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Comics General - Temporary Migration Board (1 viewing)
  During the migration, the board will be open for conversation, HOWEVER, the posts made to this section will NOT get migrated to the new boards.
244 4549 * Re: I like a lot of little...
    (MetalPSI?) - 3 minutes 50 seconds ago
Comics General - Read Only (33 viewing)
  A comic book collecting board for general discussions of all things vaguely related to comic books, creators, artists, writers, movies, pricing, etc.
Subforums: Comics related - Movies, TV, Video games - Read Only
69058 2625140 * Re: IMPORTANT - CGC Chat B...
    (Lethal_Collector) - 02/06/17 10:51 AM
Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues - Read Only (2 viewing)
  A message board for discussing comic book grading and restoration issues. This includes evaluations of specific comics, discussions of general grading and/or restoration techniques, etc..
6401 114786 * Re: Staple holes
    (Chadwick) - 02/06/17 08:54 AM
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade? - Read Only (4 viewing)
  A forum dedicated solely to asking forumites to guesstimate the grade of book from a scan. NOTE: GRADING FROM A SCAN IS NOT RELIABLE, it's just interesting.
24115 250894 * Re: PGM : Am,azing Fantasy...
    (Glassman10) - 02/06/17 10:30 AM
The CGC Registry - Read Only
  Forum for discussions related to the CGC Registry - an interactive web tool for displaying your comic collection and comparing it to other great collections.
Subforums: CGC Registry Help and Instructions - Read Only
945 21295 * Re: THE GIRL DOES HAVE A N...
    (Gotham Kid) - 02/06/17 09:23 AM
CGC Journals - Read Only (5 viewing)
  Comics-related Journals entries posted by Collectors Society Members
3369 60391 * Re: A virtual group shot
    (Hepcat) - 02/06/17 10:27 AM
Comic Events - Read Only (1 viewing)
  A forum to post upcoming comic events - shows, etc. Posts should be set as calendar events also.
4664 114675 * Re: Dallas Comic Show - Ir...
    (Mark Walters) - 02/06/17 10:44 AM
The Signature Room - Read Only (2 viewing)
  A forum to discuss everything to do with collecting CGC Signature Series books and unwitnessed signatures.
Subforums: SigSeries Event Announcements - Read Only
7647 233113 * Re: LEGENDS TOUR (Romita, ...
    (Dork Buzz) - 02/06/17 09:40 AM
Permanent Comic Collecting Polls & FAQs - Read Only (1 viewing)
  A forum where polls on comic book collecting topics are kept permanently so that an ongoing history of responses can be built up. Each thread must begin with a poll or it will be removed. Polls of low value or irrelevant to collecting will be removed. Check to see if someone else has already made your poll before you enter it.
549 118374 * Re: Batman vs. Detective C...
    (jimjum12) - 02/03/17 09:37 PM
Gold Comics - Read Only (22 viewing)
  A forum for discussing golden age comics.
9719 628699 * Re: All the Golden Age Hit...
    (TheWatcher) - 02/06/17 11:08 AM
Silver Comics - Read Only (10 viewing)
  A forum for discussing silver age comics.
3862 234621 * Re: Amazing Spiderman Coll...
    (ickwinzs) - 02/06/17 10:13 AM
Bronze Comics - Read Only (5 viewing)
  A forum for discussing bronze age comics.
2980 134111 * Re: Bronze age comics that...
    (Bronx) - 02/06/17 10:50 AM
Copper Comics - Read Only (7 viewing)
  A forum for discussing copper age comics.
1400 94198 * Re: Comprehensive List of ...
    (Revat) - 02/06/17 10:51 AM
Modern Comics - Read Only (10 viewing)
  A forum for discussing modern age comics.
8962 459043 * Re: Moderns that are heati...
    (MrWeen) - 02/06/17 10:29 AM
Comic Magazines - Read Only (5 viewing)
  For the discussion of comic magazines and their grading.
692 17805 * Re: Magazine Selling / Tra...
    (Randall Dowling) - 02/05/17 09:56 PM
Original Comic Art - Read Only (6 viewing)
  A forum to discuss original art by comic artists.
Subforums: Original Comic Art Marketplace - Read Only
17876 200871 * Re: Is it sacrilegious?
    (SquareChaos) - 02/06/17 10:58 AM
Ask CGC - Read Only
  This is a message board to post questions that will be reviewed and answered by CGC experts. The board is moderated so submitted questions will only appear if they are judged appropriate and of enough general interest to answer.
470 2517 * Re: Magazine submissions
    (Bree) - 12/08/16 04:34 PM
Comics Market - Want To Buy! - Read Only (4 viewing)
  A forum for people to post comics and comic related items that they are looking to purchase. If you aren't SERIOUS ABOUT IT, please don't waste peoples time looking to see if they have it.
29926 154476 * Re: Low Grade Hulk 1- Comp...
    (Dork Buzz) - 02/06/17 11:23 AM
Comics Market - Forum Only Selling Area - Read Only (2 viewing)
  A board specifically for direct selling offers to other board members without an intermediary (no ebay, or other outside sites, etc.), and for Want To Buy posts. We do not monitor buys and sells. Please check out your buyer or seller before you commit to a transaction. DISCUSSIONS IN THE MAIN FORUM - SALES POSTS IN THE SUB-FORUMS.
Subforums: Kudos Forum - Read Only, Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only - Read Only, Copper / Modern Age Only - Read Only, Mixed Age Threads and Misc - Read Only...
68471 1963847 * Re: IMPORTANT - CGC Chat B...
    (thirdgreenham) - 02/06/17 10:48 AM
Comics Market - Sales Advertising - Ebay, Dealers, etc. - Read Only (4 viewing)
  A message board for the purpose advertising comics for sale via ebay, or other venues or web sites. No anonymous posting is allowed. We do not monitor buys and sells. Please check out your buyer or seller before you commit to a transaction.
26758 141499 * Re: 5 CGC graded Golden-Ag...
    (Taro90) - 02/06/17 09:18 AM
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