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#584517 - 10/20/04 01:24 PM The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story)
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#584518 - 10/20/04 08:46 PM Re: The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story) [Re: Rip]
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#584519 - 10/22/04 06:23 AM Re: The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story) [Re: Rip]
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You have a perfectly good custom title. There are children in (random economically under developed country name) that would LOVE to have your custom title.


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#584520 - 10/22/04 08:14 AM Re: The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story) [Re: Rip]
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Ok, the pen IS pretty mighty. But face it, my keyboard beats the hell out of the pen.


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In my home town (a small town in Wisconsin) we had the legend of the black monk. There used to be a monastery on the lake. Next to the monestary was a graveyard where the monks were buried. The black monk was buried there in consecrated ground because at the time of his death, they hadn't known he'd fallen from grace (his misdeeds ranged from things like murder to signing a pact with the devil). Because of this, his grave was heated by the fires of hell. No leaves would fall on it in the autumn and snow would melt in winter.

The big deal was to visit the black monk's grave on Halloween. Everyone talked about doing it, but few actually went. One year, a bunch of my friends and I decided to go. We spooked ourselves up good, telling terrible stories, and embellishing the legend. By the time we arrived in the graveyard, we were primed and ready for something horrible. We got to the black monk's grave, but couldn't see anything unusual (there was no snow yet, and there weren't any leaves lying around). Naturally, we told everyone that the legend was true and there were no leaves on the grave (there weren't, but they didn't need to know there weren't any leaves on any of the others, either).

A few years later I was in college and taking a course in the Vikings (the Norse kind, not the Minnesota variety). In one of the sagas we read the story of a Viking who had betrayed his fellow warriors. He was buried and no leaves or snow ever fell on his grave. I told my professer that it was very similar to the legend of the black monk. He'd never heard of this particular legend making it to America. Because Wisconsin was heavily settled by Scandinavians, he guessed that the origin of the black monk was really a retelling of the old Viking legend.

-- Joanna

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#584521 - 10/22/04 11:15 AM Re: The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story) [Re: Joanna]
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Im in Wisconsin as well. My best friend lives out in BumbleF@$^&! Better known to the locals as Haunchyville, Just outside of NewBerlin, WI. Don't ask I wont tell yah how to get there... I cant make it up next door to his house is a little old house that dates back the the 20's probably 20 feet by 15feet. Small windows, and doors, reminds you of those lil playhouses folks, would build for the kids to play house in. Across from him are the end of a paved road where it meets two unpaved road with signs about waist high on the fence that warn tresspassers off. He gets kids parking on the road all the time. We like to sit on the porch with pellet guns as we drink beer to scare the bejezzus out of the teens as they drive past... We are wondering what to do with the upcoming holday.

Coupd things I pulled from sites out there
The Legend of Haunchyville.

Never heard of it? It's popular among high school students in southeast Waukesha County. The story goes that there is a hidden town inhabited entirely by little people, complete with waist-high stop signs and miniature houses.

There are several theories on how this pint-sized place came to be. There is the plausible - retired circus midgets settled in the area. There is the enchanted - a farmer tore up a stump and hundreds of little people came pouring out of the ground.

There is even the sinister twist. A homeless man was found strung up in a barn with hundreds of baby-sized footprints in the dirt beneath him and a bloody suicide note pinned to his chest - a warning, perhaps, to anyone who would disturb the quiet country living of these apparently vicious little folk.

Hendricks says that looking for "Haunchies" is a modern-day snipe hunt for local youth. After all, he says, "what greater thrill is there than riling up a house of midgets?"

Be forewarned, however: If you go looking for Haunchyville, stay off of private property or risk a ticket for trespassing. As for the true origins of Haunchyville and whether or not anyone has ever found it,

** story2
Nora Pilak, a sophomore in the College of Communication, became a mythbuster herself when she set out to discover the truth behind a popular legend while in high school.

As legend has it (and as Pilak tells it), there exists a place called Haunchyville off Mystic Road in Muskego. Many years ago, near this town, a man committed suicide; written on his barn in blood was the phrase, "The haunchies made me do it. The haunchies made me do it." Off the same road as the man's barn is a rusty gate leading to Haunchyville. If you pass through the gate supposedly a sensor will detect your presence and the gate will lock, preventing you from getting out. Once inside, the haunchies appear, attacking you with burning torches. Pilak and a group of friends decided to find Haunchyville late one night, only successful after their second attempt.

"You have to go down this long drive with all of these trees," Pilak said. "We scared ourselves silly. We went once and we were pretty much crying; but we went back."

What did they find?

"Everything is little," Pilak said. "The houses were regular size but the front doors were smaller and the mailboxes. Every single house had it's light on. It looked like a community for little people. But we didn't see anyone — we broke the urban legend."
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#584522 - 10/22/04 08:06 PM Re: The Bunny Man (A Real Halloween Story) [Re: sellinMyYouth]
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Ok, the pen IS pretty mighty. But face it, my keyboard beats the hell out of the pen.


Registered: 09/13/02
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Loc: Wisconsin
I know New Berlin. I'm from Oconomowoc.

I teach a class in comedy called "Get Funny"! It's available worldwide, so check a school near (or far from) you.
And don't forget to read "The Spinner Rack" in the CGC Newsletter. Lots of DC goodness in every column.

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