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#3115332 - 04/23/09 11:30 AM Coin Dealer Price codes??
gigi9993-migration Offline
Just got here

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Hello eveyone as this is my first of hopefully many posts. I have a question. Coin dealers always put some letters or sometimes mixed with numbers on the back of 2x2 flips or on the back of slabs that they refer to when they determine a price to a prospective customer. Can anyone help me with what all these alphanumerics mean????

Many Thanks!

#3115348 - 04/23/09 11:36 AM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: gigi9993-migration]
TJ'S Coins Offline
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Welcome to the boards and a great question.

One benefit is to know how much they have invested in the coin. With price fluctuations using the code eliminates for changing the flip every time the price changes.
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#3115349 - 04/23/09 11:36 AM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: gigi9993-migration]
michael Offline

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icould never figure it out some codes are common and universal and some are hard to impossible to figure out

i got a friend who has been doing a small town coinshop for all his life and he is into his 60's and hecan instantly figure out most all dealer price codes

personally myself i would not concern myself as you never know even if you figure out the coin code what the dealer paid

and who reallycares??

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#3115366 - 04/23/09 11:46 AM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: michael]
gigi9993-migration Offline
Just got here

Registered: 04/23/09
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I was intersted in the price codes so I could develop my own on a similar basis as the dealers. This way when I go to sell (or hide the details from my wife) I know who I purchased it from and what I paid. Can anyone give me an example of what the code might mean? Many thanks again!

#3115375 - 04/23/09 11:48 AM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: gigi9993-migration]
Schatzy Offline
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It easy.....just use excel and make a price list!!

$1 AZ
$2 AX
$3 AW
$4 AS
$5 AT

#3115383 - 04/23/09 11:55 AM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: gigi9993-migration]
DNADave Offline

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I think a lot of folks use their name and give each letter of thier name a number.

For example.

M i c h a e l
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc.

so a $125 coin is MIA

Others use symbols that are harder to figure out.

I love the "who really cares" comment. There are so many High and Mighty people around here. The only thing that matters is what matters to them.

Your question is a fine one and this IS a discussion board. There are mutiple viewpoints with rudeness being commonplace.


#3115477 - 04/23/09 12:50 PM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: gigi9993-migration]
James_OldeTowne Offline

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The most common is to pick a name or phrase of ten letters and align it with numbers, then print that on the holder. For example, if my name were JAMES BROWN, then I would be coded as:

J 1
A 2
M 3
E 4
S 5
B 6
R 7
O 8
W 9
N 0

So, to code a cost of $125, the code would be "JAS".

Now the problem is that it's too easy to crack such a code, so you can introduce extra bogus letters, such as WXYZ that are simply removed when decoding. Then, my price could be coded as ZJAWZS".

This is probably where most dealers end up.

Finally, for the really paranoid, you can add secret "enhancements" , such as:

- underline a digit to mean it is repeated
- two consecutive non-valued digits mean the actual cost is 1/10 of the coded number
- any numerics are subtracted from the previous letter code
- print the letter upside down to double it


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#3115674 - 04/23/09 02:06 PM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: James_OldeTowne]
L1ncolnF4n Offline
The Post-man always rings twice. Uhm... ring ring?

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The most interesting system I ever saw involved Roman Numerals and alphanumeric combination. Just when I thought I'd figured it out, I found something that totally threw me off.
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#3115895 - 04/23/09 03:59 PM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: L1ncolnF4n]
gigi9993-migration Offline
Just got here

Registered: 04/23/09
Posts: 5
Thank you all so very much for your comments. I think I have a good starting point on dealer price codes.......

Now I have another question that has puzzled me since I started collecting again a few years ago.

This is my question: Where do WHOLESALE Dealers at major shows get their coins from. I hate to mention names but Coleman Foster and Ace Coins are ones that come to mind. It seems they have a network of high end dealers that dump their lower value coins or "Good Deals" to them. I am PERPLEXED??????

#3115965 - 04/23/09 04:31 PM Re: Coin Dealer Price codes?? [Re: michael]
thebeav Offline
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 Originally Posted By: michael
and who reallycares??

My feeling exactly.
If you have a coin that I need, I don't care if your grandma gave it to you, you found it in the couch, or you paid three times bid.....If I can live with the price you quote, I'll buy it.
Why should it matter to me if your making 5 thousand dollars, or losing 3 hundred dollars.

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