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#673605 - 02/09/05 12:56 AM My Frankenbook
howardhallis Offline
The Post-man always rings twice. Uhm... ring ring?

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I was browsing around eBay yesterday and found a coverless copy of Strange Tales #110 for sale. This being the first appearance of my fave Dr. Strange, I decided to try bidding $23.00 on the book. Needless to say, I won the poor thing for $21.55:

So what to do with a coverless copy of ST #110? I had 2 hours to kill after work today. I decided to make a new cover for it.

Unlike Iron Man, Thor or Spider-Man, who made their debuts on the covers of Tales of Suspense, Journey Into Mystery and Amazing Fantasy, Doctor Strange was just a back up feature to Strange Tales star The Human Torch when he first appeared. Needless to say, he never made the cover. In fact, Ditko only drew one full Dr. Strange cover for Strange Tales in his entire run on the series (#146... His last issue).

I decided to make a cover collage of Ditko's Dr. Strange work from ST #110's interior panels, added the logo and various cover elements, attached a scan of the actual books back cover and printed it out on glossy inkjet paper. Then I put it through the printer again and printed some black and white pin-up pages on the back. After cropping, it's a perfect fit for a Silver Age book.

When I get the coverless copy, I'm either going to remove the staples and restaple the new cover to the interiors, or just put the new cover on by adding two more staples. Either way, it's going to be a fun little project making this Frankenbook, I'll post pictures when the "procedure" has been completed! Bwa Ha Ha!

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#673606 - 02/09/05 12:56 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: howardhallis]
howardhallis Offline
The Post-man always rings twice. Uhm... ring ring?

Registered: 03/01/04
Posts: 1649
Loc: Anaheim, CA
Close up of the cover:

Collecting every Doctor Strange

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#673607 - 02/09/05 01:23 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: howardhallis]
BradleyX2 Offline
CGC Grader
I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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That's a very, very good job!

(I wonder what CGC would grade such a thing if sent to them? )

#673608 - 02/09/05 01:57 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: BradleyX2]
Fury's_Revenge Offline

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Restored..Slight Cover Replacement! Appt. 10.0 !!

Super job!!!
Yipppeeee! Need Sgt.Fury 2,3,4,6,7,9,10,14-16,18- 22,26,33,34,50,64,69,71,89,96,101,102,104,108-111,113,122-124,128,130,131,133/134(.30 HG)141/142(.35),147,150,151,154,155,160 and will consider ANY high grades. Help if you can.

#673609 - 02/09/05 02:36 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: Fury's_Revenge]
thanos_oftitan Offline
If you have a dream about out-posting me, you better wake up and apologize.

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You have far to much time on your hands!!!!

But a way cool cover!!!!!!!

#673610 - 02/09/05 05:26 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: howardhallis]
namisgr Offline

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Great job with the "enhanced" cover, Wdb. For a Dr. Strange fan, it sure beats the weak ST110 cover of the Torch fighting, if memory serves correctly, a solo member of the Frightful Four.

Minty fresh, too

#673611 - 02/09/05 06:58 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: namisgr]
tilleycs Offline
I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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Instead of a picture, you should just have (in small print) "Oh yeah, and the Human Torch is in this issue, too!"

#673612 - 02/09/05 08:57 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: howardhallis]
ShieldAgent Offline
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That is sweet!
I hate variants!

#673613 - 02/09/05 09:03 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: howardhallis]
chromium Offline

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Nice work !!

Is it me or could the cover use a shocked Robin-in-the-corner

#673614 - 02/09/05 09:05 AM Re: My Frankenbook [Re: ShieldAgent]
Norinn Radd Offline

Rorinn Nadd


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Too cool.

Nice solution to coverless copies.
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