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Jump to new posts Re: Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....! by comicjack     Today at 12:15 PM

 Originally Posted By: G.A.tor Originally Posted By: comicjack Originally Posted By: gojiraOld label goodness:

I love the old labels no one played with them! plenty of folks played with them

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Jump to new posts Re: reptilekingdie feedback thread by LoneTree     Today at 12:15 PM

Picked up a nice GFT Wonderland CGC 9.8 SS from Mario. Super fast shipping and great communication.

Thanks, Brian
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Jump to new posts Re: mediajunkie's Feedback. by Action252Kid     Today at 12:14 PM

Great buyer. Bought an expensive book from me using time payments and paid everything off a month early!
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Jump to new posts Re: eBay: 1995-W PR G & S Eagle Set 2 PR70. 3 PR69 UC NGC NR .99 Cent 1 Day! by cp_coins     Today at 12:06 PM

Unfortunately, relisted.

Returns allowed. (if needed).
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Jump to new posts Re: GOON 2: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS starring Seann William Scott by hockey&comicsguy     Today at 12:04 PM

Obviously I approve of a sequel to Goon. The scene in the original where Doug boards a train to go play minor league hockey and Jay Baruchel is running next to the train doing NSFW stuff with his hand and vocabulary still makes me everytime I see i
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: The GA in Australia by jaydog     Today at 11:59 AM

A few more I dug out

my copy of Blake of the Northern Mounted, I love wrap around covers.

And while not Australian , but ones I thought you might appreciate .

From the
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Jump to new posts Re: Yusuf Idris CGC Sketch OPPS! by Firethrower     Today at 11:55 AM

Here's the next sketch cover to NYC13.
We still have available spots. Feel free to write. ;-)
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Jump to new posts Re: Pixar's Inside Out by He11blazer     Today at 11:50 AM

 Originally Posted By: Mr. Smith GuesserI just saw this film and am surprised by all of the praise it's getting. The core of the story is not very original. The idea of showing internal characters inside the mind of an individual was already see
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Jump to new posts Re: Do you wonder if mint employees were aware of errors? by RWB     Today at 11:45 AM

This little book was kept by the employee responsible for producing the proof coins. The previous facing page is missing.
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Wood's Rebels... Historical Fiction! by ChrisInBaltimore     Today at 11:43 AM

I just read 3 and 4. I've gone a bit colder on the book. It is interesting, but I don't love the way the story jumps around. It is almost like reading a picture book and less like reading a comic if that makes sense. I want to like the characters, bu
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Jump to new posts Re: Official 2015 National Football League (NFL) Thread by Scturo     Today at 11:42 AM

Don't know, he's making about 4.5 mil a year, and the top earning safety ( Earl Thomas) is making 10 mil. So somewhere in between. itll come down to how much more he thinks he can get.
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD SCAM Targeting Dealers Attending Major Coin Shows by RWB     Today at 11:38 AM

This has been around a long time for large conventions. Looks like the crooks are hunting smaller fish.
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: haunt of fear 15, cgc 9.8 gaines copy f.s. by RoninPonteVedra     Today at 11:32 AM

Gee whiz mister, that's a swell cover
Jump to new posts Re: 2013 Enhanced ASE PL and DPL designation by Max Spiegel     Today at 11:24 AM

Thank you for the question. The NGC graders have seen no significant differences in the finish on the 2013 Enhanced Finish Silver Eagles and the certainly not to the degree to warrant PL or DPL designations. The surfaces of 2014 Kennedy coins as well
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Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic Four Slabs by beaumonts     Today at 11:23 AM

Some nice FF's. Which Pedigree's?
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Jump to new posts Re: JESSICA JONES And LUKE CAGE casting candidates announced by Epic Peach     Today at 11:19 AM

 Originally Posted By: Mr 9.8Uh-oh everyone, the Mary Sue has some complaints with the show, those complaints however are never specified, that's right it's up to the reader to figure that one out (I'm assuming it deals with rape)

Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Some paperbacks: EC, Kurtzman, Mansion of Evil, Famous Monsters by camper49     Today at 11:16 AM

 Originally Posted By: gojiraBatman 161 FN/VF $50.00

per PM
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Rai 0 Glossy versus Non-Glossy... by Carl Elvis     Today at 11:08 AM

 Originally Posted By: Snikt!1988 Originally Posted By: Carl Elvis Originally Posted By: IntrepidxcWell I'm a big VALIANT collector and I don't feel the need to go out and own a Rai 0 Glossy. I don't feel there is a significant enough
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Jump to new posts Re: FF 2015 by PhoKing     Today at 11:06 AM

 Originally Posted By: stanley1883Hoping its still acceptable in this area, anyone interested in Fantasy Football.? Comic book as a buy in? LMK by PM

I thought Fantastic Four...

What is the value of the book for buy in?
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Jump to new posts Re: 1st Gambit - Infinity Wars - Infinity Guantlet - 1st Psylocke - CGC mostly 9.8's by PhoKing     Today at 10:49 AM

ASM 252 sold
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Jump to new posts Re: Just watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 for First Time by musicmeta     Today at 10:48 AM

Spider-man 2 was ok. I'm not going to go out of my way to see it again.
Let's get a Moon Knight movie going or at least a Netflix series MADE RIGHT of course.
Love the way they did Daredevil on Netflix..and not that colon stuffer of a mov
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Jump to new posts Re: Help to identify by Conder101     Today at 10:44 AM

Doesn't feel right. Not a expert but I suspect a modern copy or fantasy piece.
CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: Cameo 1st Appearances VS 1st Full Appearances In Marvel Comics by hepgwyn     Today at 10:38 AM

Hey Prof,

thanks for the info,

I'm still torn on the concept of pressing, I don't condemn anyone for doing it but at this point I don't think I want to go down that road. I'll probably be kicking myself in the future when it com
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Jump to new posts Re: Mighty(long) Con Report by OconoJames     Today at 10:34 AM

 Originally Posted By: oldmilwaukee6erMighty Con Milwaukee is run by a trio of collector-dealers out of Chicago (namely Geek, Inc. Comics) and it has always attracted an eclectic assortment of local comic dealers- Jim (Bula?), John Hauser Comics
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Jump to new posts Re: Bionic Man / Woman #1 s/s op - Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner by delorean1981     Today at 10:33 AM

I got my wife, who was named after Wagner, Bionic Woman #2 signed by her. She loved it.

I thought about getting the rest of the books in the series as a Christmas present.
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