The NGC Registry currently includes nearly 400,000 individual score records. This scoring system was developed to assure the most accurate, fair and fun competition among participants. While we’ve introduced dozens of enhancements to the NGC Registry in 2005, we believe that many of the Registry scores can be improved.

In order to identify the areas of greatest need and to address them efficiently, we have added a ‘Request Score Correction’ form. When viewing a Registry set, you can click on any slot to see eligible coins and their complete score records. If you believe that a score is missing or a coin is being scored improperly, click on the ‘Request Score Correction’ link just above the score table. You will then be directed to a form. By completing this form, you will notify Registry Managers that a score needs attention.

The deadline for the 2005 NGC Registry Awards is December 16. Only minor scoring errors and incomplete score records will be modified until then. We do invite you to notify us of any suggested changes at any time, as we would like to implement them as soon as possible in the next competitive year.

Thanks for your participation in the NGC Registry!

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