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Jump to new posts Re: "This Score Needs Fixing" Thread - (After 2015 Awards) by Tec-Tac-Toe     Yesterday at 10:27 AM


I request a doubling of the points awarded to issue Batman 251 (e.g., from the current 2560 points awarded for a 9.8 graded copy of this issue to 5120 points) because of the continually increasing demand for this issue; copies sell
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Jump to new posts 8000 New books! Lots of amazing stuff by nochips     Yesterday at 10:24 AM

I just picked up a collection of esoteric 1980-2005 books. Lots of weird titles and publishers: Antarctic Press, Eclipse, Dark Horse, lots of Manga, Viz, Sirius, Vertigo, Caliber, Comico, Chaos, DC, Marvel, Image, Topps, Kitchen Sink, Quality, Epic,
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Jump to new posts Re: Soda City Comic Con 2015 ---- October 3-4th, Columbia, SC by Columbia Comics     Yesterday at 10:22 AM

Will be making guest announcements shortly.
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Jump to new posts Re: Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers! by Hepcat     Yesterday at 10:11 AM

 Originally Posted By: StevenramsOne of my favorite non-superhero titles:

Oh man! Mystery in Space deserves its reputation of being the top fifties sci-fi title of them all.

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Jump to new posts Re: FSH: Nuclear Rainbow '57-D PCGS ms66 CAC Franklin Half & Rainbow '64 Kennedy!!! by PCcoins     Yesterday at 09:46 AM

Bump.. offers too!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Descender 1, Miracleman 15, Milk & Cheese 1 by Ryan.     Yesterday at 09:44 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Original Comic Art Dealer List? by Ducky13     Yesterday at 09:43 AM

Does anyone know who Mike Deodato's artist rep is? I have looked at almost every linked web site and can only find a couple pages here and there. Specifically looking for pages from new avengers (V2) issues 25-27 AvX crossover. Any help would be appr
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Jump to new posts Re: May be the 5tk4th of July I'll never forget. by Bosco685     Yesterday at 09:37 AM

 Originally Posted By: Forbush-Man Originally Posted By: Bosco685

A young, patriotic TBH circa 1865.

As he stands on the rooftop of the highest condo while doing his dance - but not to attract any atten
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB - Showcase 22 6.0+ with White Pages by rfoiii     Yesterday at 09:25 AM

Expanded the range...

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Jump to new posts Re: Mikeyriffhard's Feedback Thread by Qtr milerocket     Yesterday at 09:23 AM

I picked up an awesome copy of Avengers #181 from Mike and it was accurately graded, and as has been stated in previous comments his packaging is nothing short of phenomenal! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.

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Jump to new posts Re: A stack of books, nothing fancy. by gojira     Yesterday at 09:18 AM

 Originally Posted By: YKOil[quote=gojira]Demon 1 VG+ $20.00

FF 78 FN $10.00

Add to my stack at the discount of 25%

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Jump to new posts Re: ASM 678 Variant Club by ebtorres     Yesterday at 09:15 AM

I'd think that is pretty obvious.

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Jump to new posts Re: Showcase #4 Club by ft88     Yesterday at 09:15 AM

The days of this being a dead key are over. Back to top 3 SA for good.
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Jump to new posts Re: Huge modern sales thread! Part two. Boxes 3 and 4 have been posted. by gojira     Yesterday at 09:07 AM

 Originally Posted By: YKOilFrom BOX 3

Hellboy Third Wish 1 NM- $2.50
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol.1 1 VF/NM $2.00
Steampunk Prologue NM $1.00


Catwoman 1 (2002 series) NM $7.50
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Jump to new posts Re: JULY 12TH - MONTCLAIR NJ COMIC BOOK EXPO! by pug productions     Yesterday at 09:01 AM

One week to go... and we squeezed one more dealer into the lobby.
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Jump to new posts Re: Oi!Punk's Not Dead!LP's45's and art! by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 08:47 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: New Music by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 08:46 AM

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Jump to new posts AVENGERS ANNUAL 2 by amrick606     Yesterday at 08:29 AM


Can anyone help?

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Jump to new posts Re: Comic-themed Rockwell-Inspired fan art by Firespitter     Yesterday at 07:58 AM

 Originally Posted By: DavidTheDavidAnd here are some funny, NSFW cartoons. No nudity, just sexy talk.

Linky link

Very good stuff. Those are by Stjepan Sejic who recently did work on Rat Queens (Iss. 9 & 10).
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Jump to new posts Re: Cheap Slabs! Help me move these! by PhAnTaSmV     Yesterday at 07:12 AM

All gone but one copy of caliban #1
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Jump to new posts Re: Power Girl - Key Issues by Batman     Yesterday at 05:34 AM

That's a great book! A nice addition to any collection.
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Jump to new posts Re: DC Western Comics 1948 - high Grade Copiesh by mikeyc67     Yesterday at 04:45 AM

Ha ha teach me to use my phone
"High grade" copies please
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Jump to new posts Re: Stormwatch #37 by Beige     Yesterday at 04:34 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Fourth sketch opportunity with Patrick Tuller - FF, Avengers, X-Men, more by Real Frantic One     Yesterday at 02:50 AM

 Originally Posted By: nepatkmSorry to hear about the hard times.
Your work looks great, really like this Punisher.

Hoping things get better for you, Looking forward to seeing your future sketches.
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Jump to new posts Re: Losing my religion by Rune     Yesterday at 02:41 AM

Spoiler Content

Otherwise I'm trying to replace one addiction with another I spend too much time checking for art and books, so I just picked up good ol' Diablo 3 again. It's perfect for 1 hour gaming now and then, and collecting rare
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