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Jump to new posts Re: FX's Fargo - a different story? You betchya, yah by Bosco685     Yesterday at 06:42 AM

 Originally Posted By: BaneMartin Freemans accent is well dodgy.

Just kidding. It was a little off. But his character was a good plot point to allow Billy Bob to start delivering his mischief to the local ar
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Jump to new posts Re: consignments wanted! by uchiha101     Yesterday at 06:42 AM

 Originally Posted By: RockMyAmadeusThe word is "moral." "Morale" is a completely different word.

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Jump to new posts Re: Marvel confirms Captain America 3 will face Batman vs. Superman in 2016 by Bosco685     Yesterday at 06:30 AM

 Originally Posted By: Bosco685

FORBES: 'Batman Vs Superman' And 'Captain America 3' Won't Face Off In 2016

Looks like that Forbes article may have had it right why the two studios will not want this to turn into a
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Jump to new posts Re: DC War Comics Bronze to Copper by FullHulkSmash     Yesterday at 06:17 AM

 Originally Posted By: ft88Charlton War Comics

Attack 2
War Heroes 5 37
Battle Field Action Vol 2/44 and 61
War 4
Fightin Army 95 99 106 111 113 115 117 118
Fightin Marines 93 97 98 102 105 110 118 123 130
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman Adventures 12. Harley! by azcards4ever     Yesterday at 06:03 AM

 Originally Posted By: juggernautHere is the list of Harley Quinn appearances (in chronological order) in the DC Animated Universe.


The Batman Adventures #12 (September, 1993):
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Jump to new posts Re: PGM X-Men 129 by eman13     Yesterday at 05:49 AM

 Originally Posted By: AnhDepTrai Originally Posted By: timern Originally Posted By: eman13 Originally Posted By: timern8.0 IMHO! You've cropped the scans!
Nope! not my scans, will post better ones when I get it in hand
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Jump to new posts Re: NATIONAL... by slym2none     Yesterday at 05:10 AM

Why would anyone eat anything that is claimed to be "booger flavoured?"

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Jump to new posts Re: Trading high grade & key CGC books. by Comicsarefun     Yesterday at 05:05 AM

PM sent
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Jump to new posts Re: the shaker hood is back! by slym2none     Yesterday at 05:02 AM

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: The News is getting Funky 'Round Here by mar-vell     Yesterday at 03:38 AM

I love Jimmy his material is hilarious.
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Jump to new posts Re: Where to sell high value coins? by Coindude     Yesterday at 03:26 AM

Here you go Jim.
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Jump to new posts Re: How to deal with buying a book online that comes back restored... by gaz973     Yesterday at 03:26 AM

As a sidenote, I just wanted to give kudos to Flaming Telepath and Comicana Direct.

I bought a raw ASM # 9 graded at FN+ from him last year, the latest of many purchases. This year I decided to get it slabbed and so submitted it via Comica
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Jump to new posts Re: CGC or GPA.. Cant find these listed by lizards2     Yesterday at 03:11 AM

 Originally Posted By: oakman29I am not an animal!
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Jump to new posts Re: Your first book you thought was gonna be a key but turned out to be a dud? by slym2none     Yesterday at 03:01 AM

Bloodshot #1

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Jump to new posts Re: X-MEN #1 club by SteveC77     Yesterday at 02:42 AM

 Originally Posted By: Spiderman-on-Tilt

Since I can barely take how disgraceful comics general has become I am not letting the SA forum get that way. Lets bring the real deal threads back to where they belong.

Any parti
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Jump to new posts Re: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 6.5 OW/W by Mystafo     Yesterday at 01:55 AM

Damn, just realized I had the wrong pq in the title (ow/w instead of ow)! Mike very sorry about sent!
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Jump to new posts Re: The Shiller Speaks by darkstar     Yesterday at 01:39 AM

 Originally Posted By: oldbsturgeonI'm not reading 82 pages to find any updates but for this lazy guy's curiosity, anything come out of what the OP was talking about changing?

Nah back to where we started. Symbiotic still screwing ov
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Jump to new posts Re: Nightcrawler (2014) by Gunnz     Yesterday at 01:25 AM

I wish they would make a more serious hard core take on the characters. like nightcrawlers just out enjoying some ice cream and then all of a sudden, some guy and his buddies start making fun of his tail, then night crawler quickly grabs the guys cro
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Jump to new posts Re: AMC "The Walking Dead" Official Thread by PEP     Yesterday at 01:16 AM

I like the idea of a spinoff.
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Jump to new posts Re: One Book - Hulk #6 CGC 6.5 by TheAvenger80     Yesterday at 01:09 AM

Hi Mark, I recently moved to Oregon too! Whereabouts are you? I'm in Beavercreek but moving to Portland ASAP.


p.s. GLTWS!
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Jump to new posts Re: Las Vegas, box of reader comics for only $0.01 pickup only by fishingjason     Yesterday at 01:03 AM

I own StripSide Comics across from the South Point, call me tomorrow at the shop (702) 834-4113, I will take them
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Jump to new posts Re: WonderCon - Anaheim 2014 (4/18-4/20) by trmoore54     Yesterday at 12:58 AM

 Originally Posted By: StevenramsYes, Steve, I bought it from Harley. He did come down considerably in price for a book you very rarely see in that grade. Obviously, targeted for kids, I imagine, there are very few that have remained in HG or
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: GODZILLA 5/16/2014 by FUELMAN     Yesterday at 12:51 AM

 Originally Posted By: The_Black_HandAnyone hear from FuelMaster lately? I'm a bit concerned.

You're a bit alzheimerish.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: Iron Man 1 by topnotchman     Yesterday at 12:49 AM

I would sell the book as a 1.0 with the staining and detached cover. However I have gotten some Cgc graded books with detached cover and this could easily still get a 2.0 Cgc grade.
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Jump to new posts Re: Double cover... or not? ** Added Pics** by divad     Yesterday at 12:41 AM

 Originally Posted By: Poverty_Row Originally Posted By: divad Originally Posted By: Poverty_RowI don't see this coming back as Qualified (Green Label). Two covers is not a defect, and green is for one major defect in an otherwise high
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