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Jump to new posts Re: Do you have a shop or store? Let's see it! by Leescomics     Today at 01:49 AM

 Originally Posted By: COMICKINGSHere's the Google view of my store....Comic Va.Beach,Va....22 years old this month! the way for the guy that asked about the Google cost...we did this last year and I believe it was $250 for the gu
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Jump to new posts Re: Show us your personal artwork by kav     Today at 01:49 AM

He drinks 2 beers before he drinks 2 beers and then he drinks 2 more
Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Merry Marvel Marching Society QUESTION by comicdey     Today at 01:48 AM

Searching for old collections?
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Jump to new posts Re: Do you bag and board your drek? by slym2none     Today at 01:46 AM

Comics Market - Sales Advertising - Ebay, Dealers, etc.
Jump to new posts More CGC books! iZombie, TWD 19, Stan Lee SS, Preacher 1, more! by slym2none     Today at 01:43 AM

iZombie #1 CGC 9.8

TWD #19 CGC 9.6 (first Michonne!)

TWD #34 2nd print CGC 9.4

TWD #100 sketch cover CGC 9.4 (first Negan!)

Batman #436 CGC 9.6 (1st appearance ofTim Drake!)

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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Batman Adventures 12 9.8 or 9.6 by bomber-bob     Today at 01:43 AM

 Originally Posted By: Kevin76

You should have been here back in 2003/2004 This argument is nothing.

I think society has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Bullies, bigots, and foul mouthed individuals in gener
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Jump to new posts Re: Continental Currency Dollar by roblou270     Today at 01:41 AM

I've just added additional information regarding the silver Continental dollar 1-C as well as for the Treaty of Paris medal. Auction information and color from the Dr. Charles M Clay auction of December 1871 is now attached to both of these coins.
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman #47 Classic Cover & Story by Stevenrams     Today at 01:40 AM

Great book. Read the story many Xs and never tire of it. GLWTS!

Wish I could afford it but timing is not the best right now.
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Jump to new posts Re: Game of Thrones Season 5 by CAHokie     Today at 01:32 AM

I admit that I have only paid half attention to this season, but I have a question. In the books and/or the tv show, what makes the religious group so powerful? They obviously have more power than the King which I find a bit odd.
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Jump to new posts Re: A most memorial Memorial Day by Azkaban     Today at 01:32 AM

Same. Good luck great find
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Jump to new posts Re: beautiful addition by jcriller     Today at 01:30 AM

thanks guys, it did the NCS route
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Jump to new posts Re: Is This a Coverless AF15 Hiding Amongst the Drek??? by comicdey     Today at 01:22 AM

 Originally Posted By: kavIt's definitely not the original due to the word printed at the top

That's what I saw ...
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Jump to new posts Re: David Letterman Ending Soon. by Bonds25     Today at 01:20 AM

Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: War Comics by MusterMark     Today at 01:19 AM

Marie is always awesome, no matter what.
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Jump to new posts Re: Phoenix Comic Con, May 28-31, 2015 by kaholo1256     Today at 01:13 AM

 Originally Posted By: reptilekingdieWell no Mcfarlane so far

McFarlane is signing at the private signing tomorrow so may hear something from that group on if he does plan on attending. Just remember even if he goes it cannot be C
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Jump to new posts Re: Is anyone interested in a Ken Kelly Sketch Op? by DevilsRain     Today at 01:13 AM

Sounds like a pretty reasonable starting point.
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Jump to new posts Re: Baker Romance by comicnoir     Today at 01:12 AM

Blue doesn't fade to green. The blue must have been from a different part of the print run. I've seen the 8.0 Lloyd Jacquet copy and it has the same green colour strike.
Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Does anyone polish or clean the CGC plastic case? by Dr. Love     Today at 01:07 AM

 Originally Posted By: LoukayzaWhile it sounds like a great idea, I tried a couple times on some items I was going to eBay and the paper didnt slide through very easily. What type of paper are people using? I could see wax paper working well, bu
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Jump to new posts Re: Fight Club 2 - Dark Horse Comics by Rhymenoceros     Today at 01:02 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Invincible Art FS by simplyrob     Today at 12:59 AM

 Originally Posted By: Beamer Humberto Ramos at 50% off

EDIT: sommariva and lee pending sale.
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Jump to new posts Re: New version of FireFox SUCKS! by slym2none     Today at 12:56 AM

Me dumb as hell...

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Jump to new posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge IRON MAN by bighaley21     Today at 12:55 AM

They need to make a venom or superman version of this so I can blow some money.
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Jump to new posts 20 HERITAGE AUCTION CATALOGS - Comics & Comic Art by HemiGTX     Today at 12:50 AM

Here are 20 Heritage Auction catalogs. Over 5,300 pages of Golden & Silver age comic books. As well as original comic book art, comic strips and original paintings.

$150 Shipped. U.S. Only. (All 20 books are HEAVY, roughly 40 pounds.
CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: My road to success by uchiha101     Today at 12:46 AM

 Originally Posted By: oakman29I'm watching this thread with great anticipation. Have you at least broke even yet?

Thanks I haven't broken even on that but I'm working on that and a lot of that is to do with timing to sell the comic
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Jump to new posts Re: Official 2014-2015 NBA Thread by scooter99     Today at 12:43 AM

 Originally Posted By: VintageComics Originally Posted By: sckaoHoward now has three flagrant foul points and six technical foul points. No other NBA player comes close (Noah was next.)

His next flagrant foul OR technical foul wi
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More CGC books! iZombie, TWD 19, Stan Lee SS, Preacher 1, more!
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01:43 AM
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