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Jump to new posts Re: Chris Evans signature opp plus Haley Atwell by ahsieh     08/28/15 02:33 PM

I should have sent in a book that Sebastian Stan was actually in! Awesome though, cool op
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Jump to new posts Re: Iron Fist #14 Slabbed 9.2 by iamaresome     08/28/15 02:33 PM


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Jump to new posts Re: WIZARD STOCK IN FREE FALL by VintageComics     08/28/15 02:32 PM

 Originally Posted By: TupennyConan Originally Posted By: Transplant Originally Posted By: TupennyConanWe will soon be seeing the Great Comic Con Correction. When reset is pressed, things will improve for all, including the exhibitor &
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Jump to new posts Re: WTS - Silver / Bronze Age Daredevil Collection by Escaflown4     08/28/15 02:29 PM

I'll be moving these books to feebay in a few days if there are no takers.
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Jump to new posts Re: Let's Help Brainstorm Comics by Red84     08/28/15 02:18 PM

We've raised $650 so far. It would be great to receive some more comic book donations!

Link for the Charity Thread
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Jump to new posts Re: GOOSEBUMPS starring Jack Black, Amy Ryan (10/16/15) by Darkowl     08/28/15 02:07 PM

This looks like a really fun movie. It reminds me of something that would have been made and released in the early 90's. Basically, I don't think a film like this would have been made today If it wasn't for the Goosebumps series. If that makes sense.
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Jump to new posts Re: WW Pittsburgh Sept. 13 -- gauging interest, to determine if I'll take books by Mystafo     08/28/15 02:01 PM

[code][/code]definitely interested for Frenz, DeFalco, sent!
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Jump to new posts 4 Cool PCGS / CAC Seated & Barber Quarter Varieties! by coinman1794     08/28/15 01:56 PM

Here are a few interesting 19th century quarter varieties from our website. We have over 100 other coins listed right now. Forum members can take 5% off any one order from our website, through Friday, 9/4. Use promo code FORUM5% at checkout.

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Jump to new posts Re: An Ebay Listing by Dick Pontoon     08/28/15 01:52 PM

Half of the lot is PGX though. Maybe just trying to keep people from hijacking his scans?
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Jump to new posts Re: FEAR TWD TV SHOW --- Official Discussion Thread by DeadOne     08/28/15 01:52 PM


 Quote:Set to air during the show's six season, a new standalone "The Walking Dead" special will find several airline passengers up against a deadly walker attack during "Fear the Walking Dead's" timeline, according
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Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic Four #13 CGC 9.2 NM- by drummy     08/28/15 01:47 PM

Book has SOLD via PM! If the buyer wants to add anything, he can do so here!

Thanks again to everyone for the kind words!

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Jump to new posts Bermejo - Joker Page For Sale - This weekend only by punisher1919     08/28/15 01:36 PM

Hey Folks, putting this beauty up on the chopping block for this weekend only.

Msg me for Details and/or shoot me an offer.
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Jump to new posts Re: Some paperbacks: EC, Kurtzman, Mansion of Evil, Famous Monsters by gojira     08/28/15 01:33 PM

 Originally Posted By: camper49 Originally Posted By: gojiraBatman 64 FN- $275.00

Has two non color breaking transversal creases through the whole book on the left side of book next to spine. Two corner creases fc, chip out of b
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Jump to new posts Re: The ComicVault: A Sealed Artificial Comic Preservation Chamber... by TheSwiftBeownFox     08/28/15 01:29 PM

Noble gasses are completely non reactive and should not harm paper or the container in any way. If you really want to geek out the reason behind this is because the valence electrons in the outer most "ring" of the atom are at capacity. This means th
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Jump to new posts Re: AF 15 using pics right off of these boards. by kav     08/28/15 01:26 PM

re reported
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Jump to new posts Sgt. Rock # 329 (1979) Whitman Variant by Primetime     08/28/15 01:19 PM


A friend of mine is looking for this book. PM me if you have a copy for sale. Open to any complete condition, raw or slabbed. I don't know anything about this book but I found a pic of it online.

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Jump to new posts Re: Who Needs 100,000 laughs??? by Ijiwaru Sensei     08/28/15 01:09 PM

A brilliant movie . . . or one of the dumbest movies ever. Sometimes it is hard to tell. The opening is priceless.
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Jump to new posts Re: Kudos thread for entalmighty! by chezmtghut     08/28/15 12:58 PM

Sold Rob an FF 9. Quick payment & smooth transaction. Hope to work with him again.
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Jump to new posts Re: Astonishing Tales #25 and GPA stats... by StuporMan     08/28/15 12:51 PM

 Originally Posted By: paperheart Originally Posted By: StuporMan Originally Posted By: paperheartsetting GPA high, buying from Doug, posting in the wrong forum - it's a trifecta.

Can you explain the first two of the "trif
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Jump to new posts Re: A Simple Discussion on Walking Dead Original Art Prices by Eric Seffinga     08/28/15 12:48 PM

and beyond.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hope no one here used Ashleymadison. by jaybuck43     08/28/15 12:45 PM

Not necessarily fake, but the 20 million number CC cites is the number of males who actually checked their account, therefore assuming that those profiles were real. Thus there were a total of about 10 million fake accounts spread both between men a
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Jump to new posts Re: Boy are III cent silver pieces tiny! by RWB     08/28/15 12:22 PM

Yep...The Philadelphia Mint hired special very tiny engravers and coiners to make those pieces, too. One was James B. Shortfield and another was Anthony Piquette.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Lego Thread - Yes, Comic Book Related by Buzzetta     08/28/15 12:18 PM

Hey hey...

A lego order just arrived...

I picked up a Hobbit: Lonely Mountain with Smaug as it is quickly disappearing.

Lego Shop At Home threw this unadvertised bonus into my order which was kind of nice:

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Jump to new posts Re: PhantomEwan's Kudos Thread by bcphillips119     08/28/15 12:14 PM

Just finished a deal with Chris, he bought two high end Batman sketches. Payment was fast and communication was great! Thanks again!
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Jump to new posts Re: Really Marvel? by vaillant     08/28/15 12:04 PM

I don't know if I will read the mini-series, to me Hickman never truly cared for the Fantastic Four and for most characters I recently bought his New Avengers run which led to Secret Wars but have not read it yet.

Also, I have just brows
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