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Jump to new posts Re: Raw or slabbed Mid Grade ASM 13 15 17 & 33 by reed_richards     07/31/15 10:12 PM

 Originally Posted By: Columbia ComicsWe have the following:

ASM 15 CGC 7.0
ASM 17 CGC 8.0 & CGC 8.5

Can do time payments if you want.

Thanks, but higher grades than what I'm looking for.
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Jump to new posts Re: GAUGING INTEREST IN A BOB LAYTON - TBCC SKETCH PICK UP by A-DONIS     07/31/15 10:05 PM

For those who got sketches, thank you!

Bob went above and BEYOND!

There's still a few surprises coming along that I'll show from Tampa Bay Comic Con
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Jump to new posts Re: Jeff Weaver by sacentaur     07/31/15 10:03 PM

 Originally Posted By: BangZoom
There have been lots of interesting developments on the political scene recently.

This is one one of the most surprising ones...

Bernie Saunders campaign manager is Jeff
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Jump to new posts Re: Early Washington quarter hub changes by CaptHenway     07/31/15 09:53 PM

I wonder if any of those 1937 experimental strikes that he did not like got shipped out anyways?
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Jump to new posts Re: FS early Invincible Splash and DPS by simplyrob     07/31/15 09:45 PM

Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: 90's VALIANT Comics Thread by GeeksAreMyPeeps     07/31/15 09:45 PM

 Originally Posted By: musicmeta Originally Posted By: carter3175I forgot to add Dr Mirage

I need the Gold one.
I managed to nab a Dr. Mirage gold from an eBay seller who couldn't grade for $#!, but also may not have re
Comic Events
Jump to new posts Re: HARTFORD COMIC CON - SEPT 19 & 20, 2015 - HARTFORD, CT by Dr Chaos     07/31/15 09:35 PM

The website doesn't list the vendors.

Does anyone know if CGC will be at this show?
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Jump to new posts Re: Revival by HarveySwick     07/31/15 09:34 PM

I'm glad you also enjoyed the issue.
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Jump to new posts Re: This Week Back From CGC by Cheesefrog     07/31/15 09:21 PM

This just in! That 9.9 is the only 9.9 on the census... No 10's.

Happy Friday!


ugh! Spoke too soon... They haven't updated the census yet. So 1 of 2.

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Jump to new posts Re: Hulk 181 Cover recreation by Trimpe by SpiderTurtle     07/31/15 09:18 PM

$1195 shipped usa via check
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Jump to new posts Re: GENERAL DISCUSSION - keep the other threads clean by MetalPSI     07/31/15 09:17 PM

 Originally Posted By: porcupine48Glad .for all.positive stuff and hugs and things.
Serious,i had no doubt algems would pull through.
(lol on algems cause im a dummy lol)
J should get it.

If you are vouching, Jimmers,
Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for some OA advice/opinions by Hal Turner     07/31/15 09:16 PM

I'm surprised the artist wants to mess with his original piece.

Me, I'd leave it alone -- and, as a collector, I'd hesitate to buy your piece in the future if it had been altered.
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Jump to new posts Re: Tom Strong #11 Original Cover Art by Hal Turner     07/31/15 09:02 PM

*bump* The auction ends tomorrow. There have been bids and it will sell.

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Jump to new posts High Grade Vampirella & Blazing Combat-Raw by EggsAckley     07/31/15 08:57 PM

15% off anything or make me an offer. These are beautiful books.
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Jump to new posts Re: #1 Registry set slot opening up!! posted by hightidetech by Six Mile Rick     07/31/15 08:57 PM

Good Luck!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Showcase #22 Club by rfoiii     07/31/15 08:55 PM

 Originally Posted By: JaydogrulesThat 7.5 on comic link for $15k is starting look like a reasonable price.


It is the same book with a "sale pending" for $9,900...

It is a nice book, but I hate writing on
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Jump to new posts Re: A few Ebay Auctions!!! Journey Into Mystery 103 CGC 7.5!! by jofinn36     07/31/15 08:55 PM

Added more Buy it nows. Modern Keys including Outcast 1 CGC 9.8. Journey 103 ends this Sunday.
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Jump to new posts Re: Huge modern sales thread! Part two. Boxes 3 and 4 have been posted. by YKOil     07/31/15 08:49 PM

Box 5

Catwoman 1 (2002 series) VF/NM $4.00
DC and Marvel Present Superman and Spidey reprint NM- $3.00

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Jump to new posts Re: JESSICA JONES And LUKE CAGE casting candidates announced by jsilverjanet     07/31/15 08:47 PM

 Originally Posted By: Epic PeachShe's got a much better *spoon* than Margot Robbie, kids.

that's the panties talking
Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Detective Comics 359 and Hulk 180 by Chillax23     07/31/15 08:33 PM

Thanks only looking for CGC graded copies at the moment.
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Jump to new posts Re: Crow Rebooted from Relativity Studios by Mr 9.8     07/31/15 08:28 PM

Starting to get the feeling this production is cursed.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fantastic four 45 cgc graded by SpiderTurtle     07/31/15 08:22 PM

Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Crime SuspenStories 22 club by Speedy-D     07/31/15 08:17 PM

 Originally Posted By: 427ImpalerIts a weak entry, but I am in!

Weak entry? No such thing!!

Comics Market - Want To Buy!
Jump to new posts Re: WTB the following 9.8's by reggiesf     07/31/15 08:15 PM

Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Summer Sales Thread by Fastballspecial     07/31/15 07:52 PM

3 more packages out today.

Will ship the rest or most on Monday I gotta get some sleep

Make sure you check your PMs for the DC or international number for your packages.
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