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Jump to new posts Re: WAYNE NJ COMIC BOOK EXPO-SUN, OCT 26TH by pug productions     Yesterday at 10:26 PM

Only two tables available... pm me asap if you are interested.
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Jump to new posts Re: Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay by GeeksAreMyPeeps     Yesterday at 10:25 PM

 Originally Posted By: The ResurrectionHere ya go $36.00 for a fine +
That's just silly.

And, I can't wait to get my copy back from CGC.
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Jump to new posts Re: ASM #3 Club - The Doc Rocks! by Chris S.     Yesterday at 10:24 PM

I thought I joined up, but I guess not…

Here you go:

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Jump to new posts Walking Dead 1 CGC 9.8 Black Label by Hulk44     Yesterday at 10:23 PM

Looking to buy Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8 Black Label, with time payments...
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Star Wars (1-4) and/or X-men (98-100, 105-107) Price Variants by jterp5     Yesterday at 10:23 PM

Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Batman Buck-A-Book Bonanza by stippy52     Yesterday at 10:18 PM

Brave and the Bold #200 NM+ or better (x2) $25.00 ea SOLD via pm
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Jump to new posts Re: Positively impressed by Newkadia prompt service by youmechooz     Yesterday at 10:17 PM

At least you only paid $1 per issue..
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Jump to new posts Re: Walker Stalker con, NY/NJ Dec. 13th--gauging s/s interest by Rich_Henn     Yesterday at 10:16 PM

Here's a link to the celeb signature fees.
Pretty steep. Lauren Cohen, especially.
IF she even shows up.

Please keep in m
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Jump to new posts Re: What’s driving the price of Hulk 1 ? by Miocrochip     Yesterday at 10:13 PM

Harley Yee said Hulk 1 was the top SA book right now by price and demand, but no great idea as to why.
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Jump to new posts Re: Omaha-CGC-Comics Feedback Thread by BD-Punisher     Yesterday at 10:13 PM

Bought a pretty major book (Hulk 181 CGC 9.4) from Greg. Great service, great product. Arrived packaged well too. Highly recommend!
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Jump to new posts Re: Hawaii X# MB60 Gold Princess Kaiulani Akahi Crown posted by DrDarryl by CaptBrian     Yesterday at 10:07 PM

Absolutley stunning! This is why we're here. It is the unusual, the beautiful, the rare and wonderful artwork. Your new coin fits all the slots. Congrats.
Capt. Brian
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Jump to new posts WTB DC Comics Presents #1 CGC 9.8 Supes & Flash by grider67     Yesterday at 10:03 PM

Nicely centered with White Pages.

Please PM with pics and prices.
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Jump to new posts Re: Show Us Your Ducks! by sfcityduck     Yesterday at 10:01 PM

Go Ducks!

(Oregon 1994 style throwback jersey honoring the 20th anniversary of the Pick on 10/18/14.)
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Jump to new posts Re: It may be time to stop using Paypal - Scammers have 180 days to file claims by BassGMan     Yesterday at 09:58 PM

 Originally Posted By: FastballspecialI think most buyers still don't understand how DSR system can affect sellers and probably just don't care.

That is true. Ebay has not done a good job of educating buyers about that, and it
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Jump to new posts Re: CGC Buying Advice by yagyare     Yesterday at 09:56 PM

 Originally Posted By: Johnny UBuying moderns under 9.8

+1 for sure...

Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Cloak and Dagger by Catwomancomics     Yesterday at 09:51 PM

 Originally Posted By: whetteon Originally Posted By: Catwomancomics Originally Posted By: whetteonNot as nice but since we're showing them...

Is there a club yet?

pfft, who's starting it? Becaus
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Jump to new posts Re: help in identifying please? by newprepper     Yesterday at 09:49 PM

You really need to look around the NGC website, a lot of information is here, including bullion values, variety information, all things you ask about
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Jump to new posts Re: Term "Pre-Hero Marvel" First Used? by sfcityduck     Yesterday at 09:49 PM

Calling Strange Tales 1, for example, "pre-hero Marvel" is really strange. As a 1951 Atlas comic it doesn't fit the Kirby/Ditko style criteria, is not a Marvel, and if it is "pre-hero," it is pre the Atlas revival of superheros that occurred a year
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: The Strain #1 Variant by Jaydogrules     Yesterday at 09:49 PM

 Originally Posted By: BurgSo was thinking 7.5 6.5 with all the spine damage. What do you guys think?

It's definitely got a lot of ticks, but it could still swing an 7.5.
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Jump to new posts Re: Jet City Comic Con by kinzebac     Yesterday at 09:46 PM

Sorry. None I can think of from the list. Comic Dungeon, who is also at the show, only does submissions like Cloudnine. I wish I could help you out.
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Jump to new posts new books added! nice stuff by WHIZ_BANG_POW     Yesterday at 09:44 PM

check it out ! cheap and nice bids
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Jump to new posts Re: eBay, true auctions: Ancient Greek coins- approx. 8 hrs left- still below cost by lordmarcovan     Yesterday at 09:43 PM

The ancient Greek stuff is wounding down, now with only about 8 hours remaining as of this post. All are still below my cost, though a couple are close. A couple of others are still significantly below cost, like only 20-30% of the way there.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ever hear of Mister Magik Woo? by aardvark88     Yesterday at 09:36 PM

I believe you are getting Mr Woo mixed up with another Asian hi-end GA collector who bought a Detective 27 6.0 from Ritter(?).
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Jump to new posts Re: New England Super Megafest by travisbickle21     Yesterday at 09:33 PM

Same here!
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Jump to new posts 99 Cent Auctions!!! ASM300, Hulk345, Howard 1, Nova 1, Swamp Thing 37 by amnesiac     Yesterday at 09:32 PM

Swamp Thing 37 9.2

Amazing Spiderman 300 9.8

Nova 1 9.2

Howard The Duck 1 9.2

Incredible Hulk 345 9.8
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