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#4656281 - 03/09/11 11:51 PM Doc Joes Journal
Doc Joe Offline

Registered: 12/14/08
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Loc: A framing shop in Minneapolis
so where exactly are we a few years into collecting

Well, a few years after getting back into collecting here is where we stand. maybe 11 or 12 long boxes of raw books, some 2100 slabbed books.

Complete runs of the following in 9.8
Black Panther
Red sonja
Invaders (very tough at times)
Howard the Duck (very tough at times)

Complete runs in 9.8 or 9.6
Nick Fury (tough one)
Ms. Marvel
Submariner (tough one)

partial series runs complete
X-men 94 - 143 - all in 9.8 except for 94
Swamp Thing 1-24 all in 9.8 except for issue 19

Current Runs I am working on actively
Captain America 100-200 in 9.8 - only 27 more issues to go in 9.8 (!)
Spidey Super Stories in 9.6 and 9.8 - only 12 more books to go
Werewolf by Night in 9.8 (16 books to go) (Ok the GS books are not all 9.8, I know, and neither is 32)

My top 3 books I own (this week)?
thats really hard: All Negro Comics, Phantom Lady 17, Planet Comics 71

My Favorites that I own in general in no particular order:
Showcase 22, Showcase 45, Military 1, Ms Fury 1, Thunda 1, Famous funnies 1, Plastic Man 1, Four Color 74, My Run of Nick Furys as a whole, Real Life 3, Strange Adventures 99, Single Series 20, House of Secrets 92, Conan 1, Freak Brothers 1

Books I would most like to Own: Pogo Possum, 1, Katy Keene 1, Wonder Woman 1, Whiz 1, Hit Comics 1, Flash Comics 1

Books I would most like to upgrade: Planet comics 1, Crime Does not Pay 22, Our Army at War 81, Crime Suspenstories 22

What do I think about doing the most - delisting the books from the registry, seriously if it was not such a good way of keeping track of stuff then I would like to do that. I may delist the books I have complete runs of; something to think about.

In many ways the registry is silly but its also fun. However when you meet some of the guys out there with huge collections that do not use it, you realize how wacked the 'rankings' are.

See more journals by Doctor Joe

#4656292 - 03/09/11 11:54 PM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Doc Joe]
bomber-bob Offline

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Joe, thanks for sharing, good stuff and a great collection.
Just curious why you are considering delisting from the registry. It puzzles me ?

#4656397 - 03/10/11 12:16 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: bomber-bob]
Doc Joe Offline

Registered: 12/14/08
Posts: 9431
Loc: A framing shop in Minneapolis
Hey Bob,

Several reasons, the nature of the rankings, they are just weird, you think you have a nice collection of something out there, well there is someone with a better collection out there almost certainly. (thats obvious with the complete list of books, my collection is a joke compared to what people have out there), every 'Pedigree' out there if slabbed and listed well, it would blow all the top guys out of the water, so a ranking of number 11 (say) means nothing.

The re-scoring process that Gemma is undertaking highlights how random it is. We can all send her a message about what we would like changed, of course everyone wants their books boosted. Its sort of surreal, to compare collections in this random way. Sure at times its fun. But also destructive.....

I know people, at times myself, who have way over-spent in pursuit of a book for their registry, or to retain a #1 ranking. (or #6 ranking or whatever). Thats pretty silly when you think about it, always bearing in mind what other people have out there not listed.

Even worse...I have seen people with what I consider a fantastic run of books (not a complete run of books but an almost complete run of high grade hard to find beautiful books), and they have been enjoying their #1 ranked status. Clearly that meant something to them, indeed if you have spent years hunting for certain books, what you have put together does mean a lot to you, you have worked hard for that. Well, along comes someone else with one or two insane books in the run, you know how it goes. The person with one or two very high grade books, becomes number 1. The prior number 1 guy, now number two, who could not have afforded those crazy books anyway but sees a diminishment in the value of his set, gets sad, and indeed ends up selling the books off. Purely because they are now number 2. I think thats sad, and a detriment to the hobby. Of course there are charmers on the board that just thinks the now number 2 guy is a *spoon* and should suck it up, but it clearly has affected them all because of some silly ranking system.

Furthermore the ranking system gets moved around completely when it comes to Sig Series stuff. I love Sig Series books - only from the point of view that it was a brilliant business move from CGC. Otherwise its someone drawing on your comic (OK I admit it my SS Thunda with Frazz Sig is cool, I saw a Russ Heath sig this weekend that was cool), but most of them, I dont dig it). It seems to be one of those preference things. Nevertheless CGC has determined that if a book is signed by someone it is now 'better' / 'more worthy' that a copy of the book in the same condition. To me that is rarely the case. Others get really excited about sig stuff, and I can understand that, its just the way it related back to the rankings.

So, I love the registry to see who has what, I love it to keep track of the collection, and I have yet to see anything better.

I think people get worked up about it, people are happy to move up, but less happy coming down. I think when I first listed my books I was 'ranked' something like 34, now I'm 11.

So if I am using the registry as a method to keep track of stuff, then I dont need it when I complete a run.

Does that make any sense at all?

#4656434 - 03/10/11 12:21 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Doc Joe]
Doc Joe Offline

Registered: 12/14/08
Posts: 9431
Loc: A framing shop in Minneapolis

#4656926 - 03/10/11 09:32 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Doc Joe]
etanick Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Doc Joe
So if I am using the registry as a method to keep track of stuff, then I dont need it when I complete a run.

Does that make any sense at all?

I completely agree....I have steadily declined down the ranking as I removed many books or runs I either completed or don't care to pursue any longer.
If you keep your collection in the closet, you can't enjoy it, you can't touch it, you can't share it" a line I heard from the show Collection Intervention.

#4656950 - 03/10/11 09:44 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Doc Joe]
Ghost Town Offline

A million points of li... er... comics


Registered: 10/23/03
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 Originally Posted By: Doc Joe
What do I think about doing the most - delisting the books from the registry, seriously if it was not such a good way of keeping track of stuff then I would like to do that. I may delist the books I have complete runs of; something to think about.

Joe, while the competition part of the registry is fun, it is ultimately pretty meaningless. There are plenty of great collections out there that aren't listed. But so what?

For me the great thing about the registry is connecting with other like-minded collectors. I like to see other people's collections. I like sharing mine. I like seeing your Sub-Mariner and Cap runs. (They would be better with scans though.)

Come on, man. Don't deprive the world of seeing your Spidey Super Stories collection. That would be criminal!

#4657032 - 03/10/11 10:37 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Ghost Town]
cheetah Offline

Always put a chain saw next to your comics, folks.


Registered: 10/31/07
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Loc: Kentucky
I'm with Barton on this. If it weren't for the Registry, I'd likely have never met you or gotten to see the great runs of books you've put together. Listing or not listing is all your choice but I've taken more than a few moments to look through your sets and enjoyed seeing what you've put together.

The reformatting of points for the books really did jumble things up and really put a lot of emphasis on HG SA books. Whether good or bad, it's just another way of looking at things. Your BA collection stands head and shoulders above a lot of the higher valued SA sets. Besides, you are about to crack the top 10 any day now, which is really where your collection belongs.

#4657060 - 03/10/11 10:46 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: cheetah]
Dover Offline

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Have you ever thought about using the Registry for insurance purposes? It is a serial numbered, monitored and well documented device to register your valuables.

The insurance agencies say to take pictures / videos of your stuff; this is one step further.
Capitalism is the economic expression of Liberty.

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
Thomas Jefferson

#4657077 - 03/10/11 10:55 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: cheetah]
Tnerb Offline

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Loc: Philadelphia
Even if you decide to de-list, others will continue to list and if you decided to check on the registry you will still see others listing the comics they love. The set I am striving to be #1 in is next to an impossibility, but I am still doing it. I have told the person before that is currently in a #1 that I am envious of his collection. I love seeing what other people are collecting. Out of everything you collect the only one I would be interested n would be the Sub-mariner serious, issue #34 more than anything else.

I love the aspect of the site that allows us to communicate through the journals' and through the message boards. Collect because you want to collect, because you have pride in your set. My greatest comic book is rated only a 4.5, and I want to get is signed. As for the signature series, I remember discussing years ago (before I collected these carbonite imprisoned items) CGC would only grade those comics as something other than the universal grade because they thought it was akin to a restored status (yea, and pressing isn't go figure).

Your collection is your collection, whether you have it listed or not. I for one would rather see you listed, see what you love or dislike about the hobby because this also gives me the opportunity to be awestruck into collecting collecting another particular issues. For some reason I have always likes the cover to Avengers #57, not to mention Tales to Astonish #95 (hoping I am thinking of the cover I like). Enjoy your collection for you, and you alone, but share it with us, because we appreciate it.

Thanks for Reading


#4657131 - 03/10/11 11:24 AM Re: Doc Joes Journal [Re: Tnerb]
Doc Joe Offline

Registered: 12/14/08
Posts: 9431
Loc: A framing shop in Minneapolis
Thank you boys and girls, Im feeling the love and enjoying the idea of the journal. I have a lot of thoughts on issues comical. I plan to post them soon.

Here is issue 35, need to find my scan of 34

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