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Jump to new posts Re: Walking Dead 1 CGC 9.8 Black Label by Hulk44     Yesterday at 07:26 PM

Will do , Thx..
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Jump to new posts Re: Congrats Dscott! by C-raider1     Yesterday at 07:23 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: X-Men: Apocalypse set for May 27, 2016 by MetalPSI     Yesterday at 07:02 PM

Interesting twist....

And proves I am right....just can't leave well enough alone
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Jump to new posts Re: Age of Apocalypse? by MetalPSI     Yesterday at 07:01 PM

*spoon* disney "bra"
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Jump to new posts Re: Low Gas Prices Might Spread Ebola! Includes Pictures of Hot Women. by The Black Hand     Yesterday at 06:58 PM

 Originally Posted By: ucleben Originally Posted By: WoodenJefferson

Given the anti-fume gas nozzle, I wonder how she was able to do that.

That's a skinny nozzle. Diesel? Could she be in Texas?
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Jump to new posts Re: Universal monsters of old come together again - WATCH OUT! by Bosco685     Yesterday at 06:57 PM

 Originally Posted By: Jayman Originally Posted By: Larryw7 Originally Posted By: DavenportI was thinking more of Creature From the Black Lagoon. A mystery set in the Amazon seems worlds away from all the Euro Gothic stuff. But, I'm pr
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Jump to new posts Re: Out-of-context member quotes by jsilverjanet     Yesterday at 06:49 PM

 Originally Posted By: Dr. BallsI've always kinda dug her black one.
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Jump to new posts Re: Suicide Squad LOT - including Legends 3 NM and Legends 1 NM by Bosco685     Yesterday at 06:46 PM

Congrats to you and the buyer.

Legends 1-6 is a cool read anyway.
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM: Ms. Marvel #1 by white_rushin     Yesterday at 06:40 PM

8.5, before looking at the scans I thought the dust shadow would be a lot worse. Nice looking book.
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Flash 123/Giant X-Men #1/ X-Men #94/#137 CGC by DBOi     Yesterday at 06:32 PM

still looking
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Jump to new posts Re: I was Wrong. by BooZeR     Yesterday at 06:25 PM

I hope you get your book back soon Tnerb!

I've been waiting for a 30 book modern submission I sent back in early August -- They received it Aug 11th. It's been marked Grading/Quality Control for almost 3 weeks.

I recently had a
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Jump to new posts Re: HG Halloween Silver & Bronze...Ghouls, Ghosts, Zombies, Monsters, Demons :-S by ComicBookQuest     Yesterday at 06:15 PM

Evil Erine #2 & #3 per PM
Comics Market - Forum Only Selling Area
Jump to new posts Re: FORUM SALES "DISCUSSION" THREAD by Scturo     Yesterday at 06:09 PM

Date stamps are cool. You can always use the date stamp to ID a comic that was lost or stolen.
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Jump to new posts The quick "dirty dozen" eBay auctions! by Meeley Man     Yesterday at 06:08 PM

One batch ends and a new one beings! Got some more eBay auctions for you. This is quickie one, though. A "dirty dozen," as it were. !2 new listings and all ending in only THREE DAYS! So, you have gotten much time to grab up these beauties! As always,
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Jump to new posts Re: RadiantGraphix Kudos Thread (feedback) by amnesiac     Yesterday at 06:04 PM

Picked up a Hulk #271 off of me and there were no issues at all. My pleasure to leave the first response on his kudos thread. Thanks man
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Jump to new posts Re: THE WALKING DEAD 71-114 , Batman Eternal, 66', Watchmen, Saga & more ALL RAWS by IchimarusSmile     Yesterday at 06:02 PM

WIll throw in Tons of extra books as well!
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Jump to new posts Kirby in art exhibition by suspense39     Yesterday at 05:57 PM

A pretty interesting show with a Great kirby painting! Image above, Courtesy of Glen Gold
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Jump to new posts Re: Watch out Godzilla - here come KONG! by Bosco685     Yesterday at 05:47 PM

KING KONG Origin Movie SKULL ISLAND Gets A New Writer

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures have turned to Flight writer John Gatins to pen the next draft of Skull Island. The movie is set to be released on N
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Jump to new posts Re: Transformers #1 and #8 CGC 9.8, Captain America #1 Joe Simon SS CGC 9.6 by Illustrious     Yesterday at 05:46 PM

 Originally Posted By: tigers comicsI'll take one copy of X-Force 2

Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Sunfire & Big Hero 6 by Silverdream     Yesterday at 05:45 PM

 Originally Posted By: juggernautAlpha Flight was trademarked by Marvel earlier in the year. Alpha Flight might actually make an appearance in Big Hero 6. If I was a speculator, my money is on Alpha Flight 17.

You are normally de
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Jump to new posts Re: B&B 30,GL 1,IH 181, and Flash 109 For Sale by tigers comics     Yesterday at 05:42 PM

Last and final price drop. Sale ends tomorrow morning.
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Jump to new posts Re: Star Spangled War Stories #90 CGC 7.0 WHITE PAGES - 1st War that Time Forgot by mrmyst     Yesterday at 05:42 PM

Wow - white pages on that book is RARE. Not too mention the grade.
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Jump to new posts Re: Superman Lives - the weirdest Superman movie never made by Bosco685     Yesterday at 05:41 PM

Oh Lord!

SUPERMAN LIVES Would've Had Clark Kent & Lois Lane In Couples Therapy

"Well I came in after Kevin Smith and Wesley Strick had written drafts. I was very much taken by Tim's approach, which w
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Jump to new posts Subvert # 1 2nd Printing [RARE edition] by Spain Rodriguez [Trashman] FNVFN 1970 by ericjmz     Yesterday at 05:28 PM

Subvert # 1 2nd Printing [RARE edition] by Spain Rodriguez [Trashman] FNVFN 1970
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: artistlost's feedback by Jtwpantera     Yesterday at 05:20 PM

My New Mutants 98 arrived fast, especially considering that it came from Canada, and was well packed. I would buy from him again and recommend him to others.
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