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Vikings Training Camps begins

there are some serious guns
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Jump to new posts Re: Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....! by Sqeggs     Today at 02:40 PM

 Originally Posted By: Straw-Manit does give me pride in ownership, being 1of only 4 sherwood books labeled as such. but it is a classically silly dc cover, fersure.

That's odd. Did CGC only recognize the pedigree for a few weeks?
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Jump to new posts Re: Break it out or not ? by Kurtdog     Today at 02:39 PM

 Originally Posted By: Matt_dacWhat Mark said...

This is why I never buy raw. While the top grading companies are not perfect, it is some insurance.
If I were a top grading company, I think I'm loving you.
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Jump to new posts Re: Official Concert Thread...been to or going to any? by Spacy     Today at 02:38 PM

Sounds like a great concert!
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Jump to new posts Re: Pick Some TiTTies by spideyfan76     Today at 02:37 PM

 Originally Posted By: Jeffro Originally Posted By: spideyfan76 Originally Posted By: Ogami Originally Posted By: seanfingh

I know, right?

I think I owe Tup an apology. He posted some sweet pics and I didn'
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Transmetropolitan 1-60, Sandman 8B. (UK user) by Evorus     Today at 02:36 PM

Transmetropolitan has arrived, much Kudos to the member who sold them to me.

Still looking for Sandman #8 Editorial Variant tho...Anyone out there actually have one or are they really that scarce?!
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Predict the SDCC announcements thread. by The Authority     Today at 02:35 PM

 Originally Posted By: awakeintheashesThrowing my hat in the ring.

1. Deadpool movie will be announced and Michael Biehn will be cast as Cable.
2. Sandman and other DC movie release dates announced.

1 = Good pick
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone collect Original TMNT Playmates Action Figures/Toys? by ComicConnoisseur     Today at 02:34 PM

 Originally Posted By: mintcollectorNote to the 'mods' this is comic book related, please kindly keep this in comics general as a result. I would like to know how many of my fellow comic book collectors also collect Ninja Turtle toys.

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Jump to new posts Re: Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth by The Authority     Today at 02:32 PM

 Originally Posted By: emezy360 Originally Posted By: KenKristensen Originally Posted By: The Authority

Drive in ? That is where I'm going to see GotG opening weekend. I will be here
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Jump to new posts Re: Recent Pre-Code Purchases by Silver Surfer     Today at 02:32 PM

Not sure as I haven't read these in years. Looking forward to getting these so I can check them out again.
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Jump to new posts Re: A NEW GAME!! THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!! by ttfitz     Today at 02:31 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar by jimjum12     Today at 02:31 PM

 Originally Posted By: Scrooge Originally Posted By: jimjum12..... that's just the tip of the iceberg for Supernerd's books. Here's a recent eBay win that falls into the "tired of waiting for a nice one" category. GOD BLESS...

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Jump to new posts Re: Dawn of The Planet of the Apes Trailer by ComicConnoisseur     Today at 02:26 PM

 Originally Posted By: dpiercy Originally Posted By: ComicConnoisseur Originally Posted By: dpiercySaw was pretty awesome. Best Apes movie ever.
Really? Even better then the original Heston one or Rise of the Plane
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Jump to new posts Re: I Love Lev (Gleason) by pcalhoun     Today at 02:25 PM

Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Sharkey's Fin-tastic Feedback Thread! by pwog     Today at 02:21 PM

I bought a World of Fantasy #17 from Steve. Great communication, very easy to work with. The book was shipped securely and quickly! Definitely would do business with Steve again.
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Jump to new posts Re: Amazing-Man Comics 15 and..... by harvdoss     Today at 02:21 PM

OMG Minimidget SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!
Mixed Age Threads and Misc
Jump to new posts Re: Some keys, some not by hermster     Today at 02:20 PM

 Originally Posted By: 1Cool ASM 194 per PM
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Batman New 52 by ChadH     Today at 02:20 PM

 Originally Posted By: Mangbus Originally Posted By: ChadHDoes anybody know if they are doing any Batman '66 or Batman Eternal SDCC '14 variants? Already grabbed a Batman SDCC which looks amazing!

Doesn't appear so..

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Jump to new posts Re: n2wdw's comic book room by Treco     Today at 02:17 PM

My claustrophobia kicks in just looking at that pic.
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Modern Growth by rjrjr     Today at 02:17 PM

 Originally Posted By: BizarroChuck Originally Posted By: rjrjr Originally Posted By: BizarroChuckWithout a doubt. The stories are great, but the amount of people that walk into comic shops every Wednesday pales in comparison to the n
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Jump to new posts Re: Money Talks to NGC [DEALERS] not collectors by lancecoincollection by HashTag™     Today at 02:14 PM

Good afternoon Lance,

I noticed that you have written three Journals, ALL complaints. I also noticed you have ZERO sets; competitive or custom. Why are you really here? Did no one tell you that this is not mandatory? Our host here at N
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Jump to new posts Re: About 1000 books in alpha order well discounted! Mostly Marvel & DC by comicnut     Today at 02:13 PM

Absolutely, books already scanned
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM ASM #66 by steveinthecity     Today at 02:07 PM

8.0 Creasing on spine and FC lower left corner wear are biggest problems I see. Very nice book and welcome to the boards!
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Jump to new posts Re: Invincible Art FS by simplyrob     Today at 02:05 PM

Yikes, unexpected vet bill today, of course. Today and tomorrow only, I'll offer all 15 pieces for $400 shipped. Great start to a collection here. Let me know.
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB Daredevil #1 in 6.0 to 7.0 range and NM #98 in 9.6/9.8 by KPR Comics     Today at 02:03 PM

PM sent.
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