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Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Moderns that are heating up on ebay! by Taco     46 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: THBLumberjanes!!!!

Limited to 250, but just sitting there.
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Get ready for some golden age gems by shrunkenhead     1 minute 31 seconds ago

When I'm back from my tuna roll: A complete HG slabbed set of Aparo's Spectre run (Adventure 431-440). Sold as a set. Stay tuned.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM Navy Heros 1 (1945) and Don Winslow (1944) by Intrepidxc     3 minutes 19 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: rjpb5.5 on the War Heroes

6.5 on the Don Winslow

Single staple books were common during the war years.

Great cover on that Don Winslow.

Thank you. I still have much to learn a
The Signature Room
Jump to new posts Re: Infinity Gauntlet #1 s/s op w/Gerry Duggan & Skottie Young by Rich_Henn     4 minutes 45 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Chiefs1313When is payment due? I have a few recent purchases I'm recouping from

June 14
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: Is there a remedy for persistently overgraded coin types or conditions? by coinman_23885     4 minutes 47 seconds ago

I don't see a remedy for greed and TPG inconsistency.
Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Coppers Heating/Selling Well on Ebay by joe_collector     6 minutes 12 seconds ago

Man, I don't know how many runs of Copper X-Men and X-Factor I have from lots/collections I bought, but the number's pretty freaking high.

I won't have a chance to look through my books until later this summer (we're preparing for a new h
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Recent Pre-Code Purchases by rjpb     6 minutes 25 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: NervTwo scores from Heritage today.

I now have bookends (#1 and 6) for my Phantom Stranger run. None of them show up often so I can't really tell if 6 is harder to get than anything else but I do dig its c
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Amazing 678 Mary Jane variant.... by Lonzilla     6 minutes 25 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: mschmidt Originally Posted By: CopperAgeKids Originally Posted By: Lonzilla Originally Posted By: CopperAgeKids

The 9.8 that was ended early as it was "no longer available" yesterday has yet to re
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: HA MAY 28-30 SIGNATURE AUCTION by RareHighGrade     6 minutes 25 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Sagii Originally Posted By: adamstrange Originally Posted By: G.A.tor Originally Posted By: Sqeggs Originally Posted By: G.A.tortook a run at daredevil 17...not to be

Bid higher cool boo
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Kevlar's Dallas Fan Expo sales thread by Gunnz     6 minutes 57 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: KevlarOz Reign of the Witch Queen #2 - Cover F - Ed Benes - Fan Expo Dallas Con Variant - Limit 500 copies - 10 available

$10 raw NM+ or better

$65 CGC 9.8 Fast Track

Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: COMIC ONE HIT WONDERS? by Aweandlorder     8 minutes 2 seconds ago

And yeah.. 80s had lots of one hit wonders in music as well..
Amazing, maybe we picked a trend here - 80s - the decade of one hit wonders in art and music

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: How is this not blackmail? by jaybuck43     9 minutes 5 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: shadroch He was busted by the very money laundering protections that he insisted be included in the Patriot Act. Talk about being hoisted on ones petard

Id have to reread the indictment but I think he would hav
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Comics, comics, and more comics by Razorback     10 minutes 0 seconds ago

Hi Mark,

@ 50% off

Captain Marvel #35 5.0 OW/WP $3
Captain Marvel #37 6.0 OW/WP $4
Captain Marvel #38 6.0 OW/WP $4
Captain Marvel #39 7.0 OW/WP $5
Captain Marvel #41 6.0 OW/WP $4
Captain Marvel #43 7
Comics related - Movies, TV, Video games
Jump to new posts Re: Justice League: Mortal (2009) - the documentary by NewEnglandGothic     12 minutes 58 seconds ago

This will be a blind buy for me upon it's release.
Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Cable the man out of time! (Appreciation thread) by Jaydogrules     17 minutes 0 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: ygogolak Originally Posted By: DEATHLOK9147
Well, considering that no one knows who own the right a to him. I guess we will have to see.. It would be a damn shame if they pass up on Cable. Such a bad *spoon* char
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts WTB: "The Walking Dead" #1 LOW/MEDIUM GRADE! NO HIGH! by ZombieDealer     18 minutes 47 seconds ago

Hey there!

I'm looking for the #1 of "The Walking Dead", first print obviously.

I can't afford to buy a high graded one, but I have some money to spend on a low/medium graded one.

Shipping to USA or Europe ( as you pr
Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: Fake CGC graded comic? by bomber-bob     18 minutes 57 seconds ago

I love reusing the opened slabs for my better raws but I never try to sell them this way. I think I once shipped a raw in a cracked CGC slab for better protection during shipping. Why do people throw them away ? I would think they are worth at least
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB Turok Son of Stone by pickycollector     19 minutes 38 seconds ago

Nobody has any for sale
Numismatic General
Jump to new posts Re: Rudman collection of Mexican colonial coinage by RWB     20 minutes 39 seconds ago

I think of Mexican colonials in much the same way as US colonials - A coin in Fine might be the best known.

Good luck on the bidding.
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB Charlton Cheyenne Kid 7-99 by pickycollector     20 minutes 55 seconds ago

Does anyone have any for sale ?

Out of curiosity, does anyone have a Wild Frontier #7 in his collection? I have never seen a copy in my life.
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Greg Reece feedback thread by felixthecat     21 minutes 46 seconds ago

I bought some ASM books from Greg the other day. This was my first purchase on the boards. Communication, shipping, packing were all top notch. Thanks Greg.
Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: I wrote another comic book, and you can read it for free by highradart     23 minutes 28 seconds ago

I really enjoyed it and the ending was great as well as the art.
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Mytastebud kudos by Bio-Rupp     23 minutes 40 seconds ago

Just an awesome transaction through and through

David is welcome in my sales threads (and my house ) whenever he feels like it

Thanks again sir !

xxx ooo

Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: ComicLink shipping policy just plain stinks! by bomber-bob     24 minutes 42 seconds ago

Actually, while I have do have some issues with Heritage, shipping is not one of them. I think they charge a very reasonable amount, especially on a single book. Clink very recently upped the shipping charges from 15.00 to 20.00 . I brought it up on
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: KAMALA KHAN by MadGenius     25 minutes 26 seconds ago

I cite the "krighton paradox" as proof that ANMN Point One is the book to have: a 2nd print can't be the first appearance of a character if the 1st print of the same comic isn't considered the first appearance of said character.
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