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Jump to new posts Re: going to Florida any dealer suggestions? by Robot Man     Yesterday at 07:47 PM

In my hood, (west coast), I find the best deals at general antique dealers that do a lot of estate sales. They generally don't understand them and usually want to "turn and burn" them pretty quickly. They are usually priced $ "each". I have been fair
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Jump to new posts Re: SPACE ADVENTURES 13 Blue Beetle Story, reader by fifties     Yesterday at 07:46 PM

SOLD to AndyFish!
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: Marvel Mystery 36 by Detroit Mike     Yesterday at 07:44 PM

one of my favorite covers. good luck.
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Jump to new posts Re: Post your latest addition! by krispy     Yesterday at 07:43 PM

WOW! Quite an exceptional way to kick off 2015! Very nice, Steve. Congrats.
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Jump to new posts Re: This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!! by nsigler     Yesterday at 07:41 PM

Thanks! just saw your hulk 181 , very amazing copy
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Jump to new posts Re: bb8's Feedback thread by Mystafo     Yesterday at 07:30 PM

Buddy bought a Marvel Feature 1 from my sales thread even though I didn't have many board references yet. Paid right away and we had great communication back and forth during the transaction. Definitely a swell guy to do business with...Thanks bro!
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy birthday Mr. Sneeze! by Mr Sneeze     Yesterday at 07:27 PM

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! So glad I joined up here a few years back and met so many nice people. Cheers!
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Jump to new posts Re: Will history repeat itself. Hm by fifties     Yesterday at 07:21 PM

 Originally Posted By: jimjum12 Originally Posted By: Bronty Originally Posted By: Silver SurferWaterfront homes in Vancouver probably starts at $5M and all the way up to $50M. Prices are just crazy here.

Yeah there are lo
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Jump to new posts Supplies by PhoKing     Yesterday at 07:18 PM


Moved to the WC
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Jump to new posts Re: Action #1 9.8 On Census by Griff     Yesterday at 07:16 PM

I've heard a nasty rumor that there might be color touch on the church copy.... I wish he would get it slabbed so we could see it. Ah well maybe someday
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Jump to new posts Re: Greg Capullo Convention Scene by kaholo1256     Yesterday at 07:13 PM

At NYCC and SDCC its up to DC, or Marvel for that matter. They usually limit it to about the same. At shows like SDCC and NYCC they won't allow you to get back into line so if three is the max three is it.

At Cons like Amazing and such i
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Jump to new posts Re: THE OFFICIAL 2014-15 FIFA WORLD FOOTBALL THREAD by goldust40     Yesterday at 07:10 PM

 Originally Posted By: tth2 Originally Posted By: goldust40 Originally Posted By: ComicopolisSheff Utd 2-2 Tottenham

As usual, Spurs made heavy weather of a tie they should've won comfortably. Good thing Eriksen was on the
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: FF 642 all 3 covers & Sleepwalker 1 by PBK78     Yesterday at 07:08 PM

Thanks man, I have a couple of leads on all four books in a combo package. If they fall through by tomorrow I will PM.
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Jump to new posts Re: Game of Thrones Season 5 by Bosco685     Yesterday at 07:07 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: The Potpourri Thread by JAM_NYC     Yesterday at 07:05 PM

 Originally Posted By: slym2noneI... I think I am in love...


That pizza does look delicious...
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Jump to new posts Feature request: sorting sets by points by tb     Yesterday at 06:58 PM

When browsing the Registry, I really wish it were possible to sort the sets in whichever subcategory, you are looking at, based on the number of points. For example, when looking at the "Gold" subcategory, I would like to be able to see the 50 compet
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB: VEI Archer & Armstrong #25 1:50 Walsh variant by TRMN8R5     Yesterday at 06:56 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: The Showcase Collecting Thread by Boba     Yesterday at 06:50 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Iron Man 304-305 NM by spideyfan68     Yesterday at 06:49 PM

Bumpty bump bump
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Jump to new posts Re: GSXM 1 and Complete Hulk regular run broken down 181 included by chezmtghut     Yesterday at 06:34 PM

Nice Collection! GLWTS
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Jump to new posts Re: On your bike! by Comicopolis     Yesterday at 06:32 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: X-Men 95-180 by chezmtghut     Yesterday at 06:32 PM

Nice collection! GLWTS
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Jump to new posts Re: Batman Adventures 12. Harley! by CopperAgeKids     Yesterday at 06:29 PM

 Originally Posted By: cujobyte Originally Posted By: seanfinghI will be the first to admit that JDR gets on my nerves. But I think it is disingenuous to insinuate that he "doesn't like the book" or "doesn't like the prices." He consistentl
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Jump to new posts Re: ComicBookQuest by davedawgbg     Yesterday at 06:29 PM

Bought a large group of books, paid very fast and communication was exceptional. Can't wait to do it again.
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Jump to new posts Re: Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, May 22-24, 2015 by D Stuart     Yesterday at 06:23 PM

Not sure what to make of this show. Went last year on Sunday and it was a ghost town...
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