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#5672969 - 05/11/12 04:50 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: Ramses717]
icefires Offline
The Post-man always rings twice. Uhm... ring ring?

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Could you please add Cherry Mini 1 to the Cherry Poptart registry set?


#5676407 - 05/12/12 07:59 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: icefires]
Triskelion Offline
If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...

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Hi Gemma,

Appreciate if you could:

1. Add the 15-cent variants for issues no. 8, 11 and 12 to the Turok Son of Stone Dell/Gold Key set, and;

2. Add issues 86-88 to the Turok Son of Stone Whitman set (I already have a graded copy of issue #86 - CGC no. 186032004)


#5681787 - 05/14/12 11:05 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: Triskelion]
SuperTechMonkey Offline

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Hi Gemma! Can you please add the following, that are missing, to the X-Men One-Shots Set?

Second Coming: Prepare 1
X-Men: Second Coming 1
X-Men: Second Coming 1 Sketch Cover
X-Men: Second Coming 1 Variant Edition
X-Men: Second Coming 1 Second Printing
X-Men: Second Coming 1 Third Printing
X-Men: Second Coming 2
X-Men: Second Coming 2 Variant Edition
X-Men: The Return of Magik

Thanks so much!!

#5696543 - 05/19/12 04:58 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: oceanbert]
Silver Collector Offline
I am gonna miss that car.

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 Originally Posted By: oceanbert
 Originally Posted By: Doc Joe
 Originally Posted By: Silver Collector
I had noticed the other day that Flash 217, 218, and 219 had been removed from the "Green Lantern (1960) #76-#89". I was directed to this thread. Just my 2 cents, but I liked these comics being part of the set. Of course, one could argue that the title of the set could be more descriptive with their inclusion. These Flash books kept with the theme of Green Lantern/Green Arrow/Neal Adams. I didn't have any of these Flash books in my set, yet. I vote (if there is such a thing here) that they be re-added. Again, just my opinion.



The titles of sets are not random.

When they say something specific then that's what they mean. People need to think if they are describing a character or the title of a published comic book series.

It's hard to get more specific than green lantern (issues) 76-89; thats what this set is called and the title indicates which books belong in it.

These sets are artificial constructs thus a large amount of flexibility exists, but people keep trying to alter the contents of sets with books that it should be pretty obvious have no place there.

By all means request a set called green lantern 76-89 and flash crossovers if you like, no problem with that.

There are three other sets for the Green Lantern 1960 series. There is one for issues # 1 - 89, another for #90 - 200 and another of the complete set.

It is easy to see that this set was intended to be the short series by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams. When the title got cancelled by DC the series continued in Flash 217, 218 & 219. For those collectors who are collecting just the Adams/O'Neil series this set needs to be updated to include the entire series.

And for those who only wants the Green Lantern title then the GL # 1 - 89 would stll work.

Oceanbert, I couldn't agree with you more. I think that's the whole reason the set was created in the first place; to highlight Adams/O'Neil.


#5696912 - 05/19/12 08:31 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: Silver Collector]
Happy Birthday gcwatson94 Offline

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Can batman and robin from 2009 be updated to the issue ending the run. I believe it is 24 or 25. Thank you.
#5700406 - 05/21/12 11:09 AM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: gcwatson94]
MatMarvelV1 Offline

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Hi Gemma,
I was wondering if you could have a look at the Ultimate Spider-man set and either upgrade to include all published books or create a new 'All variants' set - I would prefer the former but I'll leave the decision to someone more qualified.

My reasons being that the second half of the set is fine, but the early part of the set would be much more collectable with all the reprints and variants included i.e the different covers to #2, the payless shoesource reprint and the nigara falls variant/ reprint etc. Also the #1 German issue has always perplexed me, why is it included when the french, Italian and Mexican versions aren't? I personally would prefer that to be removed but if that's not popular then all the versions should be included or we might be seen to be pro-German and anti-the others!

thanks for your consideration, Phil

Edited by Matmarvel (05/21/12 11:13 AM)

#5702623 - 05/22/12 12:26 AM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: MatMarvelV1]
sclemons Offline
I am gonna miss that car.

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Would you please add the following Saga issues to the Registry?

1 RRP limited edition


#5716762 - 05/26/12 09:44 AM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: sclemons]
mysterio Offline

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Gemma, could you please add the 2nd printings of #361 & 362 to the Amazing Spider-man #1-441 and #301-400 sets? Thanks!

#5716970 - 05/26/12 11:42 AM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: mysterio]
sfrenchenterprise Offline

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Gemma -

Will you please add slots for both Cover A and Cover B of the Danger Girl Revolver series in the Danger Girl Set?

My: CAF | Store | Kudos | Website

#5718211 - 05/26/12 09:51 PM Re: In the beginning...There were expansions... [Re: sfrenchenterprise]
lobo1969 Offline

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Please add:

X-O Manowar set:
Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy Metal #1

Shadowman vol.1 set:
Darque Passages #1 (insert with Shadowman TPB)

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