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Jump to new posts Re: Jmarch51 Feedback Page by Boba     01/23/15 06:15 PM

I have the honor of being the first post in this thread, having just completed a sale of a book in the marketplace threads. It has been a smooth transaction, communication was both cordial and reasonable throughout, and concluded with all parties hap
Mixed Age Threads and Misc
Jump to new posts Re: Incredible Hulk Omnibus, Alex Ross variant cover by blake050     01/23/15 06:12 PM

I'll take it!
Comic Events
Jump to new posts Wizard World Chicago Fan Fest - March 2015 by JorgeRR96     01/23/15 06:08 PM

More info soon.
Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Comprehensive List of DC Universe Logo UPC Variants by Revat     01/23/15 06:04 PM

LIST OF DC Universe UPC Variant Comics Updated 1/23/15

added Superman/Doomsday Hunter Prey #1 , Superboy 15

Action Comics 684 3rd print, 686 2nd print, 693-710 (2 versions of 700), 712-715, 718, 722-726
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: SILVER AGE KEYS by comicnoir     01/23/15 06:03 PM

Discounts on the Spidey and DD!
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Jordysnordy's Kudos Thread by mazman77     01/23/15 05:51 PM

Jeff purchased an ASM from my sales thread recently and the transaction couldn't have went smoother
Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: exact date of the 1992 Wonder-Con held in Oakland??? by sorb3t     01/23/15 05:41 PM

I have a Hellboy sketch on a backing board that he did for me at WonderCon that year also. Pretty sure it predates his first print appearance or is right around the same time and I remember him talking about his new character with me and my friends.
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WANTED: 1 or 2 new or like new DRAWERBOXES by DJones     01/23/15 05:35 PM

Comics Market - Sales Advertising - Ebay, Dealers, etc.
Jump to new posts Re: Detective Comics CGC SS FOR SALE Steranko Jones Tynion etc by DJones     01/23/15 05:30 PM

The CGC Registry
Jump to new posts Re: NEW SET REQUESTS - FULL SETS ONLY by johnmengel     01/23/15 05:16 PM

looking for Marvel Classic Comics Series Featuring… (1976) (DONE)
cannot find
also can you add
B.A.R. Maid to the list
Comics related - Movies, TV, Video games
Jump to new posts Re: Guardians of the Galaxy news by Bosco685     01/23/15 05:14 PM


Katniss Everdeen's brilliant, but rather grim third big screen outing was predicted to beat the intergalactic A-holes' $331.1 million take by a comfortable
Original Comic Art Marketplace
Jump to new posts Re: New CAF Sale Gallery - Swan, Tuska, Windsor-Smith + tons of Commissions by Michael (OML)     01/23/15 05:11 PM

Hi, I priced this piece so please take a look.

Also for the board, I've added several new pieces and will add more tonight -- I just keep editing the first page
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: One book: ASM 300 Cgc 9.6 by Jaydogrules     01/23/15 05:07 PM

 Originally Posted By: TheMightyMidgetCongrats Justin! What did it go for anyway?

List price was a very reasonable $375.

Jump to new posts Week 644 Happy Friday! by Jennifer F.     01/23/15 05:06 PM

Q: It's not uncommon for animals to appear on banknotes, but which beast of burden seems to be out of place on a Japanese banknote?

Our first place winner will receive a coupon for 1 note graded under the Standard grading tier.
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Baker Romance by Doohickamabob     01/23/15 05:05 PM

 Originally Posted By: Dr. LoveNice copy of a great book! Grade does seem excessively tight. No more leeway for GA?
Thanks! The grade is really tight, yes. There is a tear on the right side of the cover that goes in a little more than an
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Weird Mystery Lot by dbostejano     01/23/15 05:01 PM

not selling ASM 129 at moment, not saying won't entertain offers.
Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Does distributor spray on the cover bring down the grade ? by beaumonts     01/23/15 04:55 PM

 Originally Posted By: Number 6Here's the book I was referring to. The red wash bleeds into the top edge of the front and back cover (back looks pretty much the same as the front) and there's some splash-over to the top page edge and spine edge
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: ff 11 cgc 6.0 f.s. by mrmyst     01/23/15 04:54 PM

Absolutely classic Marvel with an awesome cover.
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: fenomenol fawcett fetish featured by Sqeggs     01/23/15 04:52 PM

 Originally Posted By: Marty Mann


Nice. I remember doing that puzzle as a kid.
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: WYTCHES - Scott Snyder & Jock by the420kid     01/23/15 04:39 PM


agreed. nice looking books Bill
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Photobucket Memories by Straw-Man     01/23/15 04:27 PM

 Originally Posted By: ciorac Originally Posted By: woowoo Originally Posted By: cioracAnd probably my fondest photobucket memory of them all, the day we bought the collection that contained Action 1 - 20, and many other golden age com
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: HARVEY FILE COPIES - CLOSED all Sold by Chadwick     01/23/15 04:24 PM

Any casper or richie rich file copies?
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Vigilante busted at Walmart by kav     01/23/15 04:15 PM

 Originally Posted By: The Black Hand ™ Originally Posted By: kav Originally Posted By: The Black Hand ™ Originally Posted By: fantastic_four Originally Posted By: The Black Hand ™It would be pretty easy to say you were corne
The Money Marketplace
Jump to new posts $5 type 1 Uncut sheet by BRIAN339     01/23/15 04:11 PM

I am selling this chcu uncut sheet of six $5 type 1 from Cassoplis. It is one of the more available type sheets you can buy
My price of $2850 delivered is a bargain.
Paypal is okay.

Comic Events
Jump to new posts Re: South Jersey Comic Con-March 1st, 2015 Cherry Hill NJ by wombat     01/23/15 04:08 PM

I will definitely be there. Looking forward to it .
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