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#5615961 - 04/20/12 08:40 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: LastRaven]
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 Originally Posted By: LastRaven
 Originally Posted By: Dungeon
Will be in Boston tomorrow. How long after they open the gates will the lines be at a minimum? I ask because my son has autism, and waiting in any line for too long is bad. I'd hate to go there and have to turn around, especially after buying tickets online. Thanks!

I remember getting there last year at like... 9:30 and the line wasn't very long at all. Even with the scanner issue. I could probably have gotten there a little later and not had too much of an issue. Last year, they had an issue with the online tickets, which they have claimed to fix with more scanners from the company this year.

Supposedly this year it will be bigger, but I'll be getting there at 9 just because I feel like it.

Im planning on doing the same because i kinda got to be out of boston by like 2

#5615985 - 04/20/12 08:48 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: Ryan.]
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 Originally Posted By: ryanatlas
 Originally Posted By: matter
 Originally Posted By: ryanatlas
Traffic? Only an insane person would drive in to Boston on a Saturday no matter what was going on. Take the T, people.

If they let you smoke pot and drink beer on The T, I'd take it. No way I'm going to a Bruins or Red Sox game sober

If by beer you mean vodka in a Sierra Mist bottle, yes they allow this.

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#5616697 - 04/21/12 06:07 AM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: This is water]
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Thanks mt1000 and lastraven. It's probably a mistake bringing my son to this, but I can't pass it up. I've had to leave all sorts of things early, so I'm used to it. I still have to introduce him to comics, etc.

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#5616716 - 04/21/12 06:50 AM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: Paper Airplane]
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You don't get one.


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Boston is a terrific town but we're not going to make it this year, gang.

Have a good one!

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#5616935 - 04/21/12 10:23 AM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: VintageComics]
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Sadly going to have to miss this one. Hopefully going to be back back into buying mode again soon.
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#5617776 - 04/21/12 06:29 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: universal soldier]
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Just got back, it was a good time. The artist were very friendly and fun. I got a bunch of signatures and submitted them for my first bunch of SS. Cant wait to get them back.

Swamp Thing #1 signed by Bernie Wrightson (i also got Hulk 197 signed but didnt CGC submit it, even though was a solid 8.0+)
My guess is 8.0-8.5 on the Swamp Thing

Avengers XSanction #1 Joe Q variant 1:200 signed by McGuiness and Vines
This has 9.8 all over it.

Adventure Time #3 Variant.
This was signed by all 3 artists.
Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (artists of the book itself)
Stephanie Buscema did the cover art.
Was super awesome to see all 3 at the con. They didnt even know Stephanie was there.
My gut is 9.8 on this

This one I didnt submit for SS because of the "For Nick" on the front.
This is a rare 2012 Conference blank cover variant of Adventure Time #1. This sketch was drawn by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (the artist of Adventure Time). They then both signed it. They mentioned because of the rareness of this book, they (BOOM?) doesnt want anyone to have one without their name written on the front (oh well). Because of that I didnt CGC SS it.

#5617883 - 04/21/12 07:34 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: bedrockcomics]
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Anybody else think it was a bit too warm in the convention hall?
#5617931 - 04/21/12 07:56 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: Kaptain Kollektor]
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It's always warm in there lol . My friend went today and said it was busy, he waited 3 hours to get a Kevin Eastman signature. He said it was worth the wait because he got a sketch from him too. He said he is one of the nicest guys you could want to me.
#5617951 - 04/21/12 08:11 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: gcwatson94]
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had alot of fun...will post a report in the general section with pics!

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#5618415 - 04/21/12 11:23 PM Re: Boston Comic Con - April 21-22 2012 [Re: g-man]
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I had a lot of fun too. Got a lot of good stuff and mostly focused on OA. Check out my thread and my CAF (signature).
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