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Jump to new posts Re: Birdman starring Michael Keaton by makeminemego     Yesterday at 02:09 AM

Saw it a couple of months back and loved it. Keaton is straight up terrific in the movie. Edward Norton is hilarious, and from all reports his role probably wasn't a stretch.

The "one shot" gimmick works wonders and feels seamless. Re
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Jump to new posts Re: 2nd String DC Sci-Fi by RICK STARR     Yesterday at 02:00 AM

 Originally Posted By: Straw-Manwho wins in a battle of the hand from beyond and the hand of doom? i think they should have devoted several books to the fracas, like the flash/superman races.

let them shake hands and may the b
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Jump to new posts Re: Pope Francis to the rescue by shadroch     Yesterday at 01:33 AM

Bacardi has always said its a Cuban company operating out of Puerto Rico.
When I attended a few Christmas parties at their factory in the late 80s, they always toasted- Next year in Havana
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Jump to new posts Re: Comic Nut's Feedback Thread by wombat     Yesterday at 01:21 AM

Great prices and books arrived safe and sound. Look forward to buying more from Chris.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cujo's feedback forum!!! by Meeklo     Yesterday at 01:18 AM

Nick is awesome! Paid fast and no hassles. Thumbs up!

Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM Green Lantern/Green Arrow 76 by divad     Yesterday at 01:10 AM

Any other BA book in this grade would garner a 4.0 . . . 4.5
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Jump to new posts Re: Brave & the Bold 25? by RockMyAmadeus     Yesterday at 12:46 AM

B&B #25 is a scarce book in absolute terms. B&B #28 was a book that became important fairly early on. #25 has never been a popular book, and was not saved. There will be some, but not bunches of copies, especially high grade, of this book showing up.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1917 Lincoln by coinquest1961     Yesterday at 12:46 AM

If so someone got taken. They were sold as proofs. I sure wouldn't have paid anywhere near proof money for either. I have an image of the 1914 in my book-I'll post it once I get my 1916 3 legged image posted here.
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Jump to new posts Re: The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?" by oceans11     Yesterday at 12:36 AM

I added these couple of pages from Infinity Crusade by Ron Lim and Al Milgrom; title splash page from issue 1 and Thanos and Warlock confrontation from issue 6.
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Jump to new posts Re: ebay; 440 fixed price items, new stuff daily by cucamongacoin     Yesterday at 12:27 AM

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Jump to new posts 1964 Time Capsule JLA #21 & #22 and Hawkman #1 by gdfisher     Yesterday at 12:27 AM

A few more of my 1964 Time Capsule offerings:

Here are the scans of the Justice Leagues 21 & 22, and Hawkman

If nobody is interested they're o
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Jump to new posts Re: Random Pics From Your Photobucket by slym2none     Yesterday at 12:12 AM

Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Very small amount/small amount, etc by Phillip     Yesterday at 12:04 AM

 Originally Posted By: thunsicker Originally Posted By: Jaydogrules Originally Posted By: joeypostA single dot of pen, crayon, ink or marker if detected can result in a purple label. Same with glue. Very little glue is needed in order
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Jump to new posts Re: Uncanny XMen #266 CGC 9.4 (Newstand Edition) by Remy     Yesterday at 12:01 AM

$140 SHIPPED to the lower 48 States

$160 SHIPPED to Canada

Final Price Drop...I'm not going any lower

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Jump to new posts Tales to Astonish 35 by silverweb     12/18/14 11:59 PM

An interested in this one, mid-grade about 4.0 to 7.0 raw or graded

PM me for faster contact. Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: Modern CGC SS Books For sale by superspidey     12/18/14 11:28 PM

payments method money order
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Jump to new posts Re: $1.00 ONE DAY AUCTION - MULTI-ITEM SALE - MARVEL, PULP, ART, JUMBO, WHITE INDIAN by comicartcom     12/18/14 11:23 PM

okay.. winning bidders list

Marvel Super-Heroes Lot of 5 Comics $19.00 pwog
Rocke Mastroserio page $30.00 KPR Comics
Lucky Sourpuss 1950s page $7.00 shadroch
White Indian #14 $7.00 Norrin's lawyer
Jumbo Comics #141 $37.
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Jump to new posts Re: New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips? by Matches_Malone     12/18/14 11:13 PM

 Originally Posted By: Lucid Enigma Originally Posted By: Matches_Malone Originally Posted By: Lucid Enigma Originally Posted By: alxjhnsnThe combinations that I know of are:
pencils, inks, letters on same page, colorist work
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Jump to new posts Re: Statues and toys! Bowen Chrom Surfer, Black panther, Mcfarlane's military etc by mccollect     12/18/14 11:13 PM

Jim Lee Batman original mini statue MIB $50

per PM
Numismatic General
Jump to new posts Re: Post a Coin That You Have and Like with Little to No Numismatic Value by dadams     12/18/14 11:03 PM

I wrote the below as a Journal Entry on 9/21/2012

 Quote:16 Cents / 1 Nickel / 1 Dime / $3.50 in Quarters and 2 One Dollar Bills

The list above was the contents of my Uncle's pockets on the day he passed away a little
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Jump to new posts Re: The Official "Does Anybody Know Where This Art Is?" Thread by Nexus     12/18/14 11:02 PM

 Originally Posted By: artdealerI sold the complete ASM 121-122 books decades ago. One of them was auctioned by heritage a year or so ago.

The ASM #121 cover was auctioned by HA in Feb 2013 (time flies!). It had been gifted b
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Jump to new posts Re: Marvels (mostly keys) with wiggle room and a few DCs by robocard     12/18/14 10:57 PM

 Originally Posted By: Columbia Comics Originally Posted By: robocard Originally Posted By: Columbia Comics Ed

Brock- how are you doing?

Got any wiggle room?

We're good....

Wiggle ----
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Jump to new posts Re: Have a Cigar! MLJ Publishing and Golden Age Archie only! by Sagii     12/18/14 10:52 PM

 Originally Posted By: GoldenPRGuyHere's a book that needs to be featured on this thread. I wish I could say it was mine. That said, I'm not sure if the collector who drops 15k with Metro to make it theirs will post it, so...

Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: HIGH grade star wars #68 (Boba Fett origin) + Sonic the Hedgehog set by Real Elijah Snow     12/18/14 10:50 PM

Thread closed. Thanks everyone.
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman, Detective, Thor, Avengers, Bronze #1's by sd2416     12/18/14 10:44 PM

Avengers 159 8.5 $5.00

Avengers 159b 9.0 $8.00

Avengers 159c 9.0 $8.00

Avengers 160 9.2 $10.00

Avengers 160b 9.2 $10.00

Avengers 161 9.2 $15.00 Ultron/Antman
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