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Jump to new posts Re: john buscema - "raiders of the lost ark" on ebay. trade offers accepted. by msr     Yesterday at 02:58 PM

Relisted, at a lower price!
Original Comic Art Marketplace
Jump to new posts WTB: "temple of doom" & "willow" pages by msr     Yesterday at 02:57 PM

Hi everyone. Here's my monthly reminder again

If you have (or you can tell me someone who does) pages from butch guice's "Temple of Doom" or Bob Hall's "Willow", please let me know. I recently heard George Lucas gave a bunch of those to t
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: Roosevelt Dime Complete Variety Set ....... by jerseycat10     Yesterday at 02:52 PM

 Originally Posted By: Hard Times Originally Posted By: jerseycat10
Excellent ownage, BRG.

Er, ah, maybe I am a dumb *spoon* but I don't really know what you mean by 'Excellent ownage', can you elaborate for us slow folks
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Jump to new posts Re: Absolutes, Omnibuses, Oversize, Special Editions discussion thread by tilleycs     Yesterday at 02:48 PM

 Originally Posted By: comics-n-stuff Originally Posted By: tilleycsI found a reasonably priced copy of "75 Years of DC Comics" as an early b'day present to myself (my b'day is in April) online. WOW. It's hard to appreciate how BIG that b
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Jump to new posts Re: Space City Comics selling on Ebay by towards2112     Yesterday at 02:48 PM

Latest update. 300 plus auctions , most less than $ 10 shipping and lowball shipping.

Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: The Dentist, Metropolis... by Flex Mentallo     Yesterday at 02:40 PM

 Originally Posted By: Joe All Star Originally Posted By: sfcityduckJoe,

Thanks for the sad news. You are a class act and the boards are much benefitted by your participation.

Second -or third? - that.
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: HOLIDAY FUN, COME ON OVER! by 1Cool     Yesterday at 02:37 PM

 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanetRobert has such excellent taste

Every book he took is one I've would have taken


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Jump to new posts Re: TPB Fantasy Football by PhAnTaSmV     Yesterday at 02:37 PM

I am in if someone wants to start another one.
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: wadub56 kudos thread by cwbond82     Yesterday at 02:36 PM

Great Transaction! Super honest and easy to deal with, thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: FORUM SALES "PROBATION" LIST - no discussions by HarveySwick     Yesterday at 02:32 PM


ajaxfarrell added to the Probation List


The following Board Members have been elected by the community to the
Probation List's "Hall of Shame" for gross miscond
Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: The Fifty - up to 16 pieces now by Bird     Yesterday at 02:28 PM

Okay, added #28 as I want to get all the framed pieces on the official list (one more to go...later this week I guess).

sean's blog
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Collecting Focus Change - Selling Mind MGMT and misc by hdiddy8706     Yesterday at 02:21 PM

CLOSED to Ebay
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: Really need help with a coins value (1807 US 50c piece) please help! by GAMBlT     Yesterday at 02:17 PM

thanks for all the input guys!... census here says about %150-200.. big help!.. and no i wont get it graded, doesnt make sense... (my mother in law was telling me its a $500 coin... prob if it was in better condition i suppose..

thanks aga
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Detective Comics 36 help by kinzebac     Yesterday at 02:15 PM

Hey everyone,
I have a copy of the pre-robin tec 36 that is missing some of the top cover and was wondering if anyone with a complete copy has a good scan of the inside front cover with the advertisements. I looked on the Internet and can't fi
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Tales from the Island of Serendip by Flex Mentallo     Yesterday at 02:03 PM

In reality, Jagannath is a symbol of tolerance and compassion. His worship uniquely reaches beyond the strict hierarchy of the caste system. He is universally revered by Sikhs, Jains, and Hindus of all sects. So much so that in reverence the local ki
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Official Concert Thread...been to or going to any? by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 01:58 PM

Drink yourself fitter.

Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Marvel Westerns (Silver Age) by gunsmokin     Yesterday at 01:52 PM

I hope my last post doesn't violate any posting rules. I would have posted them for sale on the boards but I stink at posting photos.
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: My 1st CGC SS Book... by Chris S.     Yesterday at 01:48 PM

Cool book and that is one of the better - if not best - BND stories.
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: ToS's, Iron Man & Captain Marvel by Top City Comics     Yesterday at 01:37 PM

I have most of those SA books, PM sent!
Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: First pictures of Doctor Doom from the new FF movie leaked by ComicConnoisseur     Yesterday at 01:36 PM

 Originally Posted By: TupennyConanWhat color will the Thing be?
Why not Orange?

The Money Marketplace
Jump to new posts Re: My 19th century listings at Great Collections - silver and gold..... by Coindude     Yesterday at 01:32 PM

HT congrats on the successful sales. You have excellent taste in coins so I had no doubt you would do well on the auctions.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: Alpha Flight #17 by Burg     Yesterday at 01:29 PM

Thanks for the reply.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: Please grade this TTA 36 by pieces of eight     Yesterday at 01:24 PM

Yeah, looks like a solid 7.0 to me. Congrats!
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: ??? What the Hell??? by ucleben     Yesterday at 01:23 PM

Everybody's got a story to tell. Some are just better than others.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM ASM 91 by pieces of eight     Yesterday at 01:21 PM

6.5 with the tears on the back and spine stress.
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