway, if we fast-forward into my adult years - primarily my early 30's, as I just recently got into collecting CGC comics, this passion, or "impulse" ... compelled me to buy certain comics at random, sometimes when I really couldn't afford it! I had the collector's "itch," which meant that I saw an opportunity and I did not want another collector to grab ahold of the book-I needed to have it!

With this in mind, I began my CGC collection by attaining a few 9.8 graded books of Wolverine Limited Series (1982). Since I was always a Wolverine fan first, I thought this would be a good set to begin with, as there are only four (4) issues with one (1) Trade Paperback to complete the set. Great! After gaining some momentum, I continued to expand my FOCUS on collecting Wolverine books, so I branched out my search engines towards finding several KEY Wolverine (1988) books of a 222 book set! It was going pretty good at first, but then, the Amazing Spider-Man threw me off course! (lol)

So now I purchased 9.8 copies of ASM #298, #299, and #301! Then I purchased a 9.6 copy of issue #300! Then bought 9.8 copies of issues #200 and #361! I even purchased "two" raw copies of ASM #129 off of eBay; one I acquired for $345.00 and the other for $811.00. I submitted them into the CGC for grading, and the $345.00 copy received a Universal 6.0 and the $811.00 copy received a Universal 8.5. WOW! Now I am like $2,000.00 into ASM comics that I never planned on purchasing!! IMPULSES got the best of me!!

It came to a point where I had to really sit back and evaluate my collecting goals, the buying patterns - or lack thereof, and devise a realistic financial plan in attaining these collecting goals. I had to be honest with myself, as much as I loved my new ASM CGC collection, my real goal was to focus on assembling one of the strongest Wolverine collections, with the future potential of being one of the best in the world! This is a lofty goal to say the least!

From this point on, I made some decisions. So the first one was to start working on the Incredible Hulk #180 - #182 set, because you cannot possibly have one of the best Wolverine colletions if you do not own any of these Bronze Age classics! So what I managed to do, was make a CGC Comic Trade Agreement with another seller on eBay. He had a copy of Incredible Hulk #182 CGC 9.8 with White Pages (see attached below) for sale and boy I REALLY WANTED THAT GEM! So I reached out to him, we made a deal that was also in "writing" in the form of a contractual agreement, and I traded both of my ASM #129 books (the 6.0 and the 8.5) for the Incredible Hulk #182 CGC 9.8 with White Pages! YES! I was ecstatic that I got myself back on track with my collecting focus, and just attained the highest graded copy of that KEY issue with white pages, without paying with any cash!! It was a tremendous collecting accomplishment and "come back!"

I also ended up selling the majority of my ASM books on eBay, along with several other Wolverine books not used in my competitive sets, and generated all my money I previously invested in the ASM books and more!

I continued my collecting focus, and the result is that I am currently ranked #1 for the Wolverine Limited Series (1982) set and currently ranked #6 for the Wolverine (1988) set! In addition, I am in the process of paying off the only 9.8 pedigree copy of Incredible Hulk #180 in existence! So my collecting FOCUS has been shifted in the right direction, and once I am thoroughly finished with completing and achieving the highest possible rank in the following sets:

Incredible Hulk #180-#182 (Wolverine)
Wolverine Limited Series (1982)
Wolverine (1988)


With that said, there is no stopping me now!! Watch out for Professor Pecora in the coming months and years!

I know I blessed someone with this Journal Entry!

Thanks for reading! :-) I plan to write on a more consistent basis, so look for more journal postings in the near future!


-Professor Pecora

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#5695568 - 05/19/12 01:59 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: Professor Pecora]
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Fantastic Post!!!

FOCUS is so difficult, but also essential imo as well
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#5695610 - 05/19/12 02:34 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: ThoseBackPages]
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I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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I have no particular focus, I buy what I love. When I was a kid, I focused on completing some runs, but to be honest I would have been better served spending the money on only key issues and first issues.
Want list: Bats 227, 232 & 251 in 9.2/9.4, well centered with white pages, raw or slabbed. Also looking for midgrade Chamber of Chills 19 in 3.0 to 7.0. Shoot me a pm if you have any of the above for sale.

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#5695691 - 05/19/12 06:26 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: scooter99]
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 Originally Posted By: scooter99
I have no particular focus, I buy what I love. When I was a kid, I focused on completing some runs, but to be honest I would have been better served spending the money on only key issues and first issues.

I am the same, I want it all and have no real focus and I will even buy issues I already have if I like a particular cover. When I was young I bought quantity over quality which was a big mistake, it means while I am nearly complete on everything, I could do with some major upgrading of key issues.
I do admire anyone who can focus on a few titles and stay on track, its something that I could never do.

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#5695854 - 05/19/12 09:29 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: Kevin.J]
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Great post! As a noob into the CGC arena, I am finding myself all over the board on what to collect. Reading your journal entry has reigned me in; making me think about a more focused approach.


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#5698191 - 05/20/12 01:13 PM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: Professor Pecora]
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If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...

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Great journal post! Professor, I think you might be my twin brother and we were separated at birth...or you're actually me writing from a parallel universe lol.

I also cut my comic book teeth on Wolverine ('88 series) and ASM. Many years later after I got hooked on graded books, I went the opposite route as you did and started with ASM (McFarlane run) as my focus. And I maintained focus pretty well for a couple of years. But I think that was mainly due to the fact that I was still in college and didn't have any money \:D

I can definitely relate to the "I need to grab this book now, I HAVE to have it before anyone else buys it" impulse. I think most collectors have that tendency to a certain extent; some worse than others. A couple of years ago I bought two Zenescope books because they were Chicago Bears variants from the C2E2 convention. I was thinking, "Those are cool and I'm a Bears fan so I'll buy them". No intention of starting a new collecting focus. Suddenly I have boxes of Zenesope slabs. Go figure ;\)

Anyway, my reply is losing focus now but I really enjoyed this journal! Good luck with your Wolverine run! Your Hulk 182 is awesome!

(And if you have any 9.8 copies of ASM 308, 323, or 325 that you want to liquidate to focus on Wolverine, shoot me a PM )
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#5699979 - 05/21/12 03:05 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: gotez]
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Great journal, looking forward to more. Smart choice focusing your collection, whether that's on a particular title, character, year, artist, or as in my case, appearances (Silver/Bronze Age X-men). Enjoy your new Hulk 182!!!


#5700291 - 05/21/12 10:23 AM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: surfer99]
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Great journal entry,focus is so hard at times seeing all the awesome books that are posted here.I am currently focusing on my 1956-1964 major keys,so I only can save up for maybe one or two of them a year.I know the search,and my staying in focus will net me a collection that I will be proud to own.So stay focused and build a collection you'll be proud to own. \(thumbs u
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#5701614 - 05/21/12 06:41 PM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: ThoseBackPages]
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I am gonna miss that car.

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Thanks for your positive feedback!! I appreciate it! \:\)

-Professor Pecora

#5701646 - 05/21/12 06:49 PM Re: Learning Self-Discipline Towards A Focused Collection! [Re: gotez]
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I am gonna miss that car.

Registered: 02/10/12
Posts: 231
Loc: Atlanta, GA

I currently do not have those ASM issues in any grades available.

However, I currently have ASM issues #200 & #301 in CGC 9.8 examples for sale on eBay. I also have ASM #361 SECOND PRINTING CGC 9.8 for sale.

In addition, I have ASM #361 (First Printing) Newsstand Edition CGC 9.6 & a copy of ASM #363 CGC 9.6 for sale.

If any of these issues are of interest to you, just reach out to me! \:\)

Thanks for your response!

-Professor Pecora

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