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If Goodell wants players to feel safe then to tell to play that pansy sport called basketball.

NFL really is becoming the No Fun League.

I don't know SOT. I think by and large that what they're doing with regards to player safety is a good thing. Ditto for the NHL. Should the government be getting involved with individual teams who may be cheating the integrity of the game? Perhaps not. But that's got nothing to do with "sissifying" the NFL.

What fun would football be if you were allowed to take QB's out at the knee and/or superman into them, helmet to helmet? I'm as much a purist as anybody. But the league has been covering up the concussion/head injury issue for decades. The fact that they're doing something about it and fining/suspending players is a good thing in my mind.

When I think the NFL is being turned into something silly, I don't think of fines for helmet to helmet blows, I think of the ticky tack stuff they call on pass interference plays where you so much as fart in the general direction of a receiver and it's a penalty.
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