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Jump to new posts Re: Benefits of still going to your LCS by Psithyrus     Yesterday at 05:39 PM

FYI- some shops have in-store comic guests and/or have parties or early movie screenings.
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Jump to new posts Re: THE AMAZING FANTASY #15 CLUB by Jaydogrules     Yesterday at 05:35 PM

 Originally Posted By: DiamonddaveIs ebay seller ComicMylars on the boards?July 14 he purportedly sold this 4.5 CGC copy for over 14K

Yet they relisted that very same cop
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Jump to new posts Re: Does anyone put out a comprehensive SDCC exclusive comic list? by Awax     Yesterday at 05:32 PM

The Signature Room
Jump to new posts Re: Gauging Interest in a Alfred Trujillo Sketch OPP by kaholo1256     Yesterday at 05:31 PM

Yep completely understand... Sent out a mass PM to everyone I believe is involved in this one and hope I caught you all. If not let me know and I can do what I can. Big thing is to get Alfred paid which needs to happen and everyones books submitted
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Jump to new posts Re: Amazing Spider-Man # 4 Campbell Exclusive Variants by Megamatt21     Yesterday at 05:30 PM

I think I bought the last Negative Variant! These are awesome. I can't believe I missed out on the coupon and the other two variants.

Will these be priced the same at SDCC?
If we're at SDCC, can we pick up our copy (save the hassl
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Large collection of Batman series (817 comics, no duplicates) by Aslpride8     Yesterday at 05:22 PM

Since it hasn't be sold during weekend. This is one time only for South California residence. I am willing to sell 751 comic books for $500 flat and meet half way from where you live in South California. Remember, this lot has no duplicates.

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Jump to new posts Re: 4 Ways Archie Comics Have Gone Crazy by dupont2005     Yesterday at 05:21 PM

A bunch of people spending their money on corporate logos in tights complaining about the value of corporate owned intellectual property

Want to know why we get self referential garbage? Because it's what the consumer wants. If you bou
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Jump to new posts Re: Added to Netflix by chromium     Yesterday at 05:13 PM

It's a great series. Highly recommended to any and all comic fans.
The final episode shows some con footage and you can clearly see comics/art dealer Ted Van Liew wheeling and dealing at his booth.
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Jump to new posts San Diego Comic Con! by nmp     Yesterday at 05:11 PM

I will be out of the office attending the San Diego Comic Con starting July 23, returning July 29th. As usual, I will respond to everyone's request in order received upon my return.

Anyone else attending? ?

See you there.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: FX's Fargo - a different story? You betchya, yah by Bosco685     Yesterday at 05:07 PM

Now that is a shame, as there are some interesting characters in the first season. Allison Tolman did a fantastic job making a bland police officer quite interesting and deeper than you would initially think.
Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite CAF Gallery (Non-dealer) by sierackij     Yesterday at 05:05 PM

 Originally Posted By: Nexus Originally Posted By: Ponyboy Originally Posted By: stinkininkinIt's hard not to love the galleries of the two biggest whales, Dave Mandel and Joe Le. And just think, what you see in their galleries is jus
Comic Events
Jump to new posts Re: Chicago Comic Con dinner Saturday August 23rd @ 8 PM by     Yesterday at 05:01 PM

 Originally Posted By: plitchCould you please add me +2

Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: PGM Fantastic Four #51 (Copy B) by Phillip     Yesterday at 05:00 PM

5.5 all day long. Maybe a 6.0
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Jump to new posts Re: Buzzetta's SDCC Couch Tour 2014 - No Lines for Drinks or Bathroom Waits by Bosco685     Yesterday at 05:00 PM

'X-Men' Brings Cerebro to Con to Pimp Blu-Ray Collection
The Signature Room
Jump to new posts Re: Mike Zeck Sketch Opp 2014 & Remarks by Mystafo     Yesterday at 04:58 PM

World and Ancient Coins
Jump to new posts Re: A question about Spink English coin prices and dealer prices. by jgenn     Yesterday at 04:56 PM

Hi Bill,
I have three 1662 crowns, NGC certified VF 20 and VF25. Krauss lists these (all varieties) at $900 and I believe that price to be way too high. What does your Spink catalog say?
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Jump to new posts Re: This Week Back From CGC by sluggo409     Yesterday at 04:55 PM

Yummy goodies that the UPS guy just dropped off.

SigSeries Event Announcements
Jump to new posts Re: Starpc's 2014 Con Schedule - Accepting Subs for WW Chicago - 8/21-8/24/14 by starpc     Yesterday at 04:47 PM

The show is a month away and the guest list keeps getting better:

Permanent Comic Collecting Polls & FAQs
Jump to new posts Re: A little corner of the UK by goldust40     Yesterday at 04:43 PM

 Originally Posted By: porcupine48Go Arsenal.

Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: EBTORRES' Kudos Forum! by maohead     Yesterday at 04:41 PM

Bought two walking dead slabs fromhim and they were packed perfectly
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: On your bike! by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 04:40 PM

 Originally Posted By: goldust40 Originally Posted By: ComicopolisUnfortunately I didn't take any money with me for ice cream.

Yes, we have a Cleveland in England too...

We must have copied it from the US
Copper / Modern Age Only
Jump to new posts Re: Copper (and a few Bronze) Keys. by thedude     Yesterday at 04:37 PM

thread closed remaining books headed to eBay, invoices have been sent out.

thanks again all who bought.
CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Re: Soaring as Captain America by bagofleas     Yesterday at 04:33 PM

 Originally Posted By: surfer99

How about going back to great storytelling so we can reconnect with such an iconic character in Marvel history? Let me guess, too old fashioned.

Well then sign me up as being ol
Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?
Jump to new posts Re: 1836 CBH by Mark T     Yesterday at 04:32 PM

Au 58 , definitely dipped , on the fence if it was actually “cleaned” .
It would probably end up in a details holder.
Kudos Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 1CoolEngineer's Feedback Page by vaillant     Yesterday at 04:21 PM

Andrew is always good to do business with, both as a buyer and a seller.
He recently picked a BA book from me and paid immediately. Thanks!
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