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Jump to new posts Re: KAMALA KHAN by Santos208     Today at 04:52 AM

This listing grinds my gears.

We got the guy stating "this listings is for 6 books"

then ALL the way on the bottom he says "this is for one book only"

give me a break...
CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: Doc Joes Journal by Gotham Kid     Today at 04:39 AM

Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: ASM #31 by Miscellaneous     Today at 04:38 AM

Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: Mile High Comics grading by kav     Today at 04:20 AM

I think you have finally solved the mystery of Chuck-he wants the books. He doesn't really want to sell them....he's a hoarder. A modified hoarder.
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Jump to new posts Re: Herb Trimpe Estate Art in Baltimore by comiconxion     Today at 03:52 AM

I had a chance to start posting the art from Herb's estate this evening. The hope is that I'll have a chance to post the rest of it as I get time over the next 2 weeks or so.

I started scanning the smaller pieces including the only Hulk
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Jump to new posts Will there be a 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set with three or four. by Ed J     Today at 03:49 AM

I have been collecting the Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set since 2007.

This year's 2015 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set of four coins included Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson dollar coins in proof
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Jump to new posts Re: Would additional 2nd-tier grading services be good for the hobby? by coinman_23885     Today at 03:39 AM

 Originally Posted By: messydesk Originally Posted By: Danye WestHow about a variety certification service?
You mean this?
Been doing it for over 10 years and close to 10000 coins. Mostly VAMs, but I'll do other stuff that I h
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: FANDOM by DavidMerryweather     Today at 03:32 AM

 Originally Posted By: rjpb

I see one of you has updated his look from the 1970s all the way to the early 1990s.

That would be Mitch. His coiffure reboot was recent. My tonsorial mind-set is still stuck in the Wayb
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Jump to new posts Re: Post Your Most Recent Acquisition by zoins     Today at 03:20 AM

 Originally Posted By: KyleNumismatics Originally Posted By: jerseycat10Been eyeing this up for a while, finally pulled the proverbial trigger:

This is the sellers images, will be sending out for Todd to redo some shortly.
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Centaur Comics by DavidMerryweather     Today at 03:17 AM

 Originally Posted By: Johnny545 stumbled on to this:

Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Does anyone know when "Marvel chipping" came to an end? by makeminemego     Today at 03:17 AM

 Originally Posted By: VintageComics Originally Posted By: namisgr Originally Posted By: rodan57 Originally Posted By: budsbundy Originally Posted By: PrimetimeFrom what I've seen in the past 20+ years, ASM 7 (Dec 1963 publis
Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: Homage to Jack Kirby by NicoV     Today at 03:16 AM

Many thanks for finding it !
Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: What's new in your Silver Age collection this week by makeminemego     Today at 03:13 AM

 Originally Posted By: entalmighty1 Originally Posted By: makeminemegoA couple of recent additions: I'm happy as both are very nice examples for the grade.

I love that stamp on the FF4!

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Ridley Scott's "The Martian" by 500Club     Today at 03:10 AM

 Originally Posted By: kavHey did they explain why he had seeds when the mission never had any call for them to bring seeds to Mars?
All will be answered when you see the movie.
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Jump to new posts Re: This week in your collection? by greggy     Today at 03:10 AM

Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: Hey loser who stole the box that USPS left on my porch when I was out of town... by nearmint     Today at 03:10 AM

 Originally Posted By: Bunky BrianYou bought a replacement Hulk 1, in 6.0???!!!!??

I thought we were talking about some stupid statue?

Lol, I bought them both. I feel much better now.
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar realizes $4.99 million by zoins     Today at 03:10 AM

What a great coin. We owe much thanks to William Strickland, 6th Baron Boynton, for preserving this in his family's collection!

For some interesting reading on how this went down, check out the section titled "Laura Sperber Would Not Be De
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Jump to new posts Re: SPOILER-FILLED thread about Agents Of SHIELD by loadstone     Today at 03:01 AM

It was an ok S3 premier. Daisy still needs to work on her acting a bit more but I'm digging the low cut wife beaters, some scenes with Coulson felt like he was just rehearsing lines, I'm getting pretty tired of the Bobbi/Hunter drama, Daisy's "Teddy
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Couple McFarlane ASM lots... by cloudofwit     Today at 02:44 AM

Both lots SOLD via PM. Thanks!
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Jump to new posts wanted: forever people 1 raw or graded 9.0 to 9.4 white pages by daniel1975     Today at 02:28 AM

looking for forever people 1. white pages including the cover.
raw or graded at 9.0 to 9.4.
let me know.
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: beautiful copy of BATMAN 227 by AshKenziePaul     Today at 02:21 AM

Gorgeous copy of Batman # 227 added.
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Recent Pre-Code Purchases by Mr.Illmannered     Today at 02:16 AM

I've began putting the collection up on Instagram under @blackcatcollection if you care to peruse
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Jump to new posts Re: Bad tattoos by kav     Today at 02:10 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: FSH: Type, 57 Proofs, Early Commems, Lincoln Cents by leeg     Today at 02:02 AM

Sunday Bump
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts 1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial Constitution Medalet by leeg     Today at 02:01 AM

This piece arrived yesterday. Manufactured by Whitehead and Hoag.

I have not been able to find anything on it via the net. Very disappointing to me.

If anyone has information on this piece please help out.

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