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Jump to new posts Re: true adventures/men's adventures lot f.s. by FineCollector     10/16/14 07:45 AM

I'm a buyer on the Gene Colan issues, 13, 14, and 19, if anyone wants these for resale.
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Jump to new posts Re: Welcome to the Global Shipping Program: More eBay Drank My Milkshake by jimjum12     10/16/14 06:59 AM

 Originally Posted By: Chip Cataldo Originally Posted By: jimjum12USPS Priority box usually costs me $61.75 to the UK......... I wonder what level of service one gets for $ 16.29 ? GOD BLESS...
Wow, that's huge. What's the weight on t
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Custome bound book - Fatal Attractions and Bloodties by Gatchaman     10/16/14 06:54 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Caliber Presents 1 (Raw 9.0+) by jjfversion1     10/16/14 06:40 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: How would you store this book? by porcupine48     10/16/14 05:53 AM

Or display it in a shadow box on the can get frames glass on either end..
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Jump to new posts WTB - Batman 2 and/or 3 CGC Blue Label ( Golden Age ) by Force Majeure     10/16/14 05:07 AM

Looking for Golden Age Batman 2 and/or 3 CGC Blue Lablel in 2.0-5.0 grade range. Just pm me. Thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday skypinkblu! by DavidMerryweather     10/16/14 02:46 AM

Happy B-Day!!!
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Jump to new posts FOR SALE - 1913S TY2 Buffalo (NGC XF40) by TheTdotP     10/16/14 02:25 AM

Hello everyone and thanks for taking a look...

Please pardon the quality of the images, I found it very difficult to use a cell phone camera to get quality shots. Also, for some reason the program I used to upload to Instagram requires a s
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Jump to new posts Re: List of GA dealers online... by tricolorbrian     10/16/14 02:22 AM

Ritchie is a great dealer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. But, he does not hesitate to say what he thinks, and new customers might see that as a rude attitude. As you get to know him (I strongly recommend calling, not e-mailing him) y
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Avengers #5, Amazing Spiderman #75, Kathy #1 & lots more! by Phillip     10/16/14 02:03 AM

Submariner #21 Sold through PM.
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Wytches NYCC #1 Raw / In-hand / Kisses by Jimmy Linguini     10/16/14 01:26 AM

So I am now closing the thread because I sold the last four copies in a bulk deal.

again, thank you NYCC Ofg'er's for helping fellow OFG members.

You know who you are.
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Incredible Hulk #181 by Cyclops     10/16/14 01:20 AM

Congrats! Don't forget to join the club when you get the chance
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: FS: Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 5.0 CR/OW by Cyclops     10/16/14 01:11 AM

 Originally Posted By: strummer2Pm sent how can you put book on hold? I thought you had to just buy it ! Please explain your process here. No comprehende?

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Jump to new posts WTB 'Tec 474 raw, unless that ship has sailed by F For Fake     10/16/14 01:09 AM

Well, my timing sucks, per usual. I've been wanting a really nice raw Tec 474 for a while now, but waited too long to find the right copy. Suicide Squad movie was announced and now they all dried up, most certainly in the hands of speculators.
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Jump to new posts Accepting Submissions: Orlando Toy & Comic Con - Jason Fabok, EVS, Guillory by Evil Cody     10/16/14 01:00 AM

Sunday, November 16th

Guests include:
Jason Fabok
Ethan van Sciver
Rob Guillory
John Beatty

I'm accepting submissions for this show. Books on your account are $5 a
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: mikej61_Kudos_Feedback_Thread by Spyder!     10/16/14 12:49 AM

Purchased a copy of ASM 121 from Mike. Book arrived quickly and very well packaged. I would absolutely deal with him again in a heartbeat.

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Jump to new posts Re: Flimsy toploaders? by oakman29     10/16/14 12:42 AM

 Originally Posted By: Artboy99 Originally Posted By: oakman29 Originally Posted By: Artboy99can you take a pic and post so I can see what you mean?
I just bought nearly a thousand toploaders and mine seem fine. That said I bought
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Jump to new posts Re: When will/will the WALKING DEAD bubble burst? by dead_clone     10/16/14 12:38 AM

 Originally Posted By: mintcollector Originally Posted By: ComicConnoisseur Originally Posted By: Mr 9.8Yah, I don't think TWD is experiencing any kind of bubble. This phenomenon is beyond any comic bubble.
I agree.
I would
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Incredible Bronze Age Hulks by Ghost Town     10/16/14 12:33 AM

Incredible Hulk Annual #12 9.6/9.8 $16

World and Ancient Coins
Jump to new posts Re: Conder Collectors - Post Your Images by brg5658     10/16/14 12:30 AM

I picked up these two in the Marshall sale, part 1.

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Jump to new posts Re: Where do I go to get meltdowns? by ucleben     10/16/14 12:30 AM

Oh, and Deadly Code (Malkovich is great!), The Colony (okay), The Trail (very good), 3 Days to Kill (good) - all being new arrivals- and the documentary Bettie Page Reveals All which I missed when it came out.

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Jump to new posts Re: Wtb cgc 6 to 9.8 Cgc warlock 1 iron fist 1 ff inhumans ff1 1.8 to 5.0 $ groot by PhoKing     10/15/14 11:24 PM

Which warlock? Marvel premiere #1?

Raws too?
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Skottie Young by PhoKing     10/15/14 11:15 PM

Saw this on CL

Maybe get somebody in the area to pick it up for you to make it more legitimate sale.
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: A pair of Karen Gillan SS + a Kenichi Sonoda by blockedshot     10/15/14 11:03 PM

Nice comic.
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Jump to new posts Re: October 25 Portland, Oregon - Frankenstein Comic Swap by Meta4     10/15/14 10:39 PM

This was awesome last time. I'm definately going again. Felt like an old show at an elks lodge like back in the day. Everyone was friendly, and having a good time. Not tons of books, but some good deals to be had. I got a mark millar Fantastic 4 HC f
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