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Jump to new posts Re: Flaming Baloney #X & pre-American Splendor Pekar by rjpb     Yesterday at 01:03 PM

 Originally Posted By: oldmilwaukee6er Originally Posted By: oldmilwaukee6er
How did the FUGG15 arrive at 1976 given evidence to suggest otherwise?

Well, I may have answered my own question. After posting this I sent
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Jump to new posts Re: Garage Sale help. Your opinion please? by fiendish     Yesterday at 01:00 PM

Some of these are good ideas. Thank you! I'll have a short box of priced, higher-value books (and a few slabs, even).

Any other opinions/experience?
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Jump to new posts Re: HEROES 2016!!!!! JUNE 17-19 by 1Cool     Yesterday at 01:00 PM

 Originally Posted By: aggr1103 Originally Posted By: COMICKINGS Here it is Thursday,and I'm still wore out from the show! Was thinking about doing Baltimore but I think I'm going to pass as Heroes was pretty draining and it's going to be t
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Jump to new posts Re: DC Rebirth DETECTIVE Comics Original Eddy Barrows Art now on Sale! by Fred Chamberlain     Yesterday at 12:53 PM

Just posted original artwork for sale from Detective Comics #935.
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Jump to new posts Re: GGA - Deadlier Than The Male by comicnoir     Yesterday at 12:42 PM

What a great book!
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Jump to new posts Re: DC Whitman variants by Brock     Yesterday at 12:38 PM


I got a couple of PMs about raw books last time - which I'm happy to consider, too - but I'm still interested in slabbed copies.
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Jump to new posts Re: Competitive Set Request Thread - Full Sets Only by Harveyfanatic     Yesterday at 12:35 PM

Please add Flash Gordon Comics
Harvey Publications
Gordon Bread Giveaway
(2 issues) in set

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Jump to new posts Re: So, I'm Watching Penny Dreadful..... by Revat     Yesterday at 12:27 PM

 Originally Posted By: Doc McCoy Originally Posted By: ComicopolisI wanted to see some more Perdita Weeks.

I agree. They could have easily had her step in for Eva Green. Vanessa Ives could have sacrificed herself in order to s
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Jump to new posts Re: The Centennial Medal of the American Numismatic Society by Conder101     Yesterday at 12:21 PM

In it's early years the society was more involved with archaeology and antiquities than numismatics, and what numismatics they were interested in was mostly that of the ancient coins. (Rome, Greece Etc) After that European coinage. American coinage
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Jump to new posts Re: Hulk 180, Batman 27 and maybe a couple more by Shadow Images     Yesterday at 12:19 PM

Sorry I had to change my payment methods. I am going right to delete my Paypal account.
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Jump to new posts Re: moebius silver surfer page by NicoV     Yesterday at 11:52 AM

 Originally Posted By: allardwhich would mean the gallery won't take any percentage on this page, which would be very surprising !!
That's the case with this gallery: you can either ask them to sell your page for cash and they take 10% (or
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Jump to new posts Re: First Day of Issue presidential dollars 2007-2010 by Conder101     Yesterday at 11:37 AM

Yeah I forgot about the rolls they sold at the first day of issue events. As for the GW dollars the banks received those a few weeks before they were to be released in boxes marked "Do not distribute until....." but some banks released them early.
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Jump to new posts Action No. 90 CGC 5.0 IN AUCTION by ComicConnect     Yesterday at 11:29 AM


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Jump to new posts Re: Mind MGMT and Hoover Captain America by MedicAR     Yesterday at 11:17 AM

I'm still looking for these, not that anyone cares.

I have found this Marvels Project by Dave Hoover. It is not the book I remember but it is a beauty! If it should ever need a new home....

The hype seems to have faded
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Jump to new posts Re: Rich's JUNE s/s pre-sale op - beginning with CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 Steranko by wamh0416     Yesterday at 11:15 AM

 Originally Posted By: Rich_HennWonder Woman #1 Frank Cho variant, s/s Frank Cho - $110

If I'm able to add full creative team of Greg Rucka & Liam Sharp, I will do so at no additional cost.
The op, however, is predominantly for C
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Jump to new posts Re: Comics Shipping THIS Week June 22, 2016... FINAL Lists by universal soldier     Yesterday at 10:59 AM

New Releases For 6/8/2016

APR160288 DETECTIVE COMICS #934 $2.99
APR160979 DAREDEVIL #8 $3.99

New Releases For 6/15/2016

APR160286 BATMAN #1 $2.99
APR160763 MANIFEST DESTINY #20 $2.99
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Jump to new posts Re: Big Name CAF sale! Kirby, Pini, Rosa, Kelly, Stelfreeze, Ketcham, Bolling, etc by alxjhnsn     Yesterday at 10:46 AM

 Originally Posted By: jeBailey Originally Posted By: alxjhnsnPini



Nice Grab Alex! I was going to get it if was still here this morning.

John B.
I'm glad you waited.
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Jump to new posts 1921-D Walking Liberty half -NGC VF Details on eBay by cbc     Yesterday at 10:39 AM

I have a 1921-D Walker, graded NGC VF Details listed on ebay. It has strong details (I would guess VF-25) but has been cleaned, so I'm starting what would be a $1,000+ coin at $550.
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Jump to new posts Walker Varieties and Silver Eagles on eBay by cbc     Yesterday at 10:31 AM

I have a couple of Walker varieties listed on eBay, along with several Silver Eagles. The Walkers are:

1939-D/D (raw - I would call it XF-40)
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Jump to new posts Re: 2013 Health Fitness Goals by MetalPSI     Yesterday at 10:29 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: 'Tisn't the Season! 1966 Bat Wing Sled by iggy     Yesterday at 10:24 AM

Not trying to sell it here, Yak... Just trying to help my friend.
Like I said, it might be fun for people to see, if nothing else.

Edit: update... He decided on a price for his.
Jump to new posts Re: Possible warpage ? by Nutmeg Coin     Yesterday at 10:21 AM

I have had the problem on both PMG and NGC holders where I haven't had the problem with other company holders, too heat sensitive. Must be the plastics used.
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Jump to new posts Re: How safe is selling on Comiclink? by AKA Rick     Yesterday at 10:21 AM

Comic Link is an authority and expert company in the industry, so first off, they do their due diligence and best efforts to protect the buyer and seller through accurate listings that include high resolution images, detailed descriptions as well as
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Jump to new posts WTB: Rogue One & Mr. Robot Entertainment Weekly Magazines by nriccijr     Yesterday at 10:19 AM

I am looking for good condition copies of the current Rogue One issue of Entertainment Weekly as well as the Mr. Robot issue from 2 weeks ago. I am looking for copies that would grade AT LEAST 9.4+.... preferably 9.6+. All the copies my local stores
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Jump to new posts Re: A rundown of Stores in the Chicago Suburbs by jsilverjanet     Yesterday at 10:18 AM

 Originally Posted By: Logan510 Originally Posted By: jsilverjanet Originally Posted By: Logan510 Originally Posted By: RCheli Originally Posted By: BlowUpTheMoon I Went To Nearly Every Comic Store Around Chicago So You Would
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Gold Kennedy PCGS DCAM PF69
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1921-D Walking Liberty half -NGC VF Details on eBay
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