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Jump to new posts Re: Walker Stalker Dallas -- March 14-15, 2015 by mysterio     Today at 07:55 AM

Next weekend!
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Jump to new posts Re: Any further info on Daredevil Netflix show? by Bosco685     Today at 07:50 AM

 Originally Posted By: kdoginohio It's white jacket, purple pin stripe pants, yellow vest, blue/purple jeweled ascot.

And a double-windsor.

Come on, folks. Give me that double-windsor I am looking for. I l
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM Two-Gun Kid 90 by timern     Today at 07:49 AM

Spoiler Content
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: Alias #1 by timern     Today at 07:47 AM

Spoiler Content
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Jump to new posts Re: What should I read? Why? by thirdgreenham     Today at 07:45 AM

 Originally Posted By: stanley1883Hey all. So this topis is one thats probably been done and redone countless times, but I'd like to know what you would recommend me to read, and why?

But i guess to make it a little different, try to
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Jump to new posts Re: BIRD's Kudos thread by crassus     Today at 07:31 AM

Purchased a signed set of Marvels from Sean, friendly and professional communication, a very easy and pleasant transaction. Many thanks Sean, I will be very happy to do this again.


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Jump to new posts Re: Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful' - darker version of LoEG? by Bosco685     Today at 07:28 AM

Rory Kinnear as The Monster

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Jump to new posts Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD by skypinkblu     Today at 07:18 AM

 Originally Posted By: thirdgreenham Originally Posted By: shadroch Looking for opinions on a sale i'm thinking of having.I have about 25 Omnibi, a couple hundred modern hardcovers, softcovers and assorted TPBs and under copies of SA/BA boo
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman Dark Knight Returns 3 1st Print by Ryan.     Today at 07:08 AM

Price drop.
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Jump to new posts Re: Newcomer here question about these marks on ASM 361 by Amadeus Arkham     Today at 06:54 AM

I tried gently erasing it with an art eraser and it didn't budge, so I'm thinking it's ink transfer or something else.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: GTG 1946 50c by jpcienkus     Today at 06:19 AM

Nice WLH Kenny!
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Jump to new posts Re: OT: What are you listening to as you read the forums tonight? by SkunkApe     Today at 06:17 AM

 Originally Posted By: james1miller

As always, great stuff!
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Jump to new posts Re: Original Skin by jpcienkus     Today at 06:12 AM

 Originally Posted By: rrantiqueLove the 1848 C.

+1 looks to have a nice orange tone.

Also like the 1848!

Welcome to the boards.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEWP! it is the prettiest toned walker I've ever owned by jpcienkus     Today at 05:57 AM

Well, now you own it Kenny, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting!

Beautiful Walker! I'd love to see that in hand some day.
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Jump to new posts Re: UXM #266 CGC 9.6 - 1st Gambit by Beige     Today at 05:45 AM

Hey Dave - nice sig line
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Jump to new posts Re: Featured Sketch Cover of the Week by GACollectibles     Today at 05:43 AM

Thanos. Ramos. 'Nuff said!
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Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of Ernie Gerber... by jmg3637     Today at 05:30 AM

 Originally Posted By: BOOTCorrugated cardboard boxes can be nasty acidic places to store comics.

Here's another Gerber product. Acid-free comic boxes.

I have those boxes for my better books for 20 years. I got the from
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Jump to new posts WTB pages from Flash #193 (Kolins & Hazelwood) by oldlogan48     Today at 04:41 AM

Hello, everyone!

I'm looking to buy art from The Flash #193 (Scott Kolins & Doug Hazelwood), the issue where Wally battles Grodd. Please contact me at

Michael Williams
Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: The Story of Disneyand an exhibition and sale by lobstrosity     Today at 04:25 AM

I watched it pretty close, but in the end didn't win anything.
The auction was indeed from the collection of one individual.
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Jump to new posts One MISCHIEVOUS Book JIM 85 by Comic Clint     Today at 04:21 AM

All The usual--- No HOS'ers PayPal Payment in a timely manner ---- rules all

need some quick cash

$364.99 Shipped


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Jump to new posts Re: Gil Kane Cover Thread by batmiesta     Today at 03:56 AM

Never thought I would see those in 9.8, awesome books Barton.
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Jump to new posts Re: first official Jason Mamoa Aquaman photo by MusterMark     Today at 03:43 AM

 Originally Posted By: Number 6 Originally Posted By: Mr. Hog Originally Posted By: Bosco685 Peter David Gives His Thoughts on Jason Momoa's Aquaman

"So now Iím reading comments from fans widely dec
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Jump to new posts Re: Visual guide to Mylar sizes by wickedmountain     Today at 03:20 AM

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: In the mood for asian cinema, any recommendations? by Mr 9.8     Today at 03:09 AM

How far away are we from a real life SAO scenario?
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: Fantastic Four #36 by uchiha101     Today at 02:55 AM

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