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The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: People tapping into wireless nanny cams - another level of 'creep' factor by bronzilla     17 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Bosco685 Originally Posted By: bronzillaThat's really disgusting. Baby cams are invaluable, its a shame they are being abused.

No speech about 'It's my right to tap into that unprotected cam
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Jump to new posts Re: The Official Thread "The Flash" TV Show SPOILER-FILLED by Bill C     18 seconds ago

How's the logic with this one (keep in mind I wasnt paying 100% attention and may have missed something):

Piper wanted to be caught by Flash in the beginning, so he could get into star labs, steal the secrets of the flash, and kill him. Bu
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Jump to new posts Re: ThankYou! by icculus308win     22 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: letsgrumble Originally Posted By: icculus308win Originally Posted By: letsgrumbleI once entered a high maximum on eBay for what I thought was a low-interest book that no one in their right mind should even challe
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman 1 by Boba     33 seconds ago

It never occurred to me that a Batman #1 was even in the general vicinity of affordable

This book should be gone soon
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Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic Four CGC with others by SpideyFein     48 seconds ago

I'll take FF 44 via pm
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Jump to new posts Re: The SS Game (Subforum) by HarveySwick     51 seconds ago

9) Mike Wieringo, Impulse #1
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Jump to new posts Re: going to Florida any dealer suggestions? by G.A.tor     1 minute 26 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Robot Man Originally Posted By: G.A.torI'm 7 Hours away in the panhandle

Do you have any GA books in your store? a small real demand in this market for it...but if I know someone is coming, I wil
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Jump to new posts Re: All Select Comics #5 CGC 4.0 Slightly Brittle by Badger     2 minutes 1 second ago

 Originally Posted By: whetteonI so want that All Select 5 but maybe another day. I would do a payment plan.
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Jump to new posts Re: Gotham by Bosco685     2 minutes 9 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: slym2noneI just watched the latest episode last night.

My only negative point - FISH MOONEY IS STILL ALIVE!

Hopefully she "lays low" until after this show ends, and I hope the show sticks
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Jump to new posts Re: What happened to Theo Holstein? by DavidMerryweather     3 minutes 23 seconds ago

Thanks, they're not fakes. Inquiries were made with other collectors whose opinions I trust before both purchases.

It troubles me when an anonymous first time poster digs up an old thread and drops such a serious allegation without provi
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Jump to new posts Re: Can CAF ever stop the porn? by Matches_Malone     3 minutes 31 seconds ago

Terms and Conditions Regarding the Use of

Age Limit -- This web site is primarily intended for the use and enjoyment of persons who are at least 18 years old. This web site does not market to or contain information specifi
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Jump to new posts Re: COPRA by Michel Fiffe by murch     3 minutes 59 seconds ago

New year, new COPRA!

COPRA #19 is here and itís ready to kick off the latest story arc which features a new pack of weirdo assassins and impending doomsday! I know you missed them, so the Copra crew is back ó but not before they have to go
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Jump to new posts Re: Star Wars #2 35 Cent CGC 7.0 OW/W Pages by jgallo     4 minutes 13 seconds ago

Well based on the crickets chirping U guess I over shot this one a bit. How about $1500? A raw VG just brought under $500, and a 8.0 sold last summer for $1829.

James G
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Jump to new posts Re: New mutants 98, DC Comics Presents 26, Ms Marvel 17, Sandman 8 by Gsims718     5 minutes 5 seconds ago

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: 2015 NFL Playoff / Superbowl Picks? by wombat     8 minutes 14 seconds ago

They are already talking about drafting another QB.
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Jump to new posts Re: Brave and the Bold #28 Club by Jaydogrules     8 minutes 24 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: whetteonDon't remember if I posted my copy here but here goes:

A little ragged but its mine and I love it.

A treasure in any condition indeed.

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: White House lawn drone - even there we have no privacy by Bosco685     8 minutes 30 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Mr.Mcknowitall Originally Posted By: Bosco685

Just to balance things is the American way....

It is so easy to make a stump speech about rights and proactive actions
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Jump to new posts Re: Worst excuses deadbeat buyers give for not paying for purchases on eBay? by Sandflea     8 minutes 46 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Inhuman FiendBTW, forgot to post the name of the buyer who used the "my kid bought it" excuse: ucr84

Also...DeathToHemingway: Your story about the buyer who was too sick to pay but not too sick to send you mess
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Jump to new posts Re: FS: Batman #1-12, #0 and Annual #1 (New 52), all 1st prints, avg NM/NM+! by Point Five     9 minutes 40 seconds ago

Price lowered to $210 plus ship. When I compare this set to the most recent finished auctions on ebay (the vast majority of which are represented by fuzzy group photos and indiscriminate "all books VF to NM" grading), I think these are a smoking dea
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Jump to new posts Re: Mr. Incredible convicted of attacking Batgirl by Boba     11 minutes 47 seconds ago

I wish the owners of the characters could press charges based on how they tarnish the brand by having nut-jobs like this soil the reputations of these fine super-heros. I don't get why they allow them to continue using the costumes. It's obvious this
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: IMAGINARY COOL FAKE BAND NAMES!! by Comicopolis     12 minutes 5 seconds ago

Kult Studs
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Jump to new posts Re: Statue Collections by AnthaiHERO     12 minutes 38 seconds ago

Go big. Ikea pax all the way.

I had a besta, then ran out of room. I just put this together a couple months ago. I need to add the sliding glass doors. Here is one shelf.
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Jump to new posts Re: Okay way to store slabbed comics? by HarveySwick     12 minutes 49 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: CAHokie Originally Posted By: HarveySwick Originally Posted By: CAHokieC'mon guys, he's not one of the board's bad elements. I say we cut him a break! (It pains me to say that since I normally love participatin
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Jump to new posts Re: Moderns that are heating up on ebay! by Pinky Lee Zepplin     13 minutes 48 seconds ago

Well this morning there were 7 listings, and now just one that I can see. Perhaps this will pick up once people see what they're going for, or perhaps it remains dry.
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Jump to new posts IM 1, 55, Avengers 1, 11 by KPR Comics     14 minutes 14 seconds ago

Here goes nothing. Trying to fill some gaps to once and for all finish these sets. I've owned multiples and sold at least a dozen of these in the past year but the time has come to get them and put them in the collection for posterity.

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