You probably noticed that the Political forum no longer exits.

This is true due to the increasingly unmanageable atmosphere that has been evolving over time and the demand on the moderators of this board, by the members, to moderate it in one direction or another.

We absolutely respect everyone's right to express their opinions on political topics however, we encourage you to explore those topics on more appropriate message boards where politics are the focus. The Certified Collectibles Group is first and foremost a group of independent companies committed to providing grading services. It is not our business to act as mediators on political topics amongst our customers.

These message boards were provided as a means for people to discuss their favorite hobbies and to provide us with a more open channel of communication with our customers.

We are happy that we can provide a place where people can mingle and share their experiences and we thank all of those who contribute to making this a positive place for anyone to visit.

Best regards to all!

Edited by Architecht (11/10/05 09:28 AM)