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The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Best Burger You've Ever Had? by slym2none     2 minutes 18 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: PovertyRow Do NOT NOT NOT press down on the burger (or a steak or a chop or any cut of meat.) All this does is forced precious juices out. Put the meat on the cooking surface (pan, barbecue whatever) and at best just move
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Jump to new posts Re: Dr.X's Christmas Contest 2014 Is In Motion by fatlab123     3 minutes 25 seconds ago

My guess is $785.53 thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: The all purpose Videogame Thread! by Hado     10 minutes 11 seconds ago

Thought you went to bed?

Or was that the shill
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Jump to new posts Re: THE BLACK & WHITE CLUB: TWD #1 CLUB by oakman29     11 minutes 9 seconds ago

Sign me up.
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Jump to new posts Re: Enormous ! How big will it get ? by Awax     12 minutes 5 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: natevegas Originally Posted By: IntoAnotherHmm...
To follow that up this is the tweet everyone should be paying attention to of h
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Jump to new posts Re: What's For Christmas Dinner? by slym2none     16 minutes 26 seconds ago

I am looking at BBQ chicken, potatoes au gratin, roasted asparagus, and IDK what else as of yet. Probably some sort of bread/rolls, another veg, and a dessert.

Chrstmas Eve is where I get all the traditionals at, ham & turkey and the like,
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Jump to new posts Re: SAGA from Image Comics by dupont2005     17 minutes 11 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: IntoAnotherPretty amazing.

No, not mine. Wish I had that skill though, I'd be making Lying Cats around the clock! That's pretty damn good work.
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Jump to new posts Re: What were the best NEW comics you read in 2014 ? by dupont2005     19 minutes 40 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: SquareChaos Originally Posted By: marmatVery few titles from Marvel and Dc in your choices

I believe a few have listed Moon Knight... I don't read any of the Big Two anymore, the last new 2014 book
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Jump to new posts Re: The 10 Non-Commandments by slym2none     20 minutes 55 seconds ago

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Jump to new posts Re: Best/top comic lists and award winners of 2014 by dupont2005     21 minutes 52 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Lonzilla Originally Posted By: The AuthorityI thought maybe a separate thread for ongoing "Best of.." and "Top..." lists for 2014 would be cool to see so if you see them, please add them. I think this will also expand
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone use Christmas clubs? by slym2none     23 minutes 8 seconds ago

Who's shill is that, anyway?

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Jump to new posts Re: Anybody know this eBay Seller? smokin_reef by dupont2005     23 minutes 49 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: DoohickamabobWhen I've been in a situation like this, where eBay switches its ruling, often what happens is eBay lets the buyer keep the item and get a refund FROM EBAY, but also lets the seller keep the original payment m
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Jump to new posts Re: The Marvel Experience by CAHokie     24 minutes 11 seconds ago

Well, I'm not going unless you do!
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Jump to new posts Re: Stolen Comics in the San Antonio area this week by dupont2005     25 minutes 2 seconds ago

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Jump to new posts Re: Official 2014 CGC Forum Holiday Raffle!! by CAHokie     28 minutes 30 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: JoannaWhat does "IKR" mean?

"I know, right?"
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Jump to new posts Re: Official 2014-2015 NBA Thread by dc eng     34 minutes 20 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: tth2 Originally Posted By: ComicConnoisseur Originally Posted By: dc eng Originally Posted By: fantastic_four Originally Posted By: ComicConnoisseurWith that being said from a Celtic`s perspective the N
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Jump to new posts Re: Bob Storms,thank you. by Azkaban     45 minutes 27 seconds ago

Very nice great wife and present Happy Birthday again. Way to go to Bob also
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Jump to new posts Re: It's a "crime" not to post em... Post your favourite Biro covers by Jimmy Linguini     52 minutes 2 seconds ago

Cool, or terrible?

Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: X-Force #2 - What am I missing here? by RockMyAmadeus     53 minutes 39 seconds ago

That's still a ridiculous price.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: A Twist on the GTG - 1904 $20 by mikew148     55 minutes 19 seconds ago

I thought the "scruffiness" on the second coin might have kept it from a PL designation.

Hard to tell from pics (PL/DPL especially)

In any event, Great Pick Up and nice "twist"
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Jump to new posts Re: Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....! by Frisco Larson     57 minutes 39 seconds ago

Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: 25 Years Ago - 1989 by RockMyAmadeus     58 minutes 19 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: FlyingDonut

Wrong year.

But y'all are running out of time for 1989 books. Just a week or so, and we're on to 1990!
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Jump to new posts Re: CGC Keys/PCH/hot moderns/raw Cronze/hot Silver this thread has it all!!!!! by hermster     Today at 02:24 AM

Some awesome books you have up!
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Jump to new posts Re: The Super-Official CG Cupcake Thread by RockMyAmadeus     Today at 02:18 AM

U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: For the love of copper by leeg     Today at 02:17 AM

 Originally Posted By: robec1347No Lee, you should have sold them to me.

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