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Jump to new posts Re: CGC cases by rjrjr     Yesterday at 05:08 AM

 Originally Posted By: kavHoly toledo all this time I was remembering it as a cgc book and no one ever corrected me. So cgc holders are tamper proof right?

Not exactly...
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Jump to new posts Re: A version of Drax the destroyer by rjrjr     Yesterday at 03:24 AM

 Originally Posted By: Dale RobertsWasn't Marvel's original Destroyer the inspiration for Drax?

That was always my understanding.
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Jump to new posts Best of the Best X-Men Month starts Monday by Goldeneye     Yesterday at 02:26 AM

Just letting everyone know all X-Men categories open up Monday for nominations. If you have an X-Men category sketch that you want to nominate simply click the link for its category and nominate the sketch in its category topic. Keep in mind the 20th
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Jump to new posts Re: 55 Roosevelt Silver Dimes 1961 and earlier by krighton     Yesterday at 02:14 AM

Sold via pm
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: Marvel Preview 4 by The-Collector     Yesterday at 02:14 AM

 Originally Posted By: etanickI think at least 8.5 is possible as is. It wouldn't surprise me to see a 9.0 either. The 2 obvious flaws are on the upper spine but the corners and edges are razor sharp from what I can see.

I ha
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Jump to new posts Sandman 8 editorial variant, albedo 2 both cgc 9.6 by aasparky1000     Yesterday at 02:05 AM
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Jump to new posts Re: Halo CGC 10 by Hammercide     Yesterday at 02:00 AM

thanks man. same to you
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Jump to new posts Re: The KAV fan club! by kav     Yesterday at 01:36 AM

Yes...yes he can
Even his screw-ups are hilarious
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Jump to new posts Re: Our dog needs some help by stanley1883     Yesterday at 01:34 AM

 Originally Posted By: Mutie FanHave you looked into the wheelchair option for her?

Yes, we are in the process of getting one
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Thor 225 CGC 9.6-9.8 white pages first Firelord by Thanos88     Yesterday at 01:30 AM

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Jump to new posts WTB Strange Tales 178 CGC 9.8 White pages Will pay above GPA by Thanos88     Yesterday at 01:29 AM

Looking for a nice clean copy CGC 9.8 White pages
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Jump to new posts Re: Wayward by Image Zub Cummings Rauch Dilllon by followtheleader     Yesterday at 01:04 AM

Only two covers left at our shop.
They were awful.
Too bad, because the interior art looked fairly good.

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Jump to new posts Re: My little coin collection... by Curry     Yesterday at 01:00 AM

Very nice collection. You should be very proud of it.
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Jump to new posts Re: current turn around rates at CGC by catch21     Yesterday at 12:52 AM

MFT SDCC shipped 8/22. Delivered on 8/29
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Jump to new posts Re: I wonder if this trick would work on ebay for COIN sellers as well..? by michael     Yesterday at 12:34 AM

does the price include the boobs?

and are they real or fake?

they look like two lopsided rubber balls stuffed inside a shirt
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Jump to new posts Re: Heraldic Art Medals by StCroixValleyMint     Yesterday at 12:21 AM

I have really grown to love the Heraldic Art Medals. Besides Ebay, Does anyone one know a good source to purchase these. Thanks for any input.
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Jump to new posts Re: Most Valuable Comics of All time by tth2     Yesterday at 12:13 AM

I think this list was already ridiculed in some other thread, maybe in the GA forum.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic Four 36 CGC 9.0 Auction : Ends Monday 9 PM ET by josfriend     Yesterday at 12:02 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: First pictures of Doctor Doom from the new FF movie leaked by Chris_Skeleton     08/30/14 11:57 PM

I must admit that I enjoyed the first FF movie. Thought the cast was perfect and the plot was decent.

Second, not so much.

This one though,

Redbox rental for me if I even do that.
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Jump to new posts Re: Any Nashville stores with SA or GA? by Chris_Skeleton     08/30/14 11:42 PM

Great Escape
5400 Charlotte Ave.
Nashville, TN

Great Escape
111B Gallatin Pike N
Madison, TN
(Not much farther north)

Rick's Comic City
2710 Old Lebanon Rd 3
Nashville, TN

Rick's h
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Jump to new posts Re: A little Zenescope and a little SDCC by wingnuts     08/30/14 11:42 PM

Sold via PM!

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Jump to new posts Re: Hellboy all the way by AGGIEZ     08/30/14 11:17 PM

 Originally Posted By: FirespitterI'm sorry, but I just can't let the hellboy thread fade away.

I grabbed my Next Mens (I have 4 complete sets of JBNM) from a box and started sorting them out. Collecting the best ones into a single se
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Jump to new posts Re: Clone by Holden Caulfield     08/30/14 11:12 PM

 Originally Posted By: 500Club Originally Posted By: ZaCrewClone has a 24 feeling to it. I can see a show like that on Fox.
I still have quite a few number ones, because I agree with this sentiment. Clone struck me as the type of co
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Jump to new posts Re: Mad Titan's Feedback! by Rhymenoceros     08/30/14 11:10 PM

Rodney purchased a pack of mylars from me and paid lightning fast! Easy to work with and would sell to again anytime. Thanks again!
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Jump to new posts Re: Rachel Rising by HarveySwick     08/30/14 11:09 PM

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