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Jump to new posts Re: Need your feedback on a new price guide tool by ComicsMV     11/30/16 06:05 PM

 Originally Posted By: comicwizI like the site. Clearly you have put a lot of work into it. I personally would love to see something like this for toys.

The only comment I would like to add (hopefully not reiterating something that so
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Jump to new posts Re: History Channel: Vikings by Bosco685     11/30/16 06:03 PM

Looks like it is going to be the war of queens this season.

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Jump to new posts Re: Superman Unchained variant covers...CGC Updated by Dwitkin82     11/30/16 05:56 PM

Thanks to Doug Peters as always

Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and Scott Snyder
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Jump to new posts Re: My 50 Year Junk Obsession by porcupine48     11/30/16 05:32 PM

it was HOT...
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Jump to new posts Re: DC and Marvel movie results: 1978 to present by Bosco685     11/30/16 05:27 PM

Some additional domestic magic for Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange - Day 26, Weekend 5 (as of: 11/29/16)

Sorted by Revenue Ratio

Sorted by Adjusted Worldwide Total

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Jump to new posts Re: What's your favorite flavor of potato chips (or crisps if you're British) by porcupine48     11/30/16 05:14 PM

those look super.
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Jump to new posts Re: Michael "Jim" Delligatti RIP by porcupine48     11/30/16 05:06 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: FrostKing70 Kudos Thread by MetalPSI     11/30/16 05:02 PM

I have purchased a few times from Allen and is always a great person to deal with.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: Green Lantern #1 (1960) - What grade? by dcmannn     11/30/16 05:01 PM

I got it at 1.8 with the big tear
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Jump to new posts Re: Goodnewscomics is bad news: Blatant Shilling by Whisp     11/30/16 04:47 PM

Nothing wrong with second chance since some ebays do flake out and have buyers remorse and such. This guy was just blatantly doing it since he was shilling.
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Jump to new posts Re: X-MEN #1 club by Flashattack     11/30/16 04:46 PM

I really need to join this club
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Jump to new posts Re: Who is Ebay Handle collectors_comics? by Doohickamabob     11/30/16 04:39 PM

 Originally Posted By: ClarkkentddsHas anyone dealt with this seller? Looks to be very active on Ebay- mostly with voldy books. I'd appreciate any input. Is this seller a boardie?
He has a history of buying comics that are listed as one gr
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Jump to new posts Re: Deadlift Collectibles Kudos Thread by catrick339     11/30/16 04:32 PM

Well, the new kids on the block did okay. I made a medium-sized lowball offer, they countered with something quite reasonable, and I pulled the trigger.

Which is not to say they're perfect, they're sorely lacking in silliness a
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Jump to new posts Re: Changing existing BU sets to include Proofs? by Ali E.     11/30/16 04:28 PM

Hello, Robert.
Thank you for the feedback. This set was initially created with the specific and unique theme of "First Day of Issue" dollars in mind. 2015 is the first year that we have the PROOF version of First Day of Issue for Presidential do
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Jump to new posts Re: Help! Identifying Comic please can't remeber by Brianlingo21     11/30/16 04:26 PM

yepn picked up White today and have Atoll ordered on pull list
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Jump to new posts Re: Please add 50c commem to 7070 type and 7070 type with gold by Kapimono     11/30/16 04:26 PM

Thank you for your response. This is more clear than what I received last time, and I can accept it.
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Jump to new posts Re: East of West by Nexus     11/30/16 04:21 PM

Write-up on VICE:
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Jump to new posts Re: What artist are you excited about at the moment? by Caltex98     11/30/16 04:17 PM

 Originally Posted By: Panelfan1I have one piece by Joelle.
Anybody else here got something from her?
Three pages from Lady Killer (one two-page spread) and one convention sketch.
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone agonize over having artwork just sitting in portfolios? by F For Fake     11/30/16 04:15 PM

I have considered going the route of selling everything I can't frame, but then I open up the portfolios and start looking at the art and start remembering why I loved and bought the pieces in the first place. Same thing with comics. "Why do I have a
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Jump to new posts Mon Dec 26th; TCBS 2nd Annual Boxing Day Bash, Toronto ON. 50+ Vendors by torontocomicshow     11/30/16 04:02 PM


Toronto Comic Book Show

Monday December 26th, 2016
Toronto Plaza Hotel
1677 Wilson Ave

If you missed it last year, then you gotta see it this year!

Over 5
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Jump to new posts Re: TOS 59 9.2 or Cap 100 9.2 by Chadwick     11/30/16 03:58 PM

 Originally Posted By: Captain_Pike Originally Posted By: namisgr Originally Posted By: Captain_Pike Originally Posted By: ReadcomixNo, he's not. He may be wrong, in fact or in your anecdotal experience; and he may be recalling in
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Jump to new posts Re: Planet Comics #46 - VG+ $200 by Ricksneatstuff     11/30/16 03:56 PM

That is a great price for all that craziness going on right there!
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Jump to new posts Re: E.C. Fan Addict THREAD by Larryw7     11/30/16 03:50 PM

 Originally Posted By: Point FiveThanks to Andrew/GACollectibles for this beaut! Some resto, but

One of my favorite issues. The stories are great.
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Jump to new posts Re: ATOLL - Preview & Pre-Order? by jjeanius     11/30/16 03:41 PM

OK, here's the full reveal/announcement on the Blindbox Comics variant of The Atoll #1!

There are three different covers, which will be randomly distributed as an upcoming Blindvariant release. It has yet to be determined if it will be ou
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Jump to new posts Re: Full runs of Marvel and DC titles for sale (Black Panther, Swamp Thing, etc) by pickycollector     11/30/16 03:38 PM

The complete ASM clone saga storyline in avg NM/M 9.8: $1,300 (about $10 per book on average).

For those whom never did read the original saga, here is the complete clone saga for which I am the original owner.The set includes the followin
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