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Jump to new posts Re: Trading with dealers - how to establish trade value? by Doktor     35 seconds ago

In my experience with attempting to trade with dealers, most have never offered FMV in trade. Nowhere close to 1:1 value. Some may be different though.

Depends on what you have to offer. "Heat" on a book, or the scarcity/availability in g
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Jump to new posts Re: AIN'T NOTHING BUT A SALES THREAD by A-DONIS     40 seconds ago

Avengers 1 CGC SS 9.8 - Sketched by McKone, who WILL NOT sketch on blanks anymore $100

Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Moderns that are heating up on ebay! by Awax     1 minute 2 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Greatest LanternSo, what are the next big non Marvel/DC comics going to be? I'm tired of being behind in this. What do you guys think about Low? Is it going up in value? Is it a good series? I think I will pick it up just
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Jump to new posts Re: jop's kudos forum. by Mark 1     1 minute 26 seconds ago

Excellent buyer and board member. He paid quickly and everything went great.

NGC Registry
Jump to new posts Re: Hard Times Tokens by BKW     1 minute 30 seconds ago

Not sure there is a need for registry sets or Fourth Party Graders in exonumia. However, I think if this subset of the hobby is going to thrive we should encourage the expansion of Third Party grading and the census.

I hear a lot
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Jump to new posts Re: My 50 Year Junk Obsession by Robot Man     2 minutes 16 seconds ago

Good times huh Cat? Lots of great music then. Not that there is no good music now, you just got to go out of your way to find it. I've been diging Cage the Elephant, The Record Company, Nick Waterhouse and Caroline Wonderland lately.

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Jump to new posts Re: Comic Link March 2015 Auction by 1Cool     3 minutes 4 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: BlowUpTheMoon Originally Posted By: Guardian Comics Originally Posted By: VintageComics Originally Posted By: 1CoolOnly won one book last night but I thought it may be a possible press and resub with that wh
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Jump to new posts Re: Back cover assistance needed by ThothAmon     3 minutes 25 seconds ago

Neat stuff. Congratulations on your find. To think of all the old detached covers and interior pages I've tossed ....
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Jump to new posts Re: 5 x Barks FC by vader2001     4 minutes 8 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: NP_Gresham Originally Posted By: comicparadoxI see Gresham is expanding the "foot itch back cover" pedigree.

I am the straw buyer for Rex Ryan

Wiat, what! You mean you are not Rex Ryan?
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Jump to new posts Re: EC Horror and Sci-Fi Mid to High Grade. by Fantasyland15     4 minutes 15 seconds ago

Tales from the Crypt #42 CGC 8.0 $465

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Jump to new posts Re: Backlash over this Batgirl Joker variant cover by Chuck Gower     5 minutes 31 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Lonzilla Originally Posted By: Chuck Gower Originally Posted By: Lonzilla Originally Posted By: AshKenziePaulThe recent years have brought out a lot of new (supposed) comic book fans and it's not all for the
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Jump to new posts Re: Mark 1 feedback thread by jop     5 minutes 38 seconds ago

Purchased a X-Men 1 King Size slab and it came packed for the worst the USPS could throw at it. Slab was in great condition and will be buying from him again....
Copper Comics
Jump to new posts Re: Superman: The Man of Steel #17 & 18 (Doomsday) by vader2001     6 minutes 52 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: Brandon ShepherdInteresting, that's only the second one I've noticed for sale in the last two years. Come to think of it, I don't think I've noticed a fourth print in that time frame coming up for sale (9.8 examples).
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Jump to new posts Re: Marvel Key Issues - Foreign Editions! by Liaton-9000     7 minutes 27 seconds ago

Thanks my friend!
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Jump to new posts Re: The all purpose Videogame Thread! by Marvelfangirl     9 minutes 21 seconds ago

Just pre-ordered one

I got the Standard Edition
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Gold Price Hits $500/oz. by shadroch     9 minutes 23 seconds ago

 Originally Posted By: tth2 Originally Posted By: Hamlet Originally Posted By: shadroch Originally Posted By: tth2When I drive through the miles and miles of the wasteland that is known as the American Southwest, that`s go sunligh
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy birthday Rodey! by Jeffro™     9 minutes 53 seconds ago

Original Comic Art
Jump to new posts Re: Why no love for Butch Guice? by rrichards     10 minutes 9 seconds ago

Your list
" Frazetta, Wood, Stevens, Barks, Kirby, Romita, Swan, Bolland, McMahon, Raymond, Robinson, Schultz, Steranko, Simonson, Totleben, Kubert, Ditko, Ploog, Wrightson, Giraud, Herge, Adams, Quietly etc etc. There's more than twenty without
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Jump to new posts Re: AMC "The Walking Dead" Official Thread by fantastic_four     11 minutes 12 seconds ago

The Walking Dead writers are illustrating in their fans exactly what the Joker tried to demonstrate throughout the second half of the "Dark Knight."

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Jump to new posts Re: Show me your Timely's and I'll show you mine. Have a Cigar... by ThothAmon     12 minutes 30 seconds ago

What a gorgeous book. Apparently that copy has never publicly changed hands. Can you give us it's history? The fact that a 9.4 copy exists shows how strict CGC must grade! Thanks.
Modern Comics
Jump to new posts Re: To sign or not to sign that is the question by krighton     12 minutes 50 seconds ago

just have them sign the outside of the slab.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Going Clear: Scientology by fantastic_four     13 minutes 9 seconds ago

Brainwashing is what impetuous unbelievers of any religion think of the religious. Not sure you've looked at Scientology's tenets in any objective way. I can see why it draws people in, and it has nothing to do with brainwashing or extortion.
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Jump to new posts Re: WTB the following 9.8's by reggiesf     13 minutes 23 seconds ago

CGC Journals
Jump to new posts Collector's Who Know! posted by hammershipdown by CSJournals     13 minutes 47 seconds ago

Question for the collector's society....

Working on a project and could use some help. I'm currently helping a friend with a short film project that includes a comic book. Trying to decide what book would best represent a Holy Gr
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Jump to new posts Re: The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror by Robot Man     14 minutes 35 seconds ago

Nice ones Hap. I like the cover on the Fear #5 much more than the Ditko story inside. I haven't looked inside my copy for a while but somehow I remember the Ditko story to be a little weak.
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