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Jump to new posts Re: nismo350z by ariomalv     08/15/14 01:46 AM

Hi Matt

the CGC came in early this month , in perfect condition , thank you very much , hope to do business with you again

thank you
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone here collect sketches...but DON'T get them graded? by DougC     08/15/14 01:40 AM

I do not collect ungraded sketches on blanks, that will change this morning when I pick up a commission from Stuart Sayger.

Edit: Sketch
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Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: dannyboy235 Kudos! by AnthaiHERO     08/15/14 01:34 AM

I purchased a few hundred dollars worth of slabs from Daniel and he shipped them fast and securely with lots of bubblewrap. Definitely will get my business again!
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Jump to new posts Re: Superman vs Batman by nnill01     08/15/14 01:18 AM

Nice. Has anyone ever seen the Batman can't stop thinking about sex skit. I thought it was funny but it is dirty so beware.
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Jump to new posts Re: *Hero Initiative Private signing Baltimore Comic Con* by starpc     08/15/14 01:13 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: FF #45 CGC 7.5 & 7.0, #8 CGC 5.0 & TOS #39 CGC 6.0 + FF #46 & #48 CGC 9.2 by dinesh_s     08/15/14 12:59 AM

I'll take it if it's still available: FF #45 CGC 7. 5 @ $550!
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Jump to new posts Re: Digging in the Dirt ~ Byzantine posted by Kamakazy by Kamakazy     08/15/14 12:51 AM

Pretty, much. You can get 5/5 surface and strike, but the intrinsic value varies greatly depending on which era. But I am grateful to have acquired a near perfect specimen. Especially for 1500 years old.

This particular specimen if you'
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Jump to new posts Re: Buck a book or Two Blow Out - Copper and Modern style by kimik     08/15/14 12:50 AM

I am going to take a different approach and start a new thread for Image books only. I have a pile of them that could use a new home.
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Jump to new posts Re: Can't send messages!! posted by Rick's Keepers by Kamakazy     08/15/14 12:45 AM

You can call, me as well, unless you lost the digits.
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Jump to new posts Re: Favorite runs of the Golden Age by RareHighGrade     08/15/14 12:34 AM

New Adventure 23 - 29

Adventure 36 - 39

Blue Beetle 10 - 12, 48 - 54

Science Comics 1 - 6

Weird Comics 1 - 5

Detective 1 - 37
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Jump to new posts Re: Cheap Comics!!! by neopacket     08/15/14 12:22 AM

Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: JIM #83 for sale by Dave258     08/15/14 12:21 AM

Sorry all for the hassle. I'm closing thread, was able to find additional funds elsewhere. I will be keeping my copy.
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Jump to new posts Re: greggy's feedback thread by paperheart     08/15/14 12:11 AM

great buyer; an endless supply of the long green and spreads it around like manure. he's earned the special treatment.
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Jump to new posts Re: A little semi-scientific experiment by Silver Surfer     08/15/14 12:10 AM

Hey Kenny just curious why you decided to not press? Seems like a necessary tool when trying to restore a beat up book.
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: ASM #129, a couple low-grade specimens... by cloudofwit     08/15/14 12:07 AM

SOLD via PM.

Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: 2nd String DC Sci-Fi by Stevenrams     08/15/14 12:02 AM

Agreed. Rick has the finest DC Science Fiction titles collection.

Here's a book that one doesn't see very often. It's not ultra HG but it's a decent-looking copy: It's MIS 23 from Dec-Jan. 1954-1955 a very tough era in which to find dec
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: F For Fake's Kudos Thread by Meeklo     08/14/14 11:52 PM

Just had a successful transaction with Brent. Nicely packaged and just as described!

Strike Records and Name Changes
Jump to new posts dgarthwaite - permanent ban by ccgmod1     08/14/14 11:51 PM

By user request.
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: umby23294 Feedback Thread by KryptonSlabs     08/14/14 11:51 PM

Another great transaction on multiple slabs. Stellar and reliable communication. Thanks very much.
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Jump to new posts Re: ISO: Lowgrade IM 55, Xmen 4, ASM 129, Hulk 181, Avengers 8, Silver Surfer 1,FF48 by Junkdrawer     08/14/14 11:45 PM

This board member has a beautiful Hulk 181 missing the value stamp. I saw it at the Boston show. price was rather low, just not my cup of tea
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Jump to new posts WTB High Grade Star Lord Special Edition 1 & X-Men 123 Slabbed or Raw by avalanche     08/14/14 11:38 PM

See title, PM me with what you have available, and pictures if handy. Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: Wanted: Romita Jr Amazing Spidey covers from the 80's by Terry Doyle     08/14/14 11:35 PM

 Originally Posted By: jjonahjameson1Hiya, folks:

The search continues...

 Originally Posted By: jjonahjameson1Hi, all:

I am seeking Romita Jr ASM covers from his 1st run on the title. If you have any for s
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Jump to new posts Re: "Gentlemens" Magazines by Beige     08/14/14 11:17 PM

Auction over - I'll post the story in the market finds thread..
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Batman #386, Superman: Man of Steel #18, Tales of the Teen Titans #44 by bcphillips119     08/14/14 11:07 PM

Nice grab... I was wondering when those were coming up
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Manifest Destiny, Harley Quinn, Bunker, Batman Snyder, C2E2 ASM by Jimmy Linguini     08/14/14 11:05 PM

Fine. be like that.

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