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Jump to new posts Re: Outcast - Kirkman & Azaceta by Hammerhead     Yesterday at 04:37 PM

 Originally Posted By: slym2noneNice shirt!


... Thanks. My wife picked that up for me awhile back either at Target or Wal-Mart.
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Post Your FOUR COLOR Comic Covers Here by Marty Mann     Yesterday at 04:35 PM

 Originally Posted By: jmg3637a few more from the last year.

Went to the small one day Granada Hills Comic Con Yesterday. Traded for a bunch more books, and made a connection who could trade man many more books with.I picked up a 51
Comics General
Jump to new posts Re: 1000 comics in 2015 book club by Hammerhead     Yesterday at 04:35 PM

Avengers #59-60, #127, #167-168, #170-177, #181-187 and Annual #16
Contest Of Champions #1-3
Dardevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5
Fantastic Four #150, Annual #3
Incredible Hulk #319
Thor Annual #6
West Coast Avengers Annu
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Jump to new posts Re: X-Files returns by PovertyRow     Yesterday at 04:34 PM

 Originally Posted By: Oddities Originally Posted By: Kaptain KollektorShould be good as long as they stick with the aliens "arc". The last movie was garbage...

I never liked the alien arcs. They beat it to death. I loved the
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Jump to new posts Re: Filling The Gaps... by ALcomics     Yesterday at 04:34 PM

Strike Records and Name Changes
Jump to new posts matterus03 to *matterus023* - Name Change by Admin1     Yesterday at 04:32 PM

matterus03 is now *matterus023*
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Lazarus #1 first prints by natevegas     Yesterday at 04:31 PM

FINAL Price slash.....110 for 10 copies shipped priority or 55 for 5 copies shipped. Come on fellas these prices are more than reasonable.
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Jump to new posts Re: New eBay auctions! by Meeley Man     Yesterday at 04:30 PM

Less than a day left on our current eBay auctions. Don't miss out on getting some really nice Richard Moore and Mike Vosburg art at a great price. Don't delay, bid today!
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Jump to new posts DTACOLLECTIBLES.COM-AVENGERS 2, ASM 194, BATS 181, MACROSS, more! by TopNotch     Yesterday at 04:24 PM


--Action Comics #710 1995- Superman - CGC Graded 9.8 White pages
--ADVENTURE COMICS #290-Origin of Sunboy-9th Legion of Superheroes
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone facilitating Fan Boy Expo June 5-7 Knoxville, TN? by Darrell F     Yesterday at 04:05 PM

I might be going. Have not decided yet.
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Showcase 4 by jterp5     Yesterday at 04:02 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: WTB/WTT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (1st print) by jterp5     Yesterday at 04:01 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Taking submissions for Mega Con April 10th-12th 2015, Stan Lee Sighting! by dscott     Yesterday at 03:55 PM

About 10 days to get books to me for this show
CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: My road to success by uchiha101     Yesterday at 03:52 PM

Deals I'm working on
forever people one (haven't contacted yet)
jimmy olsen 134 (haven't contacted yet)
working on getting 6 dc presents 26 for under guide price \:\)
avengers 57

Today's Buys
Iron man 55??? maybe<
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Jump to new posts Re: Valkyrie! Defenders #4, Avengers #83 & Incredible Hulk #142. OA & sketches by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 03:52 PM

 Originally Posted By: gaz973 Originally Posted By: ComicopolisDefenders #4, Avengers #83 & Incredible Hulk #142

Raw or graded, any condition.

Interested in any OA, particularly the splash page to Defenders #22 - conve
Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: 5 x lg Atlas Lorna by heliosten     Yesterday at 03:51 PM

 Originally Posted By: GermanFanLornas $ 49 shipped.

Thanks Thomas!

The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: All hail Valentino Rossi by slym2none     Yesterday at 03:51 PM

That's why I say he deserves all the accolades. I have watched him ride from the 125 class on up. At best, the other top riders only rode the 250s, and many of them didn't even do that.

Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic Four #67 reprint from 1994 CGC 9.8 sells for $236 on ComicLink !! by Silverdream     Yesterday at 03:50 PM

 Originally Posted By: RockMyAmadeus Originally Posted By: ShieldAgent Originally Posted By: CopperAgeKids

Correct, my memory was faulty.

Only the Avengers 4 1993 reprint ha d a silver's where I got
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: PARKER!! by cousin itt     Yesterday at 03:42 PM

It's a petting zoo.
Mixed Age Threads and Misc
Jump to new posts Re: Web Spinner's Sale thread - low to high grade, keys to commons! by Web Spinner     Yesterday at 03:38 PM

Thread update - some sales via PM.

Also, Prices reduced on most books.

I also have some more books but no scans as of yet.

You can pending scan for the following;

Amazing Spider-man:
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: What are the rarest romance comics? by Sqeggs     Yesterday at 03:30 PM

I've got one just like it.

Actually, he needs to have his arm around June Allyson for that picture to be just right.
NGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: Completing a Collection posted by Darryl F. Jones by CaptBrian     Yesterday at 03:17 PM

I found your coin! Call me at 561-3510005... :^)
Just to be clear, its a 2006 PR70 Red Label First Strike.

Confirming PCGS or NGC, this one is

You know, NGC changed from First Strike, to Early Release at the request of P
Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Batman 3D grading question by Amadeus Arkham     Yesterday at 03:15 PM

Sounds like this is an issue to call CGC about and talk to one of the grading team. Above our pay grade here.
Comic Events
Jump to new posts Re: MegaCon, April 10-12, 2015 by Donmeca2020     Yesterday at 03:05 PM

i've seen that Amazing variant floating around ebay for awhile now. however that convergence 0 looks interesting.
U.S. Coins
Jump to new posts Re: How did your United States coin addiction start? by johnny9434     Yesterday at 02:49 PM

 Originally Posted By: orifdocI'm still trying to remember...... as well as i.
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