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Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Silver Age Hierarchy: Poll 10: 1st - 3rd by bronzejonny     Today at 09:16 AM

 Originally Posted By: 1950's war comicsAll polls are heavy weighted for the most recent occurrences, especially when young people don't do any research and just vote for the only name they have heard of, I remember in 1999 near the turn of the
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Jump to new posts Re: How do you put a picture on this post? by physics-fan3.14     Today at 09:16 AM

See my tutorial here:
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Jump to new posts Re: How To Post Pictures - A Step-By-Step Pictorial Guide by physics-fan3.14     Today at 09:15 AM

There seem to have been a lot of new posters having trouble posting pics lately, so I guess its time to bump this up again.
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone attending Denver Comic Con? by Brandon Shepherd     Today at 09:15 AM

 Originally Posted By: Dale Roberts Originally Posted By: Brandon Shepherd Originally Posted By: batman_fanMy impression was it wasn't a good show for back issues of comics. I didn't see people like Dale Roberts (did I miss him or did
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Jump to new posts Re: FS at 1964 SMS Jefferson Nickel SP68 FS PCGS by VDB Coins     Today at 09:09 AM

Been a while since I bumped this.

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Jump to new posts Re: Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful' - darker version of LoEG? by Comicopolis     Today at 09:08 AM

 Originally Posted By: Transplant Originally Posted By: Comicopolis Originally Posted By: sacentaur Originally Posted By: ComicopolisEpisode 4, were Vanessa is in the asylum was one of the most emotional episodes of TV that I have
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Jump to new posts Re: EBAY: BLOCKED USER LIST hes a fraud!! by chaseman210     Today at 09:04 AM

 Originally Posted By: Revat Originally Posted By: Doohickamabob Originally Posted By: Comic ConsortiumHe messaged me once asking me sell a NM copy of NM 89 at a discount for his sick son who has dreamed about owning this book his whol
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Jump to new posts Re: Manchester Comic Fair--Sat July 2nd by Grantley Goddard     Today at 09:03 AM

 Originally Posted By: steelcity
The other mart I always enjoyed was at The Griffin, Leeds.

Me too.
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Jump to new posts Re: Flash Carmine Infantino Art Page by vinced     Today at 09:03 AM

Thanks a lot Terry!!!
You're right, it's not easy to find these art pages.
They use to cost much less than a few years ago when I started collecting, now they almost doubled.
I'll have to just wait for some of these auctions houses to
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Jump to new posts Re: Pricing Comics Question by chaseman210     Today at 08:56 AM

Some other ways to gauge pricing books based on the current market is to still use GPA, completed eBay listings, etc., even if you're selling a raw book. So if I have a book in 8.0 condition, and 8.0s have been selling for $200, I subtract all the gr
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Jump to new posts Re: JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17) by Bosco685     Today at 08:48 AM

More details about that Justice League set visit, which makes this even more exciting.

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Jump to new posts Re: 2013 Health Fitness Goals by MetalPSI     Today at 08:47 AM

Are you talking 5 reps, 5 sets?
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Jump to new posts Re: GOLDEN AGE cover poll thread --- FINAL ROUND: by gino2paulus2     Today at 08:42 AM

 Originally Posted By: lou_fineThanks for all of your time and effort in conducting this poll.

Interesting to note how much of a resemblance there is between AA 61 and Detective 31 once I saw them together on the same page.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW MUTANTS GRAPHIC NOVEL / Epic illustrated #3 (1st dreadstar) NM, & more by anstettoman     Today at 08:13 AM

bumpity bump bump ends this evening and stuff is still cheap (no bids) thanks again
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Jump to new posts Re: I need help IDing 2 more pieces: Mike Wieringo spiderman cover & Swan Sup Cover by alxjhnsn     Today at 08:02 AM

Here's the only new information far.
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Jump to new posts Re: FS: HG BA Marvel; '70s Marvel keys; a 35-cent variant; Whitman variants; misc... by jools&jim     Today at 07:55 AM

The cookout with my in-laws yesterday evening ran a little long, so I wasn't able to list the last few books last night. Tonight for sure, and then I'll wrap it all up on Monday evening.

In the meantime, please feel free to send me
Gold Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Flash Comics Journal by tabcom     Today at 07:47 AM

Issue #101
Nov. 1948
Rating: 5

Cover and Flash story inks credited to Bernard Sachs. The Atom is dropped. A text story and a couple pages of cartoon gags by Martin Naydel are added.

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Jump to new posts Re: Isabella Quarter Designs - What it Might Have Looked Like by disme     Today at 07:40 AM

These coins seem to have circulated to a limited extent. In 1955 I bought a
specimen from an older collector who had taken it from change in the 1890s.
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Jump to new posts Frazetta signed book ending today by Makmorn     Today at 07:33 AM

Not a funny book, a real book. The Ultimate Triumph , I bought it in 2007 directly from the Frazetta museum.

Sale ends in less than 10 hours, good luck.

Link to auction (in case you miss
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Jump to new posts Re: Video Game Collectors Thread: pickups, trades, WTBs, collection pics, etc. by awakeintheashes     Today at 07:33 AM

 Originally Posted By: lobstrosityWhat are everyone's thoughts on the high end market long term for video games (and paraphernalia)?

I'd think the video game market is only going to grow over time, and big-ticket items are only going
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Jump to new posts Re: Official 2015-2016 NHL Thread by ChrisInBaltimore     Today at 07:06 AM

 Originally Posted By: Ariamus Originally Posted By: wombat
Former Boston Bruins defenseman Ray Bourque was arrested Friday night for allegedly driving drunk in Andover, Mass., according to FOX25 Boston.

Police said Bourque
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Jump to new posts Re: JUNE 26TH - WAYNE, NJ COMIC BOOK EXPO by comicjack     Today at 06:52 AM

You can always set up outside comics love a tan
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Jump to new posts Re: STAN LEE AT NEW YORK COMIC CON- FINAL NYCC APPEARANCE! by NYComics     Today at 06:47 AM

 Originally Posted By: Toe KneeWhen do you expect to have a Romita Sr. signing?

Looking at sending ASM 42, 43 and 50 to get double signed

We are lucky enough to work with Romita Sr. year round. The next time we will see h
Silver Comics
Jump to new posts Re: ASM 1 Club? by Cyclops     Today at 06:13 AM

 Originally Posted By: Dutch74My ticket to the club?

Deep reds!

Nice copy!
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Jump to new posts Re: for sale : color guides / several complete issues of color guides by allard     Today at 05:44 AM

2 issues sold, gallery updated
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