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Jump to new posts Re: CGC Auctions TTA # 13 New Teen Titans # 2 Marvel Premiere #47 & more by THB     07/31/14 11:17 AM

All ending tonight!!!

Thanks for looking!
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Jump to new posts Re: The Official trmoore54 Feedback Thread by Azkaban     07/31/14 10:54 AM

Just got my prize from the grading contest from Tom. Just wanted to say great packing fast delivery and awesome books. Thanks again
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Jump to new posts WTB: OGP (no coin) 2008-W 1/4oz mint state Buffalo by agentjim007     07/31/14 10:52 AM

Need everything including capsule.
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Jump to new posts Re: Would Someone Sell me a Hulk 180 in Fine-ish Grade for $100? by Ryan.     07/31/14 10:43 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: What's new in your Silver Age collection this week by Straw-Man     07/31/14 10:42 AM

picked up a new one from the blazing one; thanks bob!

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Jump to new posts Re: If you had to choose by rjpb     07/31/14 10:41 AM

Both seem expensive for what they are, but I prefer Batman to Superman, and can understand the classic cover demand that drives interest in Tec 31, independent of it's relative value to 27 and other pre- Robin Tecs. Action 7s value seems more driven
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Jump to new posts Re: Stan Lee SS Slabs - Iron Fist #14, FF #48, X-Men #94 by Shark     07/31/14 10:32 AM

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Jump to new posts 9.8/9.6 Silver & Bronze Marvel Consignment In Pedigree’s September Grand Auction by Captain_Tripps     07/31/14 10:32 AM

The high grade Silver and Bronze Age Marvels are continuing to come in for Pedigree Comics’ upcoming Grand Auction. Scheduled to begin on the night of Monday, September 22, 2014 and last for ten (10) days until the night of Thursday, October 2, 2014,
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Jump to new posts Re: TWD TV SHOW--Offical Discussion Thread by retrothecollector     07/31/14 10:27 AM

I see CS already saw this. But maybe nobody else did. Below is the SS of who I think is FG. And I'll embed the trailer.
 Originally Posted By: @Captain_SawyerFr. Gabriel!!

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Jump to new posts Re: Anybody else having trouble with CGC Cert verification not working? by VintageComics     07/31/14 10:22 AM

 Originally Posted By: Hulksdaddy1Back up and running.

Not the cert verification yet.

Scratch that, just worked.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hulk 181 9.2 OWW & Spidey 100, 102 9.2 WP by telerites     07/31/14 10:19 AM

Nice books but you're going to have to remove the Spideys off of Ebay to list them here. This needs to be a board exclusive offer.

They will yank your thread if you don't.

Good luck with the sale.

Here's a link t
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Jump to new posts Re: A midsummer cornucopia of art ending tonight on eBay! by pkveronese     07/31/14 10:02 AM

 Originally Posted By: KirbyJackI'll look; and Happy Birthday!

Thanks! I officially turned quasi-old ;).
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Jump to new posts Silver, Bronze, Modern CGC, Marvel Masterwork Variants & SO MUCH MORE! by WalkinWillie     07/31/14 10:00 AM

Walkin' Willie's Comix has some nice items on eBay right now - Click this link for more details!

>>>> Auctions Ending Sunday, 8/3/2014 <<<<

Action Comics #319 - Monterey Collection - CGC 8.5!

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Jump to new posts Re: 16 people that shouldn't be allowed near facebook by Ares     07/31/14 09:58 AM

My Favourite

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Jump to new posts Re: What's the grading hit for water/moisture damage? by Hulksdaddy1     07/31/14 09:55 AM

Thanks for the input guys. Guy bought in a small collection, and, as usual, had them graded way too high. Thought he had had thousands in value, when it was only hundreds.

The stains were front/back cover, a touch on the interiors pages on
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Jump to new posts Re: How much should I pay for a coverless FF #5? by uchiha101     07/31/14 09:49 AM

 Originally Posted By: 29dukedogEarlier this year, I won a coverless FF 5 through a Heritage auction. It was complete and in decent shape, except for two small (1" or so) pieces of tape on an interior page. Won it for $125.

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Jump to new posts Re: Scottish Merk?? by RWB     07/31/14 09:49 AM

Yes. First coinage. The central value is "XIII" then "4" below to indicate thirteen shillings and four pence pounds Scots. (Rotate the reverse 45-degrees left.)
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Jump to new posts Re: A third of Americans have bad debts. by Ares     07/31/14 09:47 AM

 Originally Posted By: johncurlis Originally Posted By: AresI have no debts. I pay off my CCD in full each month

Do you deliver pizzas?

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Jump to new posts WTB TMNT Raphael #1 (1st print & 2nd print) by ChadH     07/31/14 09:44 AM

Hey guys,
I'm looking for both of these books right now. I'd prefer them graded, at least a 9.4 or higher, but would take them raw if their high grade. Just let me know, thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: Harley Quinn Covers by Junkdrawer     07/31/14 09:40 AM

 Originally Posted By: HadoGood luck Junk! Thanks, I'm tryin'.
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Thor 225 CGC 9.6-9.8 white pages first Firelord by Thanos88     07/31/14 09:37 AM

 Originally Posted By: DavidTheDavidI don't think he has one in the thread, but check Ghost Town's sales thread in G/S/B, or just PM him.

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Jump to new posts Re: Best of the Best San Diego Comic Con by Mayor006     07/31/14 09:32 AM

^ I'd say Scott had a little to do with that! It is absolutely gorgeous.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cat lovers are controlled by parasites by ComicConnoisseur     07/31/14 09:32 AM

 Originally Posted By: WoodenJeffersonI took the time (invested my time) watching because this sort of science has always intrigued me...there is so much we have yet to learn about what is actually going on around us.

He mentions Dav
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Jump to new posts Re: Advice needed about baseball memorabilia by ComicConnoisseur     07/31/14 09:30 AM

 Originally Posted By: marmatIf you are an expert in baseball and baseball card collecting, please send me a PM.

I have a couple of questions but after days of research, I still have to find the definitive answer.
I even tried to
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Jump to new posts please check out my coins for sale in the money market place posted by us navy vet by CSJournals     07/31/14 09:19 AM


For sale posts not allowed in journals.
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