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#5193178 - 10/30/11 02:50 PM Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown
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What's your Holy Grail?

So, as a newbie out here in comic collecting, I was kind of curious to find out what the "Holy Grail" is for many of you? I know we all have them, and I'm sure once (if ever) you find it and add it to your collection, there is probably a new "Holy Grail" waiting to take it's place.

But, with that in mind, I was curious to hear any stories about "finding your Holy Grail..." If you have one and wouldn't mind shairng it, I would love to hear it! ...and if you haven't found it yet, I'm curous what your Holy grail is and why?


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#5193212 - 10/30/11 03:08 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: CSJournals]
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My recent Holy Grail was a copy of Skyman #2. It's kind of a beater and I'm not expecting more than a 3.0 for grading at best, but it completes my run on 1-4. It took about 2 years to find it as this is one of the hardest Golden Age to come across at auction.

#5193579 - 10/30/11 06:55 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: jackowick]
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My grail was my Amazing Fantasy #15. If I could have one book in my collection this would be it. I got it in May, 2009 after wanting one ever since I was a kid.

#5193588 - 10/30/11 07:03 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: mysterio]
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THe book that I've always wanted is Incredible Hulk #1. Its just out of my price range in any grade. Unless I can find a dealer that would let me make monthly payments for a year.

#5193681 - 10/30/11 07:44 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: garsull2]
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Holy Grail. I wrote about this before and even though I have it I still consider it my Holy Grail. It happens to be a copy of New Mutants #15 in a 9.8. I would love to either find a signed copy or a better grade but as far as I am concerned the comic book that started it all for me is that one.

Of course what would be a great to join that book would be a high grad Daredevil #7 and a High grade Daredevil #1.

Mysterio.... I never wanted an Amazing Fantasy #15 until I had one in my hands two years ago. I was at a Wizard World and someone was picking it up as I was picking up my books.....only a 1.8 but one day I will own one.

#5194773 - 10/31/11 12:33 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: Tnerb]
lpersky Offline

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my singular holy grail would be a Dectective Comics #27 in any grade as long as it was complete. As a Batman fan, it gets no better than that book right there.

however my ultimate holy grail would be to own every Batman book and appearance ever! that's gonna take a LOT of time and MONEY, but its a holy grail to keep chasing towards.

#5195297 - 10/31/11 04:14 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: lpersky]
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When i was younger my holy grail was definately Amazing Spider-man #300. My dad and i were at a local mall when i was about 12 and they happened to be having a small collectible show and as i walked up to a booth i saw it there, hanging behind some sweat stained nerd with a whopping price tag of $30 bucks. (that was alot of money for me at the time since we were always poor when i was growing up.) I asked my dad to buy it for me and he said no, that i would have to earn the money over the weekend and come back when i get the $30 bucks. So we went on with our shopping in the mall(i was mostly in the book store by myself) and we eventually left(myself broken hearted cuz i finally got to see ASM 300 in person and wasnt walking away with it). When i got to the truck i was overwhelmed to see it sitting on the seat waiting for me. My dad had snuck back over, bought it, and put it in the truck while i was in the bookstore. I still have the exact same copy today, though it is now graded. That copy will never be sold, it will always remain in my possesion.

My holy grail today is a long list consisting of books that i will only own in my dreams(Detective 27, Action 1, Showcase 7 & 22, etc...). But im always keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes open at yard sales.

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#5196014 - 10/31/11 09:10 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: excelsior1986]
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Thanks for sharing, that is a GREAT story and wonderful book!

#5196287 - 10/31/11 10:57 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: mzhammer]
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That is a great story....definitely keeps the spirit of collecting alive and hopefully you can hand it down to your children (and have them appreciate it as much as you did!!)

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#5197255 - 11/01/11 01:29 PM Re: Holy Grail posted by hammershipdown [Re: excelsior1986]
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Excelsior1986 Great story for a great book. Plus the fact that it is a 9.2 after being read over and over(at least I am sure that you have), and in much better condition than my holy grail.

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