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Jump to new posts Re: Boston Comic Con - August 11-13, 2017 New Venue New Dates 10th Anniversary by rob_react     12/02/16 10:50 AM

Interesting. I've never been to anything big at the convention center. It'll be fun to see how it goes at the new venue.
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Jump to new posts Re: HIGHLANDER from Lionsgate (TBD) by ComicConnoisseur     12/02/16 10:38 AM

 Originally Posted By: Bosco685 Originally Posted By: ComicConnoisseur Originally Posted By: Fastballspecial Originally Posted By: BuzzettaAll you really need to see is the Highlander I, then the TV Series, and then Highlander IV:
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Jump to new posts Re: I have too much stuff CGC SS sale by matty_kay     12/02/16 10:10 AM

10% off what's left, and then its getting pulled sunday morning for ebay. thank you for looking!
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Jump to new posts Re: Two-Gun Kid #60, Weird Science 9 + 17 by Nikelspot     12/02/16 10:00 AM

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Jump to new posts Crime Does Not Pay #50, Kamandi #2, X-Factor #1 & MORE! by WalkinWillie     12/02/16 09:44 AM

Walkin' Willie's Comix has some nice items on eBay right now - Click this link for more details!
eBay Most Watched Item App at Walkin' Willie's Comix
>>>> Auctions Ending Sunday, 12/4/2016
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Jump to new posts Re: Large Feature Comic #1 (*spoon* Tracy) 1939 CGC 5.0 by dannyboy     12/02/16 09:24 AM

One more price drop....a 6.0 on Heritage sold for $1135 a couple weeks ago...
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Jump to new posts Re: Silver Age Sci-Fi/Horror Lot Solid Mid Grade - 12 Books - Reduced Price! by Holmes     12/02/16 09:13 AM

Final Price Reduction $60
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Gabriel Rodriguez Art by izzyfiles     12/02/16 08:57 AM

 Originally Posted By: sierackij

Thank you, got a hold of him, but he said he isn't doing commissions
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Jump to new posts Re: FAMOUS FUNNIES by Marty Mann     12/02/16 08:34 AM

 Originally Posted By: porcupine48


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Jump to new posts Re: Mys Myssive Slab Sale (Copper and Modern Edition) by Mys1313     12/02/16 08:18 AM

 Originally Posted By: lani98 Originally Posted By: Mys1313NYX 3 at 9.6


If still available, @ 20% off

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Jump to new posts Re: CGC Silver and Bronze - more added by ComicsAndCode     12/02/16 08:07 AM

Batman #357 CGC 8.0 and TTA #57 sold via PM.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: It's getting warmer. by Lucky Baru     12/02/16 08:03 AM

If you do some research on AD Systems you'll find out why CA isn't requiring them. According to the State of Michigan the systems rum between $150.00 to $500.00 a head of cattle to install. The State of CA currently has 1.76 million head of cattle
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Jump to new posts Re: RUBE'S DIRTY DOZEN (CGC) ALL FOR UNDER $200 SALE.. by rube11     12/02/16 07:36 AM


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Jump to new posts Re: Variants by Doktor     12/02/16 07:30 AM

Alright. Fair enough. Maybe it's not 95% but it's still a majority. I just picked a number out of the air anyway to make the point. Most books that had enhanced & non-enhanced versions were books where the enhanced wen to direct market and non-enhanc
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Jump to new posts Re: ASSASSIN'S CREED starring Michael Fassbender (12/21/16) by Bosco685     12/02/16 06:38 AM

Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Paul Chadwick's Concrete by omegadepot     12/02/16 06:10 AM

Hrm...interesting character. I might have to take a look at it. Sounds more of a character relation to the reader type comic. I will try to pick this up...
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Jump to new posts Re: Runaways and Marvel Comics Presents 9.8s by amnesiac     12/02/16 05:35 AM

Comic Events
Jump to new posts Re: Houston,Texas"Awesome Comic Book Collector Show" 12/04/2016 by Sonofpromoterman     12/02/16 05:26 AM

Passing thru H- town this Sunday ?? Stop by and check out the thousands of raw and graded comics that the local comic book dealers will have for sale.

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